Ex-Gangsta Curtis Snow writes a book

Curtis Snow is dope boy and stick up kid trying to go straight after years of being locked up and losing loved ones. His story is interesting and his popularity from the docu-drama / reality film Snow on Tha Bluff (in which you can see a mix of supposed real footage vs. reenactments) gave him enough press to push a new autobiography. The book is entitled My Name is Curtis and I’m a G and VICE.com posted up a cool write-up on him as well, here’s an excerpt:

His life hit a fork in the road when in one week: his brother was murdered, his mom died from a brain aneurysm the day of his brother’s funeral, his father died of an aneurysm a few days later, and a cousin he was close with died in a shooting.

Later on in the book, Curtis talks about the lessons he learned and how he’s making the transition from the illegal life to the legal. “I don’t fuck around in the streets no more like that,” he told me. “I’m goin’ on a new road, determined to go legit. I got much more to lose now than I did a couple years ago.”

I believe he has the brain of an artist, and if he gets free of his past he can do anything he puts his mind to. I know that’s easier said than done, though. Unfortunately, he is having legal trouble (which can’t be discussed) as I write this, and I can only pray that he makes it through. Probation is a motherfucker—at a time when Curtis could be making moves and furthering his career, he has a PO watching his every move and micromanaging his life. Time will tell if he can get out of the box he’s in.

Curtis Snow neck

Here’s more info on the book:

The amazing autobiography from the star of acclaimed film “Snow On Da Bluff” – Curtis Snow Some of the most street riveting stories from Atlanta’s worst hood! all told in his voice! A small excerpt – My name is Curtis Edward Snow, and I’m a G. I been one since before I gotdamn learned the alphabet, for real, for real. Say my name anywhere on the West Side of Atlanta, they’ll tell you. The Bluff, Vine City, these streets raised me. But I been a G way before I hopped off the porch and hit the corner. I was born like this.

The film trailer:

The film Snow on Tha Bluff is on Netflix, or you can get it via Amazon:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. if you can not see how the producer of the first 48 helping create this weak godless movie about someone that would shoot a child because he got shot robbing people at gunpoint in the dope game and glorifying it while sniffing cocaine and heroine on the way to shoot into a residence, a residence he admits has women and children that are blameless in all of this are in, does not promote jungian psychology and therefore the NWO, you suck at CT shut your webite down you silly F word. Regardless of the fact most of the movie is actually jus to throw 12, the hook, whatever you want to call them, off.the movie is being used to create another false perception. and btw the way it looked to me, he literally had his baby momma shot. “I justhad to do that to let THEM FOLKS knw hey hey hey its all good i love my baby momma.” The whole move is satanic allegory except when his grandma talked, right before he called god fearing people scary (that means scared for all you people unfamiliar with the streets). WHITE hat, SNOW on the BLUFF. Allegory get it.He is putting the deception in plain sight. Sound like the MO of anyone you know, TINFOIL hat guy?

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  2. forgot to mention the populr rappers associated with masonry keep quoting him, the same orginization said to be the host of the illuminati. But yeah,f em, yall ball, right? I dont ascribe as much to conspiracy as most would, but tha movie was blatantly USED and PRODUCED as propoganda. It was shot by some dumb jack boys friend, that much I buy. People as evil as Curtis are uncommon anywhere, streets included. He is not a spokesperson for the hood, he is a pawn on a chess board. He is the dennis rodman of the hood, being used by CCA like north korea. And people are cheering all the way. I still say jung was dead wrong, same as many nobel peace prize winners that personally screwed your life up. We do not need a ruling class, but a true democracy would be nice for once in the history of makind.

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  3. I loved the movie and the book.

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