Escape Room Film: Symbolism of the Occult

Watching the trailer for 2019’s “Escape Room” leads me to believe we’ll see a film about occult influences, Gnosticism, and the alchemical journeys of characters. Join along and learn about the revelation of the method…


Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black or White

At the beginning of the film trailer we see a figure falling into a room with the black and white floors which are common in Freemason Lodges:


The black and white opposites are intended to convey a principle that the initiate must explore the darkness before finding the light. This makes sense when we consider the characters’ journey into this “Alice in Wonderland”-esque realm of occult symbolism…


Saturnian Forces

The film shows characters receiving invitations to the Escape Room via the black cube; an obvious reference to the symbolism of Saturn:

The cube will represent the forces used in creating the world- the ‘materialization’ of the elements provided by the Saturnian forces (aka the ‘adversary’ or ‘Other’).

It becomes clear we’re venturing into Gnostic territories when the characters open the black cubes to find a curious message…

“A Chance to Escape” is on the invite because they are the initiates that will go through the process to escape the prison planet the Gnostics believe we live in.



Moloch Gets His

We find out the escape rooms are from a company called “MINOS” which is a reference to the ancient Greek version of Moloch:


Moloch is symbolic of the deity of sacrifice (which could tie us back into Saturn with the Cronus deity that ate children).

From my post on Moloch symbolism:

The Rhodians brought this worship to Gela, which they founded conjointly with the Cretans, and from Gela it passed to Agrigentum. Human sacrifices to Baal were common, and, though in Phoenicia proper there is no proof that the victims were burned alive, the Carthaginians had a brazen image of Baal, from whose downturned hands the children slid into a pit of fire; and the story that Minos had a brazen man who pressed people to his glowing breast points to similar rites in Crete, where the child-devouring Minotaur must certainly be connected with Baal and the favorite sacrifice to him of children.

This is also reminiscent to Hunger Games where the children compete for their lives while feeding an insatiable blood lust.


Burn Those Books

We see one of the clues for an escape room is the book Fahrenheit 451:


We can see that the creators of this film have at the minimum some awareness of conspiracy theories because this book highlights the dystopian future where books are burned if they’re aren’t considered the ‘official story’ (a curious reference when we see the persecution of the mainstream media in today’s politics).


Dancing on the Ceiling

The camera flips when we see the characters are upside down on the ceiling:

This is a reference to magick and witchcraft and the concept “As Above So Below.” It references a system where the magician on earth can cause change through interactions of the cosmos.


Gnosticism Hidden in Plain Sight

This film is all about occult ideas and questioning reality. The characters will surely go through an initiatory process; alchemical processing and “blackening” into the phoenix.

We can see the Gnostic ideas of a prison planet when the character finds an invisible barrier:


We also see the characters retrieve a key inside of a cube- further conveying the idea that salvation can be found by seeing through the system.


This ‘system’ is the material world which the Gnostics believe to be an evil creation by the Demiurge forces. When these characters are tasked to escape; they are realizing a much higher purpose…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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