Epic David Icke German Interview

Icke posted a link to his own interview claiming it as the “most comprehensive and cutting edge interview yet.” It comes in at an hour and 39 minutes so perhaps he’s right. His events run as long as nine hours so we know he’s got enough material to keep you entertained. It does in fact play out as a summary up until this point in his synchronicity-led journey.

What is most revolutionary about this interview is his discussion on the Gnostics’ Archons and how they relate to the reptilian shape shifters that he has been discussing. What I find interesting is that he says the Archons are unable to create something from nothing, but excel at taking something that is already in existence and perfecting it. He goes on (at the 20 minute mark) to discuss the Archons’ computer-like structure that they apply to society. They are like robots who need structure. What makes this interesting to me is that they follow what is called Adaptive-Innovative Theory which places all personalities as preferred styles ranging from adaptive to innovative, on a continuum. The adaptive side is a rigid, disciplined, paradigm expanding trait that sounds identical to the Archons. I could drone on about this, but I’ll just leave it at that.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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