Eminem’s Illuminati membership analysis


TheDoggStar.com posted up a moderate sized analysis of Eminem’s Illuminati membership. The questionables include an analysis of Eminem’s ‘Recovery’ album imagery and some of his lyrics.

The only thing I’d like to add to this is to clarify what my feelings are on the glass cube Eminem is sitting inside of on the album. I think this is a symbol for Eminem’s awareness of being trapped in the Saturn worshiping satanists known as the entertainment industry. The cube represents the material, 5-sense world, that was brought to us by the satanic cults and reptilian shape shifters. If you look at most religions, they warn of the influence the material world can have on us. This could be because the religious forefathers knew that the satanists could provide this ability to manipulate our bodies and minds. Eminem is sitting in the transparent cube because he is aware that we are inside of this cube without the ability to see it. It’s a prison without the bars. The Saturn worship stuff is a bit complex, I’d recommend reading up on my ‘Saturn Worship Beginner’s Guide‘ for more info on cubes and other symbolism.

There’s actually another point I’d like to make, and that is in reference to DoggStar’s photo of Tyler the Creator and Eminem; it appears like Tyler is performing sexually on Eminem, and perhaps this is on purpose. There’s rumor that the satanic cults perform these homosexual acts (that’s not to say all homosexuals are satanists though), as is evident in the Lil Wayne ‘Love Me’ video breakdown that Mark Dice does.

Here’s the link for that DoggStar article, it makes some good points: http://thedoggstar.com/secret-societies/illuminati/is-eminem-still-illuminati/




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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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