Erich von Daniken and Tsoukalos at Paradigm Symposium


Breaking news from the Legendary Times website. Ancient Astronaut and Ancient Aliens television series stars Erich von Daniken and Giorgio Tsoukalos will be presenting at the Paradigm Symposium:

Paradigm Symposium • October 18-21, 2012 • Minneapolis, Minnesota. The opportunity to meet Erich von Däniken, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and other VIP’s.

To order tickets for the October 18th-21st symposium, please go to the 1st link of this A.A.S. R.A. / news. At the right you will find the ticket categories.

(“” information: (If you’d like to meet Mr. von Daniken up-close and personally, go to the “BIGGEST TICKET” link to be part of the exclusive VIP cocktail hour.)

Also, George Noory from Coast to Coast AM, Bill Birnes and Phillip Coppens from Ancient Aliens are going to be there.


You can get the Biggest Ticket for $449, which says you get more personal time with the VIPs. If you’re active duty military you can knock a hundred off each ticket tier.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Dear Erich and Giorgio,

    I am a 7th year student in the states and would like to work with either of you two to any extent possible. I have absorbed myself in your books, works and every interview I have ever been able to get my hands on. If you two manage this board, please contact me and let me know what steps I can take to even become a part of any team that resembles your work. In my heart I know with the coming of the calendar into Aquarius, and if all works out according to plan, I won’t even need the internet to contact you too–and I will be able to work with you two, my greatest heros, for all time thought-out all space. However, if we are still stuck in 3rd density, I do wish to be able to work with you two, and push myself to any lengths. The states here are just not enough for me. My brain is not being pushed, my ideals are being limited, and I have exhausted every available source online in which to study ancient astronomy, astrology and ufology any further. I have set a goal that if it comes down to not being able to contact either of you, I will travel to Sweden in hopes of finding Daniken in person and going from there.

    Honestly, my colleagues in the states were as enthusiastic as you two, this would not be a problem. But as far as free-speech goes, I have not been able to find a single thread of hope aside from clairvoyants like Wilcock–and as much as I appreciate Wilcocks work, I am more gravitated towards research and travel outside of the mind. I understand it is a great place, and probably the only place to get new up-and-coming answers, but again, I am a student of sciences, nor feel I could be accepted into the circle of clairvoyants as easily as the work presented by you two and others in your field.

    I am a deep-hearted student, with a benevolent soul, my heart is as soft as a slug : )
    I would love to be able to break my father’s work aside from the family line and make-trails in my own assumptions and discoveries. I’m sorry pa, but being a CPA just won’t cut it for me ; )

    Love you guys, and appreciate all you have done for our race here on Mother Earth.


    J. Alden

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  2. I live in Honduras,i’m 14 years old and i admire your work and your books are amazing because i believe that thay tell the truth,in my country people don’t know too much of science but i want to study astronomy And someday i want to be like you.i like your program”ancient aliens”its very necesary for me to know who are them and their way of life,my favorite documental is about Atlantisbecause i live in Atlántida,Honduras,i wish you could come someday.

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