Freemason Q&A

BBC had a question and answer session with Nigel Brown, who has been making the media rounds lately to “clear up” the freemasonry conspiracy theories. Here’s an example of this disinformation, whoops, I mean informational session:


Freemasons' pyramid symbol


Nasiru Saadu in Abuja, Nigeria, emails: What does the one-eyed symbol on their flags signify?


Nigel Brown: The symbol you are referring to is known as the All Seeing Eye. It is a reminder of the existence of a higher being

Way to really dig deep on that response. How about you tell us what the history is for the All Seeing Eye symbol exactly? Did they just choose an eyeball at random? Or does it relate to The Watchers aliens discussed in The Bible? This whole PR push smells bad to me.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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