Drake: The Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Conspiracy of Bohemian Grove and OVO

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Today we’ll get into some sinister ideas that are a bit much for those that are sensitive to the idea that blood sacrifices occur in our modern times.


The specific instance we’ll explore is the rapper/singer Drake and the passing of his friend Anthony ‘Fif’ Soares with the intention of exploring the concept of the Illuminati Blood Sacrifice…

Symbolism: Revealing the Method

If you’ve read my hip hop conspiracy book then you already know my feelings on the blood sacrifice theory. It’s a sensitive subject that I don’t typically like to go into but this instance had too many peculiarities to not cover.

The fact that Drake was involved piqued my interest because I’ve reported on his “Illuminati” symbolism so often in the last few years that it created an exhaustive amount of articles.







To get down to the purpose for writing this article, it appears that Drake lost a friend and member of his musical crew.

VT.com posted about the murder of his friend ‘Fif’ and I couldn’t help but coagulate a bit of a theory about it:


Last week, though, it was an incident of gun crime in Toronto, Canada, that garnered attention, after a long time friend and member of Drake’s entourage, Anthony ‘Fif’ Soares was shot dead in the lobby of a building, at around 3am last Thursday morning.

What’s curious is the image used to report on this story. Regulars to IlluminatiWatcher.com will readily see the 666 All Seeing Eye

I’d also like to quickly note the 3AM time stamp- this is the “witching hour” that is revered for being the inversion of 3PM (the alleged time that Jesus was  crucified on the Cross).

If one WAS to conduct a sacrificial murder, 3AM would be the ideal time to do so.

The Owl: October’s Very Own

Anthony ‘Fif’ Soares was a crew member on Drake’s OVO label- which is representative of the owl deity (notice the OVO symbolizes the two eyes of an owl with the V as the beak).

Drake’s OVO label utilizes symbolism of the owl; the deity of Bohemian Grove


The curious connection here is that Fif was killed in Toronto just days before the witch holiday of Mabon. In some theories of occultism it is believed that blood sacrifices are conducted to pagan deities just prior (and on) the particular holidays celebrated. This particular holiday lines up with the autumn equinox- a celebration of equal forces of light and dark (duality is a concept of great importance in terms of the esoteric).




Putting it all together…

If (and I’d like to emphasize that’s a BIG “IF”) Drake did in fact have something to do with the death of his friend, it would have some merit because he fell off the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time in years (since 2009 to be specific). It was quite a feat for him to stay on the charts as long as he did, and the media was quick to talk about this idea right before the death of Fif. 


While it seems preposterous that one would kill their own friend; the theory goes that the “Illuminati” require a sacrifice of one that is close to you. This symbolizes a deeper meaning and is allegedly what is required to prove devotion to the “club.”

It was also curious that Drake released his album called Views from the 6 (alleged to be “666”) with promotion activities at the London Royal Opera House in 2016 (*note that it’s the same 6 over the Eye that we see from ‘Fif’ before he died).

London Royal Opera House shows the 666 All Seeing Eye to promote Drake’s “Views from the 6” album

The reason this is significant is because the London Royal House area was ALSO a place where there were attempts to resurrect a Temple to Ba’al in 2016. This was intended to revere the deity of Ba’al- a god who demanded blood sacrifices!

I broke it down in the article entitled Temple of Ba’al, Drake, and Beltane: Sacrifice Rituals in NYC and London:

The Temple of Ba’al is a place in which the pagan cultures of ancient Syria worshipped the deity of Ba’al; aka Moloch (if you’re unfamiliar with these names please see my article on Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch, Owls, and the Horns of Satan). Their unholy trinity of Ba’al with the lunar mother and solar father were not much different than the pagan gods we’ve explored elsewhere (e.g. Semiramis-Nimrod-Tammuz).

The name Ba’al is where the name Ba’al Zeebub, aka Beelzebub comes from, and for good reason. Ba’al/Moloch was a deity that many people sacrificed other humans to– including their own children. They believed this deity could bestow blessings upon them, which is why the Tower of Babel supposedly had its own Moloch sacrificial chamber. This is perhaps why many identify Ba’al/Moloch with the Saturn god known as Cronos– the one that devours children.

This is also related to Drake’s overwhelming use of the Minvera owl symbolism which is the deity of child sacrifice at Bohemian Grove’s annual Cremation of Care ceremony. If you’re not familiar; there is an annual gathering of CEOs, celebrities, and politicians that get together for a boy’s club retreat in which they conduct a “mock sacrifice” to a giant stone owl effigy.

Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony to the Owl God of Minerva


No matter what truly happened to Anthony ‘Fif’ Soares; may he rest in peace. He isn’t the first (or last) to be conjectured about in terms of “Illuminati” blood sacrifices in hip hop.

I wrote a book on the scope of this hip hop conspiracy a few years back which made enough of a splash that I had to defend it on SIRIUS/XM’s Eminem channel (SHADE45). Most likely it was for the chapter on the blood sacrifice where I detailed the oddities surrounding the deaths of entertainers like 2Pac, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston (as well as her daughter Bobbi Kristina– which is almost unbelievable when you consider she was found unconscious in a bathtub one night prior to Whitney; only to pass away years later in the bathtub as well, all of which can be linked to occult cleansing rituals of the goddess).

You can read about how these dots connect as well as my personal experience at the L.A. SIRIUS/XM studios in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC.



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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      • And not in many others’ case

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        • Sorry, mistyped: and in many others case: Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West etc.

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