Facebook IPO Conspiracy Covered by Infowars Nightly News

Infowars.com got it right; back on Friday, May 18th this video was posted discussing how the NSA/CIA/et al. have been behind Google and Facebook for the sake of data mining. This data mining is what drove the price the value of this stock through the roof. The video brings up the idea that Zuckerberg (and his cronies) would be “Pumping and Dumping” their shares (selling their shares immediately because the value is so hyper inflated).

A University of Oxford professor mentioned this, and we can see it coming true. Peter Thiel and James Breyer (members of Bilderbergs, CIA, etc.) sold off their shares, and so did Bono from U2 and other elitist insiders. The video goes on to discuss Sean Parker’s recruitment by the CIA and others. It covers the part of the film Social Network, where Sean Parker hypes up how much money Zuckerberg could and should make from the website. They imply that Parker was the gatekeeper/liaison  that recruited Zuckerberg into the Illuminati. It goes deeper on Bilderberg (they did a MUCH better job than I did, but in my defense I don’t get paid to do this yet-lol).



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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