Game of Thrones –Part II: The Women of Game of Thrones

Hi everyone, this is Isaac Weishaupt from Today I’m providing another great post that came by way of Watcher Dovakhiim, aka Skyrim Fiend. If you haven’t caught our podcast, you should take a listen because you’ll get good insight into where her viewpoints come from.

Today she’ll be sharing a continuation article about the popular show on HBO; Game of Thrones. If you didn’t catch the first part you can go read The Real Message Behind HBO’s Game of Thrones and then come back here for part II.


If you’ve already read it, here’s the latest installment…


Game of Thrones –Part II: The Women of Game of Thrones

The women in HBO’s Game of Thrones are all bitches.

I’ll let that one sit for a moment.

Oh sure, there will be some that attempt to make the case for Daenerys not being a bitch, but I will direct you –Patricksponaugle—to how she treats the men who actually care about her and you will see that she is as Lady MacBeth describes it “unsexed”. Sexuality and male-female relations for Daenerys are secondary to her goals, which seem to be like everyone else in Westeros to sit on the Iron Throne.

Power is the ultimate goal of everyone in the show or series except Jon Snow, but as I pointed out last week, he defers to that power struction.

So back to the bitches, and there are a lot of them, it is important to note that in Hollywood women who stay at home, love their spouse, care for and nurture their children are non-existent.

If a woman is a stay at home mom in a Hollywood production she is either:

1) a super religious Christian meme of the gay hating, racist, fist magnet variety who is married to a blue collar beer gutted, redneck of a husband who hates her usually because he’s secretly got lusty feelings for the men folk


2) she’s a Stepford Wife that has a liberation moment at some point in the movie where she fucks the pool boy and gets a job.


Women are either killers or sex kittens if they are a “heroine” at all. Generally, they’re vapid, pro-abortion sexual Tyrannosaurs that drink a lot and shop.

In HBO’s GOT it is no different.

In our cast of (living or partially living in the case of Lady Stoneheart) characters we have:

  • The ruthless Queen-Mother Cersei, a woman who is willing to murder children to secure her place of power, who was in an incestuous relationship with her twin brother throughout most of the books, who tried to have her youngest brother framed (and killed) for the murder of her crazy, murderous son by her brother, and is a drunk.

Game of Thrones Cersei

  • Crazy Mother of Dragons Daenerys, the type of female who knows that men find her attractive but still uses them to her advantage, even to the point of sleeping with them (knowing how they feel) in order to secure an allegiance. She is painted as “the nice one” so that sort of indicated HBOs idea of what is a moral use of your sexuality. We also see her eating a bloody heart in an bizarre ritual but I’ll get to that later since it includes discussion of the “October Horse” and ancient Roman rituals

Game of Thrones Daenerys

  • Self-righteous, vindictive and impetuous Catelyn Stark who willfully abuses Jon Snow for being a bastard, admits to this, but is still somehow painted as the model “mother” because of he fierce loyalties to her younger children, who takes Tyrion hostage on no proof and attempts to lynch him over the injury done to her son—she’s a role model of nobility in the HBO show if you ask Brienne of Tarth. This “role model” lies to her son, Rob, during a very important war which could liberate the entire nation from a sociopathic tyrant and releases his valuable prisoner on the chance that she will gain the release of her two daughters based solely off the word of a man who caused the death of her husband so she’s willful and stupid since she is willing to put her desires above the lives of thousands of northmen who fight beneath her oldest son’s banner. In the novels she becomes a zombie called Lady Stoneheart.

Game of Thrones Catelyn Stark

  • Giant Warrior and Probably the Only Non-Asshole (but still a bitch) Female Brienne of Tarth has adopted every single “male” gender trait and is, as I’ve said, the only non-asshole in this collection.

Game of Thrones Brienne

  • Traumatized to the Point Where She Joins an Assassins Guild as a Child Arya Stark is keeping with the anti-hero, gender neutralization theme of most Illuminati-based programming. If women aren’t going to be a whore, they might as well be killers because being a good mother is just boring and patriarchal and BAD!!! Ahem. She is GM’s “Mary Sue”. We’re supposed to love Arya so he puts her in every novel and she has probably the most interesting narrative of the entire series. She is a little girl with the heart of a killer. I’ll get to that in a bit.

Game of Thrones Arya Stark

  • Trauma Based Mind Control Drone Sansa Stark, watched her father be beheaded by her betrothed after he promised to show mercy (and after she talked him into dishonoring himself to live), was repeatedly taunted with her own death, was beaten, near raped, married off to a dwarf against her will (albeit a cool dwarf) and then once the little bastard king was finally killed—is taken captive by a man her mother’s age (who was/is obsessed with her now dead zombie mom) and lives in a very sick controlled environment where she does his bidding under the always looming threat of death.

Game of Thrones Sansa Stark

  • Manipulative Sex Kitten and Liar Extraordinaire Margaery Tyrell who willingly marries her homosexual brother’s lover Renley in order to potentially become queen (if he wins the war) and knowing he was gay is ruthless in pursuing him to have sex with her so that she would bear a child, even willing to let her brother become involved in the sex act, then at his death ties herself to an evil, malignant spawn of Dis knowingly because being Queen of Everything is more important than being happy. Then at his death, seduces his 10 year old brother into marriage with her by pretending to like his cat and be his secret keeper.

Game of Thrones Margaery

  • Straight Up Demon Baby Birther Witch Woman Melisandre is the “Red Priestess” who seduces (married) Stannis to have a demon baby that will kill his younger brother Renley so they can absorb his armies, et al, a woman who is willing to kill the bastard son of the dead King for his blood that she needs for her super special “make Stannis King” ritual

Game of Thrones Melisandre

Every female in the books or novel that could possibly be a role model for peace or liberty from oppression gets killed. All women who fall in love with Stark men end up dead, usually because of that love, but there is a subtle message that this type of woman, the “healer” or “truth teller” must die. Rob’s wife was a healer and had a gentle heart. Ygritte was the one to see the world for what it was and to break the narrative down to the simplicity of “you and I”. The only women to live through GM’s novels end up becoming murderers, sexual play toys, or both.

It amazes me that they are able to get away with a show that has zero interest in portraying women positively. If they’re not witches or containing dragon DNA, then they’re insane due to extreme trauma being inflicted upon them.

The argument will be, however, that they are “strong female characters”. By that argument Stalin was a hero because he was definitely a strong male.

More and more I see the twist of values and the imbalance being struck against the human race by eschewing our intellectual, philosophical, life-affirming selves and reducing us to victims of impulse and want.

I promised that I would come back to the importance of eating hearts and animal sacrifice, specifically horse sacrifice. In ancient Rome a horse would be sacrificed to Mars on the 15th of October, Equus October to mark the agricultural and military campaigning seasons (yes, they had seasons). The ancient Indians (as in India) also sacrificed horses in a ritual called Ashwamedha. The Irish and the Norse did this as well.

Because this happened to white horses, white horses usually symbolized “death”, hence “Pale Rider”.

Fun factoid for watchers…

This particular scene in Game of Thrones shows this pregnant Daenerys eating the bloody heart of a sacrificed horse (raw obviously) during a ritual and getting off on it in a really weird way.

So much for sweetness.

She is painted as the mother figure of the show, but she’s a mother that goes to war pretty much all the time, justifying it because she’s warring against slavers. She’s also taking control of cities she never lived in a day in her life, but that’s okay. Good cause and all. Kill the fuck out of whomever you want as long as you have good reason.

That’s the message of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Think I kid?

Every magazine in my nerd world is gushing over FlicksandtheCity’s Maisie Williams interview where she talks about her character Arya:

I think in this industry, for actors and actresses, whether you chose to or not, you become a role model to people and that’s the responsibility you have to take on with everything else. And you continue being yourself and mindful about the people looking up to you. Then there are some other people who just do whatever they want to. Both in my opinion are completely reasonable, but I think I am very aware that the things I say and the clothes I wear are influential to girls and boys. And I think about the characters I play.

At the beginning, Arya was just the first role I ever landed, but now as I’m growing up, she’s become such a wonderful person in television for people to watch. And I’m so thrilled I get to be a part of that. I think she’s a fantastic role model for girls. There is no gender stereotype, you can do with your life as you please. It’s almost by chance that I managed to take on this role so young and now that I’ve got a taste of playing these strong female characters that aren’t put into any sort of mould I want to continue doing that.

Arya is a fantastic role model for girls. Arya. She’s killed I don’t know how many people and just joined a league of assassins. If I hate one thing about modern feminism it is this, instead of making men change to be more like us we think its empowering to be more like patriarchal man.

Huzzah! Let’s go kill some people! Grunt. Grunt. Take note kiddies of Katy Perry’s video where she plays a woman killing people for the US government.

It’s all about death and life is just boring.



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Kill yourself you bigoted worm.

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    • How about no? I delight too much in all things living. 🙂

      Some women like myself are somewhat tired of our choices of portrayal in art going from being a housewife only to a killer only in less than 50 years. It would be not only nice, but unique if someone actually presented a female that was rewarded for kindness and for being a thoroughly well-rounded individual.

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  2. Hey there, where can I get the email of Isaac? I have something to share him that might be useful for some research about the ex-illuminati handler.

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  3. Even when taking the other minor women characters into account it’s still really negative. Katelyn Starks crazy sister who is super creepy with her son. Little Finger pushes her through the sky hole. Sweet dumb Gilly. Born of incest and has a baby of incest. Margaery’s manipulative mother who is primarily responsible for her daughters ways. Prince of Dornes lady friend who is portrayed as ultra sexual. She also wishes to cut up and torture a young girl for revenge. Shae and Ros were both devious prostitutes who were later murdered. The real role model for women here is Stanis’ daughter. The innocent little lizard girl who is locked away and yet still teaches everyone how to read.

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    • Yes, the breast feeding until he was like 10…ugh. Also she was so disturbingly crazy that when Littlefinger (a dude I hate) pushed her through the skyhole I didn’t care.

      You know what, I didn’t mention Stannis’ daughter and you are right about her. You’ll also notice that she is marred and disfigured, thus kindness and beauty don’t mix.

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      • I’d be interested to hear your analysis of Stannis’s daughter being burned as a sacrifice, that was so tramatizing to see, and I heard that it wasn’t in the books so HBO must have added that. The child sacrifice of one of the few decent characters in the show! Gilly and Sam may be the only decent people left in the show actually, there relationship is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the rest, at least they seem to both genuinely love and care for each other. Aria has got scarier, more unhuman and unlikable as the show’s gone on for sure.
        I think the show just is supposed to reinforce the status quo into our minds that there should be one centralized ruler by right through bloodlines and of good and evil. I like your analysis of how the wildlings are the outsider’s that don’t conform to the system, I haven’t read the books so I don’t know that much about their background, they just seem like they are portrayed as unintelligent heathens on the show. The show is so well done its hard not to watch it despite its portrayal of women and all these other things, I guess its just important we use our discernment as always with entertainment and not take on the messages portrayed as out own.

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        • As our own I meant..whoops

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  4. I think the only real positive female influence (not to say she’s entirely good) is the wildling woman Osha. She doesn’t have much in the books, but in the show she develops the only true depiction of motherly love despite Bran and his sister not being her natural born children. She never lies to Bran but lays out the truth as she knows it. And now she’s gone. Who knows if she’ll pop up again with the younger girl (I totally forget her name) but she hasn’t been shown to be murder raped off the show yet.

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    • Oh wait, it’s a younger brother. Oops!

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  5. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, but I’m guessing this show was not written by a woman.

    They should have used Zena the warrior princess as an example I loved her growing up.

    There will always be negative portrayals of men and women in shows as it’s the occults agenda.

    In most movies/shows etc the lead guy is a total dickhead/bad guy who then repents or you find out there’s something deeper in him, or bless he’s just a tortured soul.

    I know a lot of women who will have a guy who has 10 good traits but one bad one and they don’t like it, but if a guy has 10 bad traits but one good one they see the one good and think he’s actually good on the inside, or the potential when really that’s all they’re gonna be.

    And I know this pisses all the men off I know, and they wonder in bemusement why women fall for bad guys.

    This show portrays women that to be strong you can’t be soft you must have evilness in you. I know real women and men who would do ANYTHING for the good of people they love, but not for bad/superficial reasons.

    Also in ancient history story women are portrayed as being the manipulators of men making them become evil, Lady Macbeth, Cleopatra, infamously Eve, it makes women look evil and men stupid and unable to have a mind of their own, or not responsible for their own actions.

    Whenever there is one sex being portrayed negatively it affects both sexes, possibly equally.

    Sorry for the looonngg comment.

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    • No, I agree. I heard an interview/podcast with Freeman and his wife (she’s a kitchen witch) and she gave a very eloquent speech on how society is downplaying everything that is nurturing about women and promoting an asexualized outrage society that breaks us down in spite of appearances to the contrary.

      Without love and nurture you cannot heal. When those qualities are removed from woman (the majority of people in society) you have a sick, twisted, and ugly world.

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  6. Pic no. 7, behind Margaery, what is that, a pentagram with a man in its midst? And see the heptagram behind them?

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    • Into the post? Do you use WordPress? Email me, I’ll help you out if that’s what you’re referring to

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  7. Outstanding article. Excellent work Miss Skyrim. Thank you.

    I specially really really loved this part:

    “The argument will be, however, that they are “strong female characters”. By that argument Stalin was a hero because he was definitely a strong male.”

    I mean srsly, try to explain this to the sheeple of 21 century… we are living in a time that falsehood is masquerading as truth in nearly every aspects of life thanks to our “entertainments”..

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  8. I just caught up with the most recent episode ***SPOILER ALERT*** where Ramsey Bolton married Sansa and raped her on their wedding night. I’ve had it with this season, it’s just evil… there is no ‘good wins over evil’ like we’ve seen glimpses of in previous seasons.

    I found myself shouting at the TV “go on theon, stop him”. But it didn’t happen. Evil won.

    Even kalisi is painted in a bad light this season…she’s not seen to be helping others in the way she previously did.

    I can’t help but think of the points made on Illuminati watcher about the occult using GoT and I think your theory is right.

    The whole thing is so sick and twisted, it could only come from the occult.

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    • True on all accounts. I don’t know the GoT book story line but I’m STILL waiting for Theon to sack up and see the light.

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    • The rape scene caused a real stir because people need to show feminist outrage, but they’re addicted to the show. No one seems to know what to do or say about it.

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  9. hey man

    u are doing a great job! calling things as they are! i hope u keep on doing this and more. best o luck and keep it up!

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  10. This is a really interesting and informative article.I am disturbed though! I have never seen GoT and after this, I don’t know if I want to,it sounds a bit poisonous! I remember I stopped watching Eastenders years ago because it seemed all but 2 or 3 of the characters were just horrible people trying to get one up on someone else,and when Janine murdered Barry and got away with it I was SICKENED! I already hated it when they’d bring Nick Cotton back to torture poor old Dot; I thought ” Why am I watching this shite,when I think they are all horrible and I don’t care what happens to them any more?”! GoT just sounds like EastEnders set in Fantasy Land- a load of toxic shite! Corrie is going the same way now too,we are loosing interest.There is no programmme that either just portrays normal,ordinary people or portrays really good,decent people anymore! I agree the media is going to the dogs!

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  11. All “female” characters are played by hidden male “transgenders”. Look at the huge angular jaws on the lot of them. THERE ARE NO GENETIC FEMALES.

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  12. Oh come on! Daenerys is crazy? And which of them is clever according to you? Septa Unella?

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  13. I know that GM is agnosthic. Even having that said in the books the Old Gods have some power, power that in TV isn’t shown.

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  14. I like listening to your podcasts in particular because I find them to be meaningful as I also independently study this kind of subject matter. It builds on what I know.
    So, keep up the good work, Issac!

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