FARcast episode with George Noory and Giorgio Tsoukalos

UPDATE: Here’s an update for the Season 5 premiere and sneak peek video: https://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=4863

Also, I posted this awhile back, and now there’s an update for those of you who plan on going to New Orleans for Giorgio’s end of the world part on the 21st of December. He’s going to be doing a meet and greet at a comic store:

The host of the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” will be at More Fun Comics on December 21st for an informal meet and greet. Please drop by for refreshments and enlightenment.

More Fun Comics
8200 Oak Street
New Orleans, LA

Sunday, December 21st

Original post about the podcast:

This podcast features George Noory’s updates to his new internet show- Beyond Belief. He also discusses how the fifth season of Ancient Aliens begins filming in a couple of weeks.


Giorgio mentions that Ancient Aliens Season 5 has ‘officially’ been given the green light and they are on schedule to film  15 more episodes. He goes over various topics, including the criticisms of the lack of degrees and formal education by  the AA theorists. Giorgio rebuts with the comment that degrees aren’t what cause radical change and revolutionary  ideas. I agree with him partially because he’s right; we can never assume we know it all. Degrees and education are good,  but if you think the answers you’ve been given in school are all that there is, then you’re on the wrong path. History tells us that we can be drastically incorrect and people will always ridicule any theory outside of the status quo paradigm (e.g.  Heliocentrism).

Giorgio gets into a spat with the host when the host puts forward a theory out there that claims that the Nazis built a time  machine and went back in time and were the actual “ancient alien astronauts.” The Nazis did this so that they could set  the white race up for success in the future. Giorgio refused to acknowledge the theory, saying that the energy required to do time travel is far too great. We’d have to first invent spaceships that can cross multiple galaxies first, because that would still take far less energy. Giorgio cites physics laws to defend this because time travel takes tremendous energy. He  makes a good point in that none of the ancient astronauts stories make claims that the aliens say they are actually us.

Giorgio gets upset again later because the host talks about current conspiracy theories, and goes off topic from Ancient Aliens. Pretty funny.


From the Free Association Radio podcast:

Well, today might be one of the most dynamic and exciting Farcast episodes of all time. We start off in the first hour with radio legend and Coast-To-Coast host, George Noory. Besides having some of the greatest pipes in the business, George has been a conduit for alternative research since he replaced the legendary Art Bell on Coast-To-Coast. George’s laid back and conversational style allows his guests to unfold in a relaxed fashion that rewards his listeners with repeated revelations. We’ll find out more about George, his roots, his path towards the top of late night radio and how he feels about where we are in our collective drama as it unfolds in a strange and mysterious spiral across the scrim of time. He’ll also have a special announcement to make on the show concerning an upcoming project. In hour number two, we’ll be joined by the star of the Ancient Alien series, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. Tsoukalos has become one of the leading researchers in the field of ancient aliens, early contact and advanced civilizations in hidden history. And then there’s hair. We’ll discuss ancient aliens, the show and his special upcoming convergence event in New Orleans, The Cosmic Convergence Festival, in New Orleans on 12/21/12, where he’ll fend off the Mayan apocalypse with the help of Ghostland Observatory and an army of sound shamans, DJ’s, dancers and groove wizards. But please, don’t miss this epic episode.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I love your work Giorgio..i think i have been visited here in sydney australia…ive found numerous egyptian type carvings of wood,for eg Anubis head about 70cm in length,strange foils on the road,with eagle emblems,numerous small carvings in my backyard,an emblem of alien head epoxied on the road with 2 preserved bugs inside,1 flying type,the othera gorgeous bright red caterpiller.the metal is not from this earth …for sure.i know ancient egyptian would put 2 bugs with there dead…i have markings that look like bird poo..but there not ..its little et looking faces on my front brickwall..A key i found,which looks like an evil type alien is holding another ones head after chopping it off,and a human is kissing his feet,the one with the head cut off is an et cute one,the other looks evil…etched scratched in what looks like gold….ive even had coarse sea salt sprinkled in my garage…?/?fully locked no sign of forced entry…….rags i had in there were folded like eagle symbols…and various rituals in my backyard with fire,very light ash,and the grass was not even dead..this is truly amazing,and to top it off,wait for it,i can translate every language in the world,if put to roman text,,,IN HOMERS GREEK LANGUAGE..Idont know why this is happening…have a look at geographic shape of Lake TITICACA,ITS THE SAME SHAPE OF ITHACA ISLAND IN GREECE????!!!ITS LIKE i am being told to look at everything……ive had my wifi laptop jammed during this period from november 2012 to january 2013..it would go to Nasa files thats all it would do..its working again now…this is unbeilevable Giorgo,but after i saw some of your interviews on you tube..its now sounds believable to me……its like ancient rituals are being done in 2013…im sure that noone is hoaxing..or that people would peform such things…….Also a map of PLAQUE OF AFRICA on the roadside made of the same material as the road….egyptian papyrus flowers around the vicinity too…..i know ive been experiencing something……Im all of a sudden very wise??????i wasnt before ..trust me…my wife would vouch for that….oh and the nile river is etched and Africa is joine with INDIA..BECAUSE THERES HIMALAYAS ON THERE TOO..PROTRUDING VERY HIGH…..I HAVE SOME PICS ON FACEBOOK..TOM TSANADIS IS MY NAME…im born in australia from immigrant parents from EPIRUS GREECE..ALL THOSE INCA WORDS I HAVE DECYPHERED..ALL OF THEM….MAPU PUNKU….EVERY ONE……IF YOUR INTERESTED IN TALKING TO ME .This truly is a miracle i think……??im not even religious……..

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