Facebook reads your ‘private’ messages

Facebook scans through your private messages and looks for links within them. They then increase the ‘likes’ for that link. Facebook claims that is as far as it goes, but I call b.s. because they are most likely searching for key terms and phrases in order to advertise to you (the little blocks on the side of your page that just so happen to coincide with your interests).

Facebook does scan private messages for links, but not to use them as “Likes” or for your personal information, the social network says.

“Our systems parse the URL being shared in order to render the appropriate preview, and to also ensure that the message is not spam,” Facebook said in a statement to NBC News. “URLs shared through private messages are not attributed publicly with user profiles.”


There was also some bit of an ordeal where the private messages were showing up on people’s public timelines. I’m thinking it’s part of the same software that’s reading the emails.

Has Facebook made millions of private messages public? Online panic as firm denies privacy bug

  • Internet awash with rumours of massive privacy bug
  • Facebook claims messages are simply older, public messages users had forgotten about

Facebook has denied a bug on its site is causing private messages to be displayed on people’s walls.

Online users have claimed private messages written in 2009 and earlier were today showing up on viewable timelines as messages ‘posted by friends’.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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