Dylann Roof Wanted Race War: How Charles Manson “Won” Again…

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Today I’d like to cover a very controversial topic with the latest mass shooting incident in America. The one I’m speaking of is the tragic incident in Charlestown, S.C. where Dylann Storm Roof shot and killed nine innocent Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church attendees.


In this article I’ll briefly cover some of the common themes and conspiracies surrounding this event and then bring it home with what I believe.

I’ve got a video on the end as well- so if you don’t want to read scroll on down…


Video now up!


The most ‘out-there’ theory is that he is one in a long line of mind controlled patsies. Theorists claim that the Aurora-Batman shooter, Sandy Hook, and the Santa Barbara shooters were all under some form of MKULTRA mind control when they started their shooting rampages.

Las Vegas shooters joker illuminati


These theorists aren’t all that far off-base with their allegations either. For example, the Unabomber was linked into the CIA’s MKULTRA mind control programs of the 60s, as was Manson (as you’ll see later on in this post). Sirhan Sirhan said he was under mind control when he assassinated RFK, and Mark David Chapman said “God” told him to kill John Lennon.

The theory is that the CIA mastered the use of mind control and has programmed people like Manchurian Candidates to commit atrocious acts such as these in order to support this hidden agenda. Usually these killers have that same glossed over look when they are captured (if they don’t shoot themselves first), which supports the idea that there is some form of mental breakdown that happens during this process.




This one is covered by 99.99% of all other conspiracy sites- I recommend going to Alex Jones’ Infowars site because I’m confident that’s what he’s screaming about it right now (*I haven’t even looked at it- I’m just making that guess up as I type).

The facts behind this are that President Obama did mention something about supporting more gun control legislation right after the shootings, so maybe there is some traction there. I don’t really buy it because if the “Illuminati” wanted to implement more gun control laws they could easily pass them through Congress. I believe most people in the US support more gun restriction (which is supported by studies taken), so I don’t buy this one.



The shooter (*allegedly) was a heavy user of presciption pills- supporting the theory I laid out in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC where I suggested that Eminem might have kicked off the prescription pill phase of America’s obsession with drugs.

You’ll recall in the late 90s his first album had an image of a Vicodin pill on it, and he was one of the first rappers to transition the public consciousness from the drug of choice at the time (pot) to prescription pills.

Slim Shady Eminem Vicodin CD



I’ll go more into this in the next section, but I’ve got a growing mound of evidence that supports this theory that Charles Manson and his murderous “family” of the 60s has somehow quantum-ally entangled our collective unconscious to start a race war.


This retrocausality theory is something of a pseudoscience, but it’s there none the less. The argument is that Manson started the HELTER SKELTER race wars back in ’69 with the Tate-LaBianca murders, and it’s just now taking flight.

In fact, as you’ll see in my future book (which I’m writing on the side), there are PLENTY of works of entertainment that are keeping the Manson legacy alive. Currently there is a show on TV called Aquarius that depicts Manson as a sexy and powerful guru, when in fact Manson is a little guy who was trained in the arts of hypnosis, mind control, Satanic dark arts, and Scientology.

In the article I wrote called HELTER GAMES: How Manson & the Hunger Games Programmed the Ferguson Race Riots I started to explore this idea, and now I’ve got more material than I know what to do with.

For example, there is a ton of imagery of this Hands Up Don’t Shoot movement that is actually a Freemason Sign of Distress:

Freemason Dont Shoot Protest Sign of Distress


Why do we continue to see this in pop culture? Are these artists really concerned about the people? Why do Jay-Z and Beyonce send money to support the protestors of the Baltimore racial protests; yet he continues to glorify violence and drugs in his music? Does anyone see the contradictions here?…

Beyonce Grammys hands up dont shoot WO2 v2




I think you could approach this from one of two angles:

First– it was just a nut job on drugs with racist tendencies. That’s it.

Second– if you consider the conspiratorial route, I believe this is one chunk of a larger attempt to push this race war on us. Manson had ties to the CIA MKULTRA mind control program and most definitely knew how to control other’s minds (whether he was in fact a high level Scientology Operating Thetan or just a plain old fashioned hypnosis expert).

Is it possible that Manson retrocausally created these events back in the 60s when he tried to start the HELTER SKELTER race wars? I’m currently writing a book that explores a lot of Manson’s “influences” on America and everyday I’m seeing more support for this race war that the media and entertainment industry insists ‘needs’ to happen.

The mass shootings in Santa Barbara turned out to have a perpetrator who was the son of a Hunger Games producer, making yet another link to the entertainment industry with these ruthless killings. Another example is the fact that Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins lives in Sandy Hook and Bruce Jenner was also raised there; yet the media doesn’t bring up these facts. Some could argue there would be no reason to bring them up, but I beg to differ.

Suzanne Collins wrote a book that was entirely about children killing other children under a form of dictatorship/communism. Does she know of a larger agenda? The town of Sandy Hook was subtly dropped in the film Dream House which references a mental health issue on the business card. Is this a clue?

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Dream House Sandy Hook


The argument theorists use is that the government wants to implement more gun control laws, so they create tragic scenarios such as this to influence the population to do so. While I actually support the idea of adding small amounts of legislation in order to keep firearms out of the hands of nut jobs like this guy, it also opens up the door to a slippery slope argument that they’ll continue to restrict access to firearms.

They always say it’s not the gun that kills people, but rather people that kill people. I agree with that on some levels, but it begs the question of how exactly we as a society contribute to ‘creating’ these crazy people. We’re obviously obsessed with war and violence in America, but is that because our pop culture and entertainment industry pushes it? Who pushes the violent themes in the entertainment industry?

Is it merely a coincidence that rap & metal music and most films are literally filled with themes of death and violence? Is it a reflection of how the “real world” is and art is just imitating life? I disagree.

For support of my disagreement, take note of George Gerbner’s Cultivation Analysis: an Overview where he found that over half of the characters seen on television will experience some form of violence on a weekly basis, yet in real life, only 1% of us will be subjected to such trauma. These repetitive lessons instill in us the idea that violence is somehow acceptable or even normal.

So let’s sum it up; the entertainment industry is NO DIFFERENT than the “news” industry. They both seek to use violence and gore to increase viewership and therefore increase profits. When psychos go on mass shootings like this, whether or not it’s a conspiracy doesn’t matter to them. It equals profits for them.

That doesn’t mean I want to abolish independent news or films; but I want to get the idea out to the masses that maybe what they’re watching doesn’t always have an interest in truly informing you, but instead it usually has an agenda. Our jobs as citizens is to determine what that agenda is. My job as an independent researcher is to toss out these taboo/fringe topics just to keep everyone else on their toes.


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-Isaac Weishaupt



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you. A couple of my observations:
    1. In the Sandy Hook, Aurora, and now North Carolina shootings, the fathers played significant behind-the-scenes roles. Concerning Dylann Storm Roof (anagram?), what in blue blazes was his (alleged) father doing giving gum a .45 on his 21st birthday-especially since he had already had trouble with the law??
    2. Did you ever notice that the Aurora shootings occurred on 7/20, which not only was the first day of Ramadan in 2012 but also the area code for the theater? Hmm. Wonder what other incidents have these same characteristics?

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    • And the Ramadan 2015 started on Wednesday night, give or take a few hours depending on where you live. Coincidence?

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  2. Feel free to communicate with me.

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  3. I think it’s all those things. They were pushing gun control with the day of #gunsense and then this kid does that? Kills two political birds with one stone.

    After you find out about MK Ultra, read the insider books on the JFK shooting, after you find out about the Liberty, Iran Contra, Yellowcake, and now Benghazi is tied to CIA gun running (yes, they said in in Congress), the NSA scandal–and pour through wiki leaks when do you stop looking the other way and thinking that these “coincidences’ are all still coincidences and look to protect yourself?

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    • Did you see that page out of Behold a Pale Horse that talked about the govt running guns (clear back in the 90s)? Coincidental indeed…

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      • I didn’t but I recently heard on telly,ITV News I think,UK television,that Britain sells the Saudis millions of pounds worth of weapons every year.which I find both astonishing, appalling and yet totally in character for the British establishment; it’s not much of a leap to believe American governments would be at it as well,both of them think they are too powerful to be held to account never mind punished!

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  4. I felt Aquarius did a great job of showing Manson for the manipulative nut job he is. They show how he seduced the clan through a combo of drugs and entrapment. It is important to note the type of followers he attracted,either lost or rebellious kids all without a developed individuality. To me the show isn’t trying to make him cool or sexy they are just showing what it is like from the perspective of a runaway 16yr girl. I agree the show did a great job of showing racial tensions

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    • I watch the show, and I have to admit that, while yes they do make him look like a nutjob, they also used a more attractive actor to play him, which raises my suspicions. I mean, the actor is a lot more attractive than Manson was in real life.

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  5. Dude it IS about gun control (with a side helping of race baiting). Keep the whites and blacks at each others throats whilst a third party pushes for gun control and turns the USA into a police state from behind the scenes. They even mentioned his ‘sandy’ hair and gave him the Lanza bowl cut lol. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that Charelston Carolina is the HEADQUARTERS (superior lodge) of scottish rite freemasonry in the USA was the place where the civil war was stirred up by the lodges (just like the french revolution wasby the grand orient lodges). The 33rd degree was set up in Charleston and legend has it that the skull of Jacque de Molay was brought over by Isaac Long. Albert Pike took over from Isaac Long in Charleston. Masonry works hand in glove for the cabal pushing for the new world order.

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    • <>

      I said something similar as soon as I saw the photo of him.

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    • You are completely on the money. Plus, all of this stuff just distracts people from the biggest issue: the fact that fast-track TTP has passed and this brings us closer to the NWO. All the other issues, including the SCOTUS gay marriage decision, is a smokescreen so that people don’t realize that our country, as we think we knew it, is gone. Maybe I will emigrate to Russia. Putin has a 90% approval rating among his people. That is another issue: all the negative Putin/Russia propaganda to make us accept another war. Anyone with a brain can see that the Russia bashing is a method of brainwashing the sheeple.

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  6. I will only put it in a nutshell so that everyone could understand: the Charleston shooting is a inane hoax, a Zionist, gun grabbing and race baiting one. The alleged “shooter” appears to be 2 different persons. And how did the media knew he is already 21 years old? And Obama said that he and Moochelle knew some ppl from that church? Have u seen Governor Nikki Haley’s display of fake crying? Its outrageous. Anyway they come in 3 when they do, Im talking about the anti-white/anti-police/anti-gun stuff: first the McKinney pool hoax, the Rachel Dolezal’s story and now this. If u believe this thing happened for real, ure nothing but just another sheeple.

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    • Yep. Masonry and zionism are both ultimately controlled by luciferians as depicted by Charelston’s very own Albert Pike in his letter to Mazzini.

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    • I did a lot of research into Sandy Hook and do believe it was a hoax, meaning I don’t even think anyone died in it. I’m not sure of what to think about Charleston as of yet, but it would not surprise me? We are living in a time period where you cannot believe nothing you hear and from my study into the way history really was, we probably never could believe it anyways! I remember my father would always quote ‘don’t believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see’. Well, I could understand the part about not believing anything you hear, but couldn’t grasp what me meant about ‘only half of what you see’. I am beginning to perfectly understand now what it means

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  7. I’m sorry, but some of your commenters are delusional. You can not write this off as something the “illuminati” created. There have been too many racist terrorists killing black people. How insensitive can you be? Racists are racist and it wasn’t the illuminati that made them that way. When people want to kill, they do so.

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    • Good for u, ure a perfectly obedient sheeple. Sit down, dont question authority, believe everything Zio-media is telling u. Maybe u should know that the whole Civil Rights Movement was nothing but a Zionist scam in order to destroy America. BTw, u dont even know what “racism” means, but much like any moron u like to use big words and jump a trendy bandwagon

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      • Everything I posted was very comprehensible for someone of your age. You are irrational. The only “threat” you have is the “illuminati”. There are millions of people with greater challenges than your own. Stop speaking as if you’re actually helping anyone. You are not. You know nothing. Close your mouth on these kinds of topics. You will never understand. Bless your heart. Goodbye.

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        • Hmm. Why should he stop speaking? And yes, spreading knowledge and information *is* helping.

          You sound opinionated, arrogant and delusional. Free speech is here to stay, if you don’t like it, why are you reading?

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  8. 1) Manson shows up, out of nowhere, propelled by the MSM, getting “married”,
    fall 2014 2) “Aquarius” TV series, 2015 3) Vincent Bugliosi, prosecutor of Manson,
    dies last week)3 bus bench ad, spotted in Los Angeles, advertising book entitled
    HELTER SKELTER 2: MANSON, OBAMA, AND THE COMING RACE WAR”4) Hollywood feature film bio entitled “Love and Mercy” about the life and troubles of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, released mere days before Roof shooting. Wilson recorded Manson’s notorious singles “Cease To Exist” and “Look at Your Game Girl” whilst living in Wilson’s home with his groupies and exploiting Wilson; this now well-known and utterly bizarre chapter in Wilson’s life, however, is conspicuously missing from the film, even though there appears to be an actor, apparently cast in the role, silently appearing in some sequences as nothing more than a bit player. 6) Roman Polanski, for no discernible reason, is being re-persecuted for a 1977 sex case that has been long forgiven by both the victim and the original prosecutor and in which the original judge, now deceased, may
    have seriously breached judicial protocol.

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    • There is a theory that Manson was recruited by the CIA; also a theory that the Manson murders were fake. Could have been a giant Psy Op. Sharon Tate’s father was a bigwig in the military. Hey, most people now know about Laurel Canyon and all of the military/CIA connections. Jim Morrison’s father was military as were many of the parents of the musicians of the era. The band name The Doors comes from Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception, pertaining to LSD. How can that be a coincidence? Most of the big crazes and movements of the ’60s and ’70s were created to manipulate the masses. It has been said that hard rock music was created to control people; same with the British Invasion. The English record label BMI was part of this. Can you say “British Military Intelligence”?

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  9. I think pretty much all three of these theories work together, not apart. But I have to take issue with the same old “masonic” finger pointing. In fact Isaac, you were the FIRST researcher I’ve ever followed who actually did an article on the organization that is REALLY behind the curtain. Starts with a K and ends in Abbalah.

    Blaming Mason’s is the easy way out. If you look closely enough you’ll see that Masons may have had a heyday back during the founding of this country, but that day has been over for a long, long time. The red string is the enemy. Not a bunch of old men planning fish fries.

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    • The fish fries and pancake breakfasts are for the very low-level Freemasons. Most of them have no idea what the 33rd Degree Freemasons really do. The upper levels are Luciferians and very secretive about their activities. Every time I see the Compass/G symbol on cars, etc., it creeps me out!

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      • No offense intended Paula but I disagree. Blaming Masons is reaching for the low hanging fruit. They are the highest profile, ‘secret society’ in the world. Masons haven’t had ‘control’ of the country since they lost out to the Rothschilds and their central bank. Key of Solomon Kaballah took over. Don’t believe me? Just trail the list of CEO’s, Execs, and high-level politicos. They aren’t Masons. They’re… “something else”. And that something is the red hand.

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  10. Mistake/Apology: it was Dennis Wilson who was involved with Manson,
    not Brian Wilson directly….but Manson DID move in with Dennis Wilson,
    who recorded Manson’s songs.

    The film biography of Brian Wilson, “Love and Mercy”, does not in
    any way acknowledge that this relationship took place with his brother Dennis,
    but whether or not it was either included in the original screenplay or not,
    or was excised out of the final cut or not, is completely unknown.

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    • Wasn’t it also Dennis Wilson who was involved in some way with the Warlocks in the 1970’s? The Warlocks were big in Pennsylvania, but I think they were in California, also. Their arch enemies were the Pagans from Delaware. Dennis was either very nasty or very gullible.

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  11. But here is the thread: Manson’s marriage announcement>”Aquarius”>Bugliosi’s death>”Helter Skelter 2: Race War” bus advertisement>Polanski’s ongoing, newly initiated harassment over ’77 sex case>Roof shooting…all in a very quick and
    successive time frame.

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  12. MKULTRA>CIA>end all countercultural movements of the emergent hippie/free love/drug/anti-establishment template of late 60’s>HENDRIX>JOPLIN>MORRISON>
    ROSEMARY’S BABY, CONTROVERSIAL OCCULT BLOCKBUSTER FILM>AUGUST 9, 69=”666″>”WERE HERE TO DO THE DEVIL’S WORK”. (Rosemary’s Baby, as described in an essay, as using Satanic influence and occultism as a metaphor
    for America in the late 1960’s as an emergent Nazi police state, directed by the filmmaker who would late go on to make the Nazi Holocaust drama THE PIANIST, winning the Oscar, and yet still to this day being harassed over his 1977 sex case)

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    • Did you know that the founder of The Church of Satan, Anton LeVay, actually played Satan in Rosemary’s Baby? Totally Satanic film – I wonder if Mia Farrow is an occultist? Factoid: Frank Sinatra told Mia that if she did not quit the film he would leave her – and I believe he did. The older I get the less I believe in coincidences. There are just too many…

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  13. Wow, just before I did a search on Dylann Roof illuminati which brought me here, I was reading articles at the Federalist that got me thinking that some people really ARE trying to start a race war. We’d been hearing about it, but now Farrakan and Shabazz are openly calling for it. I had also thought recently about Manson, and due to the show Aquarius, had looked Manson up on Wiki. What a weird thing for him to want to start a race war, and to kill a bunch of whites and try to pin it on blacks. Seems so nonsensical. (yeah, like that will really work, Charlie.) How many did he kill? Close to 9? Now another person thinking they are going to start a race war kills 9 people. Too many coincidences. MKultra would not surprise me. If they want a race war, then they want people to have guns, good point. They have so much sway in Congress, if they wanted gun control, they could get it. https://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/hate-baiters-speak-out-in-charleston

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  14. Also, I totally disagree with you about gun control. In my view, either none of us should have guns or everyone should. Otherwise, we have an unfair distribution of power, and unfortunately, I don’t see guns going away anytime soon. Racist nutjobs shouldn’t have guns, I can’t exactly disagree with that but how do we actually track down these “nutjobs?” And what happens when these “nutjobs” are in the government, the military, the police force?

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  15. [Cross-posted to “True Detective Season 2” article]

    I’m beginning to think it’s no coincidence that all these years later, the sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird has been published. Why do I say that? Because, if the reviews are correct, the character of Atticus Finch is now actually racist!!!

    They gotta keep fanning the flames…

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  16. I agree to some degree with Isac’s analysis. Alex Jones is spot on. Depending on when you tube in his concern for him control come from an understanding that this part of a much bigger agenda to disarm ALL of the American people. This is to usher in Marshall Law and effectively establish a new type of governance. The MK Ultra mind control program targets a specific type of personality. Whether or not their are nuts before or after the process is not as important as understanding what their role is for illuminati. The image of the lone deranged shooter is being consistently re-enforced in our conscious to compel us to feel scared for ourselves and for our children. The illuminati know that threatening the security of our children is one way to compel us to give up our civil liberties in return for their “protection.” In the grand scheme it is to leave us defenseless and vulnerable to those who will have guns and their controllers. Hunger Games is an example of that possible future.

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  17. Hey Isaac have you ever checked out End the Drug War Today channel on YouTube? He has a excellent PDF form on The Manson Murders and Sharon Tate you should check it out and keep an open mind it’s an interesting theory that I’ve read so far!

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      • I would have thought you’d know that ALL of these mass shootings are staged by now. No one died. They are all Hoaxes/false flags. Please do your research as you will start to lose support from those who think you are not in touch with what is really going on. I suggest you start with Sandy Hook. That has been proven beyond any doubt to be a hoax and once you see that all the others fall like dominoes.

        Respectfully, JJL

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        • Sandy Hook has been pretty much been proven to be a hoax. The Boston Bombings also seem to be a hoax.

          That is different to a false flag though- false flags mean innocent people can and do get hurt and killed. 9/11 is an example of a false flag (not hoax).

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