Geico Commercial Illuminati Symbolism

I’m not even going to claim that I saw any of this, nor am I supporting the claim (the argument holds little weight in my opinion). I did find it somewhat interesting though so I’m going to post the link to the original forum post so please read through their arguments also.

The commercial in question is this one from Geico:


The ATS forum post claims that the masonic checkered floor symbolism in the video is one symbol. I could possibly see this, but in the context of NASCAR it’s kind of meh.


The next point is kind of interesting, it’s this bolt that drops at the beginning of the video, coupled with what the lizard says. The post claims you can hear the lizard say “secret society” but I don’t really hear it. The bolt does in fact have a pyramid, but that is the hardness marking. BUT, if I’m in the business of placing Illuminati symbolism into commercials, I might pick up that one bolt with the pyramid mark on its head and say, “Here, drop this one and make sure the pyramid faces the camera.” Might. The bolt also has 12 radial markings, which happens, but perhaps the filmmaker wanted some 13 symbolism and placed the 12 radials + 1 pyramid together. I doubt it, but it’s possible.


So this argument holds a little bit of ground. For the audio part, watch the video and listen at around 0:06 seconds.

The last argument is suspect, it claims that there is some kind of link between the lizard’s fingers making the 1-3 gesture. Read the forum link for more details.

Also, don’t forget about the David Icke reptilian stuff, this lizard might be a shape shifter!


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hi, Am new to ubderstanding and watching Illuminatei in action. I can see the symbolism used widely in various forms too. I just don’t see what the purpose is? How does this commercial serve Illuminati purpose?

    P.S. I do use Geico.

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  2. There’s another Geico commercial where it looks like they’re flipping through a storybook and if you look real close at the page with the carpenters on top of the roof there are Freemason symbolism in the wood they’re installing!!!

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