Florence Responds to No Light Symbolism!


Florence responded via MTV about the claims to her Illuminati ties through her video for “No Light, No Light.” She says, “I’m definitely not [a member]. It’s just not true.” Then MTV proceeds to say that “So, for the record, Florence Welch: 100 percent not Illuminati.”

Oh good, I’m glad they really dug in deep to check on that one.


Then, in the next breath, she says this cryptic quote: “…to do it on a New York skyline was really important to me, and there’s some weird stuff with my grandmother about New York that’s kind of too dark to go into.”




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. For the record, I enjoy FATM’s music and want to like Welch herself, but Florence has just done too many illuminati symbols in photoshoots for her reassurance above to comfort me. I don’t know if she’s a member, but with the symbolism and her band’s success, the chance of it is high enough to keep me from being more of a fan.

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  2. Artists are not IN the illuminati…they are USED by them….
    The term Illuminati itself means very little…it’s becoming like the term conspiracy…depreciating towards whistle blowers and truthers…

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