Fact-checking Sandy Hook conspiracy theory viral video

UPDATE: Snopes.com posted a debunking of the video. I’m surprised at all of the reaction to this thing. The video has far more than 5M views at this point.

There’s a video that’s blowin up on youtube, over 5M views since January 7th, that has a compilation of the ‘best of’ Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.


It raises a couple of good points, including the news story that says the school nurse validated that the Lanza mom worked at the school.

There is also a reference to an “Emilie Parker Fund” Facebook page, but I couldn’t even find that on Facebook. There are a few Emilie Parker Facebook pages, but none that were created on the 14th of December. That’s not to say it never existed.

It also points out the entire Emilie Parker family and their photos with Obama, which could’ve been taken prior to the shootings, but why? How? The Anderson Cooper below addresses this and claims that it is actually Emilie’s younger sister wearing the dress and the photos were taken with President Obama after the shootings. It makes sense when you look at the photo again.

There are clips of the family interviews that show the parents smiling, but like I mentioned before in my other Sandy Hook ‘fake actors’ post; it’s tough to say how you’d react. Life doesn’t simply stop after a tragic loss. Cooper’s video addresses this also.

A big part of supporting this theory of the fake actors is this Gene Rosen character, who does in fact have a very odd story about what happened that day (you’ll have to watch the video). The video claims he’s a member of the Screen Actors Guild, but I can’t verify that. It seems to be based on a screenshot of Intelius.com that shows this:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Gene Rosen

Is this in fact the same Gene Rosen? No clue, could be. I think they’re basing it off of this simple search, but I couldn’t validate it anywhere else. The SAG website doesn’t have a search engine to see who is a member or not.

There is a video from Anderson Cooper that debunks the ‘fake actors’ stuff. He’s kind of a dick about it, with a tone of arrogance. I don’t love his attitude about it, as if the media knows what the fuck is going on all the time. The media just serves up whatever the Illuminati agenda wants them to serve. But anyhow, it goes on to discuss Professor James Tracy and debunks some of the stuff seen on the youtube video (that I posted below all of this stuff). But he makes some good points, and even agrees with me on some of the material:

The website CrisisActors.org even shows more videos to discuss this theory. And ironically, it has a post from October that looks similar to these mass shooting tragedies with an actor playing the victim:

Active Shooter Crisis Actors Target Mall Shootings via Visionbox


At 18:04 they show the press interviewing the medical examiner and the question is brought of how the long rifle could be the murder weapon if it is the weapon found in the trunk. This is one of the stronger arguments, it is quite odd that there is such discrepancy of this assault rifle.

They also discuss the lack of video of any students or teachers, and come to think of it I don’t recall anything beyond the still photos we’ve seen?… Also at 22:40 they show a victim being carted away on a hospital bed, but about a minute before that they show us where the ambulance was in regards to the school. It was parked quite far away, for no apparent reason.

Around the 25-minute mark, there is footage of a FEMA planned exercise in CT for a planning of children’s needs in an emergency on the same day as the shootings on December 14th, 2012. I found the link after some searching and sure as hell it was for real. Now this one is odd to say the least. I mean, I guess it could be a coincidence, because there are continuous training events for stuff like this, but the same day of the shootings is kinda crazy:




IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Sandy Hook FEMA


The video finishes with what it claims to be its “bombshell” of a few websites that were supposedly created prior to the shootings. The first one is teacher Victoria Soto, but they claim it was taken down and rebuilt, so I couldn’t verify it. There is also a google search for a site that claims it was built as a fundraiser prior to the shootings; again I couldn’t verify that. And finally it references another fundraiser Sandy Hook Victims fund site, but that one was made after the shootings, so that is a fraudulent claim by the video.

So overall there are a few decent questions brought up: was the “long” rifle in the trunk or being used to shoot the school up? Why was FEMA operating an exercise about children in disasters the same day at a location close by? Who is Gene Rosen? The rest of the points are kind of ‘meh’ and the video creator seems to be in line with the rest of the conspiracy theorists who think this is all about gun control. Who am I to say otherwise though, I put some pretty ratchety-ass stuff on this website that seems insane but could be true because we’re being deceived by the media, government and entertainment industry on a constant basis in order to push the capitalistic machine and make some corporate pigs richer. Ok, I’m off the soapbox.

Here is the viral video this whole post is about with the Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy theories:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Just read on a debunk site that the gun in the trunk was an extra shotgun but it clearly looks like a rifle by the way the officer checked and unloaded it.

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  2. one thing I would like you to go back and look at in this video is around the same time they do the overhead view of the school and firehouse at the end of the drive from the school. Notice closely that only one car in the entire parking area of either building and the road leading between that blocks off any access (odd for a crisis situation) are all one of three models of vehicle and one of two colors, silver or black. I also noticed you didn’t cover the video footage of the man and young boy being interviewed stating the shooter ran from the building and then was tackled and arrested by police, putting him in the front seat when the leave the scene.

    I’m not debating any opinions, just digging a bit deeper into what I would say is the truth about this “tragedy”.

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