Frank Ocean & Chris Brown fight & 50 Cent’s Rick Ross conspiracy theory


The rap world is busy today with some brawls and conspiracy theories. First, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got into some kind of scuffle. Ocean tweeted about it, sounds like he got jumped, or maybe just beat up and trying to save face, who knows. has more, but here’s the information:

UPDATE: 5:20 AM PT: After the incident, Ocean tweeted “got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol. i only wish everest [his dog] was there. cut my finger now I can’t play w two hands at the grammys.”

UPDATE 3:00 AM PT:  Cops say they will continue to investigate and want to speak with Chris Brown.  They refer to Ocean as “the victim” because he’s the one who stuck around and spoke with police.  Ocean said the fight started over a parking space (how L.A.) and Brown punched him.  There were 6 people involved in the fight.

UPDATE 10:45 PM PT: Police have cleared the scene. We’re told Chris Brown was not there when officers arrived — but they did speak to Frank Ocean. At this point … we’re told no one wants to press charges, and no arrests have been made.

In other news, 50 Cent is claiming that Rick Ross is fabricating his story of being targeted in a drive-by. Here’s what 50 said:
“Hahaha fat boy hit the building?lol it looks staged to me. No hole’s in da car.”
Ross’ accident was even on Fox News, so maybe he just wrecked his car and is trying to exploit it for some street cred, considering his past as a C.O. Although there were some death threats posted online by a gang (Gangster Disciples) earlier, so maybe it’s legit.

Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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