Extreme Futurist Fest in L.A.

December 16-17 featured a festival devoted to transhumanism, singularity, and futurism topics in Los Angeles. There was a write up feature that covered the highlights here:


Here are some of the more interesting quotes from the story:


The festival counted with art created with a 3D printer, comics on futuristic subjects by Zac Finger, visual art from Black Iron Kisses, Alex Peake’s interactive videogame Code Hero, which changes as the user chooses, San Francisco book publishing company RE/Search, whose editor V. Vale was one of the last people to interview writer J.G. Ballard and a dozen speakers covering very diverse topics.


Michael Keenan, President of the Seasteading Institute, talked about new floating cities and governments being created at sea, as close as 12 miles away from USA coast, perfect for medical tourism, for instance. Natasha Vita-More, early pioneer merging Transhumanism and Arts, talked about the importance of our senses, perception and imagination in any human experience whether it’s science or art: “Design is a subject of problem solving. What is it that is so valuable to us that we would even want to live longer? That is the relation with the world around us”.

Did you notice what Michael Keenan said? Governments being created at sea? Sounds like Bioshock…




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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