The Fappening & Celebgate conspiracy theories


I regularly visit the Google Trends website to see what the internet is up to and to keep a pulse on this weird world of ours. As usual, the internet is being dirty and there is a thing called… ‘The Fappening.’

What’s “The Fappening?”

The Fappening, aka “Celebgate” is an event that happened in August-September 2014 that consisted of hackers releasing nude selfies allegedly taken by celebrities such as (but not limited to):

  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Mila Kunis
  • Kate Upton
  • Ariana Grande
  • Hayden Panettiere
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Emma Watson
  • Rihanna

Who Cares?

Well, a lot of people. This topic tends to stick to the top of the online trend lists anytime the hackers release these photos. The celebrities will either acknowledge that the photos are theirs, or deny it. Given today’s technology, Photoshop is always a possible culprit, but if you see the images they look pretty spot-on.

Why is there even a conspiracy theory?

The official story is that hackers gained access to the iCloud that stores these photos through a targeted attack. The conspiracy theory is that there is much more to it than that. Let’s take a look at some ideas…

The NSA released these images

Given the natural bleed over of the conspiracy realm with the NSA and Big Brother constantly spying on us; this one is a given. This is actually the first idea that was floated out there, with claims that the NSA has been not only snooping into everyday ‘regulars’ email and phones, but also the celebs.

This story is sadly supported by allegations of Edward Snowden when he said in a July 2014 video, discussed on MSN:

“You got young enlisted guys, 18-22 years old, they’ve suddenly been thrust into a situation with extraordinary responsibility where they now have access to all of your private records,” Snowden told The Guardian. “Now in the course of their daily work, they stumble across something that is completely unrelated to their work in any sort of necessary sense, for example, an intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually compromising situation, but they’re extremely attractive.”

The celebrities released these images

This isn’t a revolutionary idea either. Celebs have been using their sexuality to sell anything and everything. Lady Gaga sells a perfume called Fame that has ‘semen’ and ‘blood’ in it, while Katy Perry poses with Madonna in S&M gear to promote her albums:


Katy Perry Madonna V SM


Another idea to support this is that the celebs are doing it to stay relevant and ‘trending.’ For instance, does anyone find it strange that Emma Watson is featured for being this ‘voice of feminism’ right now with that UN Ambassador speech she gave; and just days later she’s the next target of the Fappening?

The Illuminati were passing the photos around in a sex ring

I personally think this is the most interesting theory. I haven’t seen this anywhere so I’m going to toss it out there and see what you think. Let’s start with a foundation of understanding why this is even a theory…

MKULTRA mind control:

The Playboy magazine’s first issue depicted the original MKULTRA mind control female victim; Marilyn Monroe:

Playboy Marilyn Monroe mind control


The reason she is postulated to be a victim of mind control is highlighted in my post on Pharrell William’s Marilyn Monroe video:

Monroe’s involvement with the occult includes some accusations that she had an affair with Anton Lavey (founder of the Church of Satan). Interestingly enough, Manson Family murderer Susan Atkins was associated with Lavey, supposedly being paid to perform during a ritual, but in an interview with Lavey he claims it wasn’t quite like that. From ChurchofSatan:

I know they’re aware of what they’re doing because Susan Atkins (one of the Manson family) supposedly wrote a book in which I am blamed for her whole dilemma in getting involved with Charlie and everything else because of her previous association with me, which was a fluke in the first place because she happened to be a topless dancer in a place that I was doing a witches’ review

Fritz Springmeier wrote more about Marilyn with allegations about her involvement in the brainwash program in his book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave:

In January, 1995, this co-author’s newsletter From A Follower of Christ had a feature
article on Marilyn Monroe. Monarch mind-controlled slaves like Loretta Lynn and
Marilyn Monroe lived tightly controlled lives, and were not allowed to drive
automobiles. The one exception is that Loretta has been allowed to drive her car around
the ranch. The following is some excerpts from the co-author’s January ‘95 newsletter
because it gives a good example of how Marilyn Monroe, a mind-controlled slave had
her life very tightly controlled.

…On a day in October, 1957, a woman named Lena Pepitone was hired to take care of
Marilyn Monroe. In 1979, she published her memories of the time she was the primary
person taking care of Marilyn Monroe. I personally think that Lena Pepitone was clean,
and didn’t know what she was dealing with. She describes in detail her life with
Marilyn Monroe.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Pharrell Marilyn Monroe Illuminati moon goddess



If you take a look at the history of MKULTRA, it was a program that could arguably still be in process. It was secretly run from 1953-1973 as an experiment to see if we could perfect mind control, or possibly use LSD in order to gain insight into the human mind (for the purposes of battling the Cold War and alleged super soldiers). The fact that the government subjected people to these tests of hallucinogens without their consent, and conducted in secret, is what gives many theorists the idea that they are still continuing. The MKULTRA program was brought to light through FOIA requests and investigations, but not before the Director of the CIA destroyed many of the documents. It sounds shady because it was.


Modern day examples of celebs getting MKULTRA’d:


Now we take a look at the state of our modern day celebrities. They routinely go crazy; e.g. Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lauryn Hill, Amanda Bynes, etc. Another celebrity on that list is Margot Kidder (who played Lois Lane from the original Superman films). She was found in a state of severe mental distress, attempting to pull her teeth out- something we saw in the Ariana Grande expose video I posted on YouTube:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Ariana Grande pulls teeth


The reason I’m talking about Margot Kidder was because she was also the victim of similar nudies floating around, only the format was a magazine called Celebrity Skin.  We’ve also seen people blatantly release their own nude images and sex tapes to achieve fame and stardom, like Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham. All of these things, I posit, are done for nefarious purposes.

Wrap it up, B:

If you take a look at all of the images being released, you’ll see they have an awful lot of these images (feel free to Google ‘the fappening’ if you want to see them; I’m not posting them here). For example, Jennifer Lawrence (child star of Hunger Games) has at least 20 images of herself nude. Some of these images are even taken by a second person (perhaps). I know I’m not a member of the Millenials, so I don’t fully understand this obsession with passing around nude photos of myself; but these photos give me the vibe that there’s more going on than what we see (which is an awful lot). If I was a celebrity I’d be more careful with this type of thing, just knowing that so many people are interested in hacking into your iPhone and stealing them. For some reason this doesn’t appear to be a thought that crosses their minds.

Maybe these images aren’t even what these celebs wanted to take. They could’ve been purposefully taken against their will. Perhaps the Illuminati use these images to pass around to one another in a sex-ring of sorts. Or maybe they use it as a form of blackmail and these celebs are not ‘doing what they’re told’ so these photos ‘mysteriously’ leaked. Some theorists claim that these Illuminati types pass these girls around for sex magick rituals (one example being Anna Nicole). Thanks to Watcher xyzc, we saw that Paris Hilton recently released a photo of her as a Playboy bunny on Instagram, and rightfully so, most people were disturbed at her young age in the photo:

Dressing up as #PlayboyBunny for Halloween. #BabyParis #ThrowbackThursday

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Paris Hilton Playboy Bunny

Iggy Azalea also reveals that she was a Lolita in high school, having sex with older men on a regular basis in this interview with Metro:

The 23-year-old said: ‘When I was 13, I got a fake ID. I’d go out, get hammered off my face in nightclubs because I thought that made me an adult, meet older guys who I thought I was older, and go f**k them. I’d do that all the time.’

Amanda Bynes has been having problems lately, and she went as far as to accuse her own father of sexual abuses:

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes was locked up at a psych hospital Friday after claiming that a “microchip” in her brain led her to falsely accuse her dad of sexual abuse in a disturbing Twitter tirade.

She said her dad called her “ugly” as a child and that it was a “nightmare” living with him.

“My dad fondled himself in front of me so many times that I started recording him on my phone in hopes of catching him,” she tweeted.

“So today I am meeting with a lawyer to get a restraining order against my dad,” she wrote.

“I will not be manipulated or brainwashed by anyone anymore.”

Amanda Bynes Twitter sex abuse

Ironically (or perhaps not so much), her handler is Sam Lufti, who was also ‘helping’ Britney Spears through her melt down:

According to TMZ, Bynes, 28, was lured back to Los Angeles last week from New York City by none other than former Britney Spears confidante Sam Lufti, who “managed” the pop star throughout her public fall of 2008, but was later accused by Spears’ parents of negligently medicating her.

Lufti reportedly convinced Bynes to return to the West Coast so she could sue her parents. But rather than taking her to a lawyer’s office, Lufti took Bynes to a medical facility in Pasadena where she was placed on a 72-hour psych hold. The 5150 hold can be extended for 14 days if deemed necessary, and while her parents have not publicly announced plans to get another conservatorship over their daughter, it is being widely reported they will do so while she is under psychiatric care.

Lufti said on Twitter that Bynes was “in good hands”.

This concept of sex magick and rituals is one I cover in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

There are different forms of magic such as Wiccan, Hermetic, Black, White, etc. and it all depends on what the practitioner believes in using to attain their end goal. Some of the more modern forms of magic have roots in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a close offshoot of Thelema, founded by Aleister Crowley. R&B singer Ciara wore a coat that boasted the name of the Golden Dawn in her video for Keep On Lookin’ and Jay-Z wore the Thelema expression Do What Thou Wilt on the aforementioned video shoot for Run This Town. Does this mean they practice magic? Not necessarily, but it does beg the question. The two magic sects are a more ritualistic style of magic so it falls in line with the reason why they insist on showing us these symbols.

In the book I go into detail about the rituals, including Crowley’s idea of masturbating on the sigil of a demon, and harnessing evil spirits through excrement and semen (I promise you it doesn’t go into any further graphic detail than that in case you’re squeamish):



We explored this idea further on Freeman Fly’s ‘The Free Zone’ where I talked about SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC and some of the disturbing sex rituals in today’s society (and the black Skull and Bones, rap music, etc.).



Another idea to show the juxtaposition of sex and demons is to look at a photo shoot I highlighted in my post where I ask, Is Adrianne Curry being controlled by the Illuminati? and we saw sexy-nude images of Baphomet:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Adrianne Curry Baphomet image

So my idea is that these sick elitists open the door for these starlets to become Hollywood and music stars, but they have to do it at a price. I’m not the first person to present this argument, there are plenty of stars that have spoken out against these industries for having occult beliefs likes video model Melyssa Ford:



Not to mention, most of those celebs I listed above have been featured on doing various occult/Illuminati poses, so is it that far fetched to say that they’re somehow involved with these people?

Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Hunger Games Illuminati 6


Mila Kunis doing the All Seeing Eye:

Mila Kunis All Seeing Eye


…and the 666 Hand Gesture:

Mila Kunis 666 hand



Ariana Grande with the 666, All Seeing Eye, and lightning bolt of Satan:

Ariana Grande Illuminati All Seeing Eye 3


Kim Kardashian with black pentagrams, the All Seeing Eye, and the Illuminati triangle of manifestation:


kim kardashian illuminati


Vanessa Hudgens with the pyramid and All Seeing Eye:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vanessa Hudgens Illuminati cell phone all seeing eye pyramid2


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vanessa Hudgens Illuminati cell phone all seeing eye pyramid


Emma Watson:



And finally, Rihanna:

Rihanna Illuminati eye triangle

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Rihanna Monster All Seeing Eye Pyramid


What say you? Comment below and let me know if you agree or if you disagree (and present a good argument). Be sure to sign up for the Watcher email newsletter for the latest insights into Illuminati symbolism as well.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Altho I posted links, u never mentioned the untimely and suspicious death of Skye McCole-Bartusiak….

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  2. Notice that Marilyn is doing the as above so below pose?

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  3. That story from Iggy Azalea is sickening and beyond disturbing… I really hope she was fabricating or something. Because her being barely a teenager, a child really, and drinking and having sex with adult men is disgusting and terrible, not something you can mention casually in an interview like that. If this is true, where were her parents during all of this? Most parents have their 13 year old kids at home and in bed at a certain time. And if they’re gonna be out late for something like a sleepover, they check with other parents. Then again, her parents let her move to America at 15 by herself after visiting once. And she’s the latest, greatest Illuminati pawn, so none of this should be surprising to me. Still, sick.

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  4. Your name is Issac Weishaupt? Eesh. Well, who else to report this stuff? Who wants to sift through countless celebrity pics just to spot several instances of symbolism a piece?

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  5. HI, thanks so much for the info, you know i never paid attention to those nude photos of actress.
    But now that you are mentioned it, who takes the pictures of this celebs, i mean most of all the leaked pics were taken by someone else and also i’m really surprise about these two women.
    Jennifer lawrence and mila kunis because they are not the type of woman that call attention by getting naked i mean they are not fame whores like the other celebs, so i would never imagined that jennifer lawrence or mila kunis or emma watson would have nude pics.
    Ii believe that the leaders of the show business took this pictures and show it to everyone, so they can say these celebs are puppets and we control them. Don’t you think that? thanks as always.

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  6. Look at this disturbing picture of Jennifer Lawence with her alleged father:

    First look at the leopard suit she is wearing, then look and zoom the elk with the eye on the right corner. Now… can you see a wound in her arm? Well, it looks like a syringe wound. See and judge for themselves.
    Another strange photo of her:

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    • What do the pictures of Jennifer Lawrence mean? I know that she is using an animal print dress, but what else do you see?

      Post a Reply
      • leopard or cat print means kitten sex/mk-ultra programming denoting that they are slaves and will do anything for fame, today you’d see kids wearing leopard clothes in movies

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    • In the first pic shes not even wearing an animal print IMO

      Post a Reply
      • yeah that’s an animal print dress, look there are animal print dresses that are not that obvious and that dress is leopard animal print but with a different pattern.

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  7. Really I only choose to focus on never failing light of God and all that is positive and represents the divine. I will place my atttention on anything that will can take away my focus from that which is healthy and just. You are what you think of, so concetrate on that which positive and pure.

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  8. Look up Becky G “Built For This”

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  9. I think they’re punking us
    its the most mediocre pool of talent

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  10. Are you related to Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the modern Illuminati in 1776?

    Post a Reply
    • I believe this is a mock of the original founder of illuminati’s name…… Not sure…..though…..

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  11. Yes, I do believe that this pornography is deliberate by the Illuminati. I believe that the porn industry is funded by the Illuminati. On November 16, 2014 I posed across my social media that pornography should be outlawed, starting with internet pornography. After that posting, the stalking and harassment by the internet trolls started to pick up.

    I do not believe that human nature is natural to produce this much pornography. So I really believe that they have to be getting their funding from the Illuminati. Next they are seducing people into producing porn by waiving some money at them. I’m not sure what the objective is of the Illuminati other than to test people. Why do the Feds allow the drug cartels through? So that they can catch druggies doing drugs; the system makes a little bit of money, cops, judges, prisons, rehab, shame the drug addict has. I’ve never smoked weed and I have a few glasses of wine per year. This mostly because of the propensity of my personality and the neurology of my brain. So when I get sad and depressed I sleep, I don’t have an urge to drink my sorrows away. Why do they put florid in the water, it has no use, only brain damage. The social engineers also want to put lithium in the water, claiming it reduces criminality in cities. Other people that have a high sexual propensity or loneliness, unfortunately they cope by looking at pornography.

    The Illuminati claiming they’re separating the wheat from the chafe, they’re testing you (Matthew 4:1-11). I was in high school when 9/11 happened and during the Iraq War everyone was fearing a draft. Intuitively you knew they’ll draft the guy with a low GPA who’s watching porn all day. Thus giving us the moral high ground, “See, I’m a good boy.” So I remind Washington DC that the only reason 9/11 occurred was because of their failure to outlaw pornography. Other countries have outlawed the porn, but God has been letting me know that he is angry at America. God is more angry at Washington DC’s failure to outlaw porn, than he is angry at the people producing pornography.

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  12. Wow this is beyond disgusting! I am appalled that anyone would worship Satan. Imagine how impressionable these young kids are nowadays to actually “look up”to these rock stars or anyone in the music industry. I am glad I am aware of this subject and I am able to pass this knowledge and information to other people, especially my child. Go God!!! 👼

    Post a Reply
  13. Hi,
    I am not fluent in English but I just want to contribute in this page.
    I congratulate Taylor Curtis Braz and i uphold his comments.
    I wish all commentators should have understanding like Wendy K. If you’re not a church goer, I encourage you to spend some times to read your Bible at home, consider ALL events and affairs of the Illuminati then compare them with your Bible statements. Be ALERT, wake up from your spiritual sleep.
    May the God of Heaven bless you.

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