Emma Watson Illuminati Symbolism


The girl from Harry Potter, Emma Watson, has a new haircut (well, new-er) and it seems that there are several images of her doing the infamous all seeing eye gesture or the 666 eye gesture.

I’ve never seen the Harry Potter films, nor have I followed Watson, so I don’t have anything intelligent to say about the whole thing, this post is merely to reflect the symbolism we see her doing which suggests there is a trace of “Illuminati” symbolism to be found through her (perhaps from her handlers?…).


If you want to see more Illuminati symbolism; check out Daniel Radcliffe in Horns:

Horns Movie Poster





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. You are stupid and psycho. In the world of flakes and nuts aside from tasty breakfast cereals, every handshake is construed as masonic and all other sorts of idiocy. Just because she does this gesture does not mean it is about the all seeing eye. I am quite sure everyone has eyes, and just doing a gesture as seen in these photos does not imply or involve Illuminati symbolism. Of course nut cases will see symbolism in almost any mundane thing that had no intention of involving such symbolism. What if you had only one photo of her, rather than three, doing the hand gesture of hers circling one eye? Would it be 6 symbolism, instead of 666 symbolism? Ridiculous!

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  2. I agree that people look into these “Illuminati” gestures far too deeply, but it is quite odd that so many celebrities would make the same exact gesture with the hand around their eye. How often does one really make that exact gesture in photos or in daily life? Never.

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    • or she could have been told to do so..but ur right i wudnt show that sign for the laugh
      its a bit serious if you think about it

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  3. How about the silly two fingers gesture that are in so many peoples pictures? Is that supposed to be similar to gang members “throwing signs”? Young teenage girls from the suburbs and anyone else acting silly do that gesture for pics to seemingly mean to look cool. I have no idea what that means, or is supposed to be about whatsoever.

    Was the pic of Emma where she has her hand over her left eye (right side of her face to us looking at her), the second pic with a yellow border, a “d” or “ddd” eye gesture or symbolism?

    The circled hand gesture using index finger and thumb also has meant to visua;lly suggest saying an equivalent of “okay”.

    How about thumbs up? the middle finder?

    How about devils horns or hook ’em horns (LOL)?

    And then again the “hang loose gesture?

    And the supposed peace sign gesture? *** Two fingers like a V shape, which comes from V for Victory during world war two, which you could actually find may have been different than V for Victory anyway, but that is merely what it became known as popularly back then anyway. Actually there is some indication that Winston Churchill, who popularized it during world war two, got it from the advice of Aleister Crowley (at the suggestion of his friend Ian Fleming (“007”), then a naval intelligence officer) for an occult symbolism sign (powerful symbol of destruction) to COUNTER/DEFEAT/NEGATE/NEUTRALIZE the opposing occult symbolism (the Swastika) of the Nazi’s (to defeat their perverted solar energies), or at least “PSYCH OUT” the Nazi’s, which is still the same basic meaning or intention to defeat the Nazi’s essentially (because of the Nazi’s magical paranoia), to use that two finger gesture for that purpose, the two fingers gesture that came to be known as “V for Victory”, and in fact to be seen, and even more specifically being photographed, giving that sign, as often as possible. Now that actually is occult symbolism.

    It is kind of funny how a symbol for victory in war has been changed in the majority of public perception to meaning “peace”. Pretty dumb.

    The point is there is a limited amount of things to do with hands and fingers.

    So, that is why so many people do similar things with their hands and fingers when doing a gesture with them.

    People all have the same kind of hands and fingers!


    But yes, there is such a thing as occult symbolism. I know much of it myself.

    There is such a thing as taking things to far and results in a lot of nuttiness.

    If you look for occult symbolism everywhere, you will find it, in things that don’t make sense, really, but do contain some connection or association with an occult symbol.

    Is every set of two intersecting lines a symbol of the cross? Is every circle a symbol of the sun?

    You should be able to easily tell that: “This way lies madness”.


    ***I started to write this from memory, but wanted to fill in the details, so I looked it up again, as taken from:

    A Three Thousand Year History
    by David Livingstone © 2007

    “Winston Churchill, a Scottish Rite Freemason, was eventually investedas Knight of the Order of the Garter. He was also a member of the Ancient Orderof Druids, created by Wentworth Little, founder of the SRIA. The famous “Vfor Victory” sign used by Churchill has been attributed to Aleister Crowley.At the request of his friend, naval intelligence ofcer Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond 007, Crowley provided Winston Churchill with valuable insightsinto the superstitions of the Nazis. Crowley suggested that Churchill exploitthe Nazis’ magical paranoia by being photographed as much as possible giving the two-fingered “V for Victory” gesture, a powerful symbol of destruction and annihilation that, according to magical tradition, is capable of defeating the perverted solar energies represented by the Nazi swastika.”

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  4. “V for Victory” (in Europe) was initially used/shown by Churchill with his palm facing inward (instead of outward), with the back of the hand displayed/shown outward, but that is also the same as a gesture in the UK which means “Up Yours”, so they had him stop doing it that way, but then started to do it with palm facing outward, instead, to not have it associated with the insulting gesture that basically means “Up Yours” (palm in/towards self, back of hand facing outward) in the UK.

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  5. www is equivalent to 666, so the entire world wide web equates to the number of the beast (popular association, some think it is 616).

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  6. A-ok or Okay, made by connecting the thumb and forefinger in a circle and holding the other fingers straight, may signal the word okay; especially as a diving signal. The same gesture is offensive in parts of southern Europe and South America.

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    • you are a little naive, lawrence.. Many celebrities belong to “illuminati”, and the gestures emma does, are not coincidence.

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  7. If you want more traffic for this site, you could change it from “Illuminati Watcher”, to “Emma Watson Watcher”!

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  8. Not really understand why this guy is so hurt by this publication, except to say that on television and show business nothing is by chance, possibly if a street person would doubt that anyone does this belong to the “Illuminati”. But to do a public figure? It is shaped like yourself make you say “slang” and so the common people (anyone) to take it as normal and begin to do these signs, not even knowing what they really mean.

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  10. I Dont Care If Emma Or Any other Person are Iluminati the responsable of All This are the Godom MOTF SOBT REPITILIAS of course these people are nothing but toy. Dam the Iluminate may Lord Judge then. But i think DEAD theay are bether….. ^_^.

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  11. She a bitch and she is a Satanic.

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  12. Emma Watson is the devil!

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  13. My thoughts is that they are programmed from Kids and are basically set up in situations where they will experiment and choose that as an identity, or something like that.

    I think she’s pretty but she’s totally not good. Like she just isn’t. But can we get off the subject of her. People can handle themselves ye know. And being handled is actually just gross. I looked at Illuminati as scary now I see it as gross disgusting people after seeing her be a part of it.

    They’ve taken it to the point where celebrities are the snake oil salesmen type people or whatever. The person trying to rip you off. It used to be “oh you’re one of them so and so’s aren’t you” when someone was real suspicious of someone.

    I like Baille Madison but now it’s like “Oh you’re one them celebrities aren’t you” and no one I could see even wanting anything to do with them. If you add in the terror, and just gross stuff, like in acting i’ve heard of people using their Jobs to get sex. That is like.. how low is that? You’re trying to act like you’re a big shot so someone should have sex with you or something like. It’s sort of like claiming property because now no one wants to even like touch anything that’s a part of that. Like i’m gonna start using a cell phone or something just in case a celebrity touched the payphone. Like I don’t even know, but seriously it seems like some sort of trying to mark territory. Like they say “there’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs” and these people seem to be thinking there’s an elevator to being a classy person or respectful, but if you’re working around and associating with people who use their job for sex, or try to corrupt young girls, like anything like that. You are a mess. Like and you’re gonna get shunned because no psychologist deserves to even have to sit and look at you. Maybe they have specialists who are specifically for celebrities who are also gross like you. But really what’s the point. It’s almost like inbreeding or something. I wouldn’t want to be treated like that, but no wait. I would. Like don’t touch the phones, you’re gross. No one should have to touch a phone you’ve touched. Absolutely brutal. It’s all people trying to take the evelator, and people just pray on that cause you’re a loser. There’s no other way to look at it. You are a loser. If someone even thinks that their job would impress you let alone convince you to do something that isn’t moral then you are a loser. It’s that simple. If people like that even talk to you, work around you, like they are losers and you are becoming like them. Have you ever done something which lowered yourself as a human being just to be around them? Scum. If a person is worth your time, you’re going to do things that better yourself as a human being to be around them. But then of course there’s another example of trying to take the elevator to success which is say you kidnap a little girl or something. Like say the mother wouldn’t want you around the girl, and the girl wouldn’t either, so you try and manipulate or knows, in which case none of it is permanent anyways. It’s like drugging a girl for sex or something. It’s all trying to take the elevator to success and it doesn’t exist. You have to take the stairs. If someone is using their job to get sex, they are not successful no matter what it seems like. They are know nothing, unsuccessful, wasting their life, pieces of work, and you attract what you are not what you want. You’re going to attract people like you, and if you are a loser maybe you’ll end up in Hollywood. I don’t want to generalize a geographical location but i’m using it as a blanket term to cover all this. If it’s not gotten by becoming a better person that it is not what you think it is, it is not worth your time, and it is not permanent and lasting. And you should actually be glad that it isn’t permanent because you can possibly do things different in the future. I feel sorry for kids who have parents who are in this, and they got born into it, but I think we select our parents before we’re born and everything is for a reason. OK maybe that’s pushing it, but.. Always think about what you have, not what you don’t have. Even if you’re a slave in a cage. Like read Victor Frankles book “Mans Search For Meaning” (I think I may myself) and it’s about how he saw positive in small details while in a concentration camp. It talks about how the last of human freedoms is choosing your own attitude in any given situation. So only focus on the good, not the bad.

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