G-20 Summit of Illuminati Minds Plot New World Order

Wow, that’s a pretty sensational headline for an article. This post is going to be slightly high brow, considering how I just made a post regarding rapper French Montana’s Illuminati membership… Anyhow, the G-20 summit wrapped up recently, and there seems to be hints of an economic concentration of power in our future. The G-20 group is comprised of heads of various countries’ financial institutions, government leaders, and others, and they meet up to “discuss” economic policies and such throughout the world. Here’s some of the highlights from the most recent summit via an interview NPR had with David Shorr, a program officer at the Stanley Foundation (an international think-tank group). Here are bits of quotes, taken slightly out of context, but you get the point (be sure to catch that little Freudian slip of “new world order” getting thrown in there):

  • It has produced a communique that mentions progress toward a European banking union and toward greater European economic integration. Those steps are seen as potential remedies for the eurozone crisis.
  • You know, I read a quote from Professor Scheherazade Rehman of George Washington University when she was asked about what she expected from this G-20 Summit. And she said: I think you can expect very little in terms of anything grand or brand new, unless they sit down and reconsider seriously a new world order to tackle the financial crisis. And I doubt that’s going to happen.

And also, there was a Rio R20 summit that Iran’s Ahmadinejad was in attendance and he said this:

In order to tackle the social and economic inequalities and the injustice currently undermining human dignity world-wide, there is a great need for a “new world order,” he said through a Portuguese-speaking translator.




The audio version:



And here is some more reading regarding this new world order talk. This comes from an article that discusses some of the reasons we started getting into these worldwide interdependent economies:



The world is now a different place to 2009 when, at summits in London and Pittsburgh, the leaders of the world’s largest economies believed they had “saved the world”—as then-U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown put it—with a massive fiscal and monetary stimulus and a comprehensive agenda to reform the financial system. At the time, the G-20’s response was hailed as the start of a new world order. It may turn out to have been the last gasp of an old world order.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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