Dragons, D&D, and Video Games: Another Way The Elite Own You- Part Two

Hi everyone, this is Isaac Weishaupt from IlluminatiWatcher.com. Today I’m providing the second part of a great post that came by way of Watcher Dovakhiim, aka Skyrim Fiend. If you haven’t caught our podcast, you really gotta take a listen because we’ve got some great feedback on it.

If you haven’t read the first part of this post (Part One: Dragon love and the Player Character), I’d advise you to read it first.


If you’ve already read it, carry on…

Part Two: Bioware, Inclusive Gaming, and Illuminati Symbolism

Now that the online world and player character styling have been briefly explicated (yes, briefly—there are novels about the D&D player character and/or dragons) I wanted to talk about Bioware, a subset of EA (Electronic Arts).

Grab a coffee or beer and let’s talk.

I am the owner of every title in the Dragon Age series and have played the game multiple times over. Dragon Age Origins is one of the best game stories ever written and the characters (your companions) are tight as hell. The writers, especially David Gaider, are some of the best in the business and have given me much enjoyment over the years. So as I write what I’m about to write, understand that I have nothing but respect for Gaider as a writer and he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Bioware is a company that promotes an inclusive gaming environment. That means there are gay romances and transgender characters.

Brotherly love

By all means a company has every right to appeal to every audience and gay people have been left out of gaming for a long time. Dorian their latest gay male lead is undoubtedly one of my favorite companions and one of the best written characters they’ve ever had in the game. Sera (the lesbian romance) could use some work, but in general it’s still a well-written romance. All their romances, gay or straight, are written well so I’m not complaining that they don’t show straights the same level of attention.

I point out only that it’s become a bit…tokenish. They have equal number of gay, straight, and bi characters in Dragon Age despite the fact that gays are a minority population in real life. They’ve even included a transgender character, Krem.


The approach to gay characters and transgender people has become a bit heavy-handed in a game. Inquisition stopped being a medieval fantasy game and became a modern game in medieval clothing. I make no judgments on the rightness or wrongness of this since I don’t have an anti-gay thing like some. Gays are alright with me. I do have a thing with agendas. I don’t need to be told how to think or what is right. As an adult I don’t need a lecture. I can figure things out on my own, thanks.

But since we have a modern world in medieval clothing we can move on to other “modern” elements that Bioware has adopted.

Their Chantry (like the Catholic Church of Thedas) has a female Jesus, Andraste, who is the bride of the Maker and was a warrior who cast down the Imperium and was burned to death as a martyr. The symbol of the church is this:


Cross Sun Transition All Seeing Eye

Look familiar at all to you?

This is Inquisition Seeker Cassandra:

Seeker Cassandra

She is an androgynous, male identified female warrior. If you are one of the few straight males still playing the Dragon Age Series she is your option (something the non-hipster males moan about on the Bioware forums). Oh yes, they complain that their choices for romantic interests suck compared to gays and straight women. Obviously they haven’t seen Solas or the Iron Bull, but I’ll get to that in a second we’re still on Cassandra and the women in the game.

Short hair

Why do I bring this up, do I have a problem with short hair or find that unattractive? No, I like short hair on other women. On some people it looks awesome probably.

I bring it up because in addition to this being one of two females for straight male romances, the female character generator and male generator have the exact same hairstyles which include multiple versions of bald or marine corps style hair, an Adams apple generator, and only 5 styles which aren’t bald and none of which go below the chin. The company says this is because hair is hard to do (except they did it in the last games with older tech and they are the makers of Sims which has 100 million different female styles).

I say it is the promotion of a social agenda of trans-humanism, transgender, and androgyny. Play the game, see for yourself, and send Bioware a comment.

Now, I’m a Qun lover in these games. The Qunari used to be this very male identified warrior race where you had no name just a rank. That all changed for this latest inclusive game, but I’ll rant about that on the forum. I bring up the Qunari because here is a sexual partner that both players can be “topped” by in the game.

Qunari beast

A one-eyed devil looking creature.

These games have graphic content, by the way, so you can see what its like to be sexed up by Baphomet if you like.

I do like his character, by the way, but I find it interesting that the Qunari went from looking like this…:

Qunari pre v1

…to this:

Qunari post v2

To the One Eye version, who is also the nicest, most entertaining and friendliest character in the game (the others barely spoke to you and were very militaristic).

So when they finally give us a Qunari love interest, he happens to be the most demonic looking and has only one eye.

But they aren’t tagging the Illuminati thing, nooooo.

Center of Chains

Not at all

knights flag

They would never!

Qunari Tide

Because that wouldn’t be innovative anymore and they’re an innovative company, dammit!

While you think on what I’ve laid out on this subject, I’ll just go and perform the Chant of Light with the other clergy of Dragon Age…



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Great article! Ive been a gamer my whole life and things have definitely changed. I was surprised that u could get married in Skyrim and I chuckled when the blacksmith wanted to marry me. I do feel that agendas are being pushed thru these formats. Im a Christian and when is thr last time or first time lol that there was a strong cool hip Christian character?

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    • Regarding your comment: Im a Christian and when is thr last time or first time lol that there was a strong cool hip Christian character?

      Answer: Never.

      Christians are always horrible people that want to make everyone feel bad and have deep dark skeletons rattling around in their closets like they molest their children or cheat on their wives, etc.

      People will say “Christians are the majority, that’s why you can pick on them.” Whatevs.

      Most “people” don’t really think for themselves. The irony is that they’ve heard the Christian meme that coincides with the “think for yourself!” and the two jumble around in the brain together in a force-source amnesia (look it up) and suddenly if you criticize Christians you are thinking for yourself.

      What a load of BS.

      Or–or here’s a good one…look how many people religion has killed!!!!

      Okay, let’s look…36,000 for the entire Inquisition period which was a shit-long time (the rest were effigies burnt, meaning wood figurings) and 12 for the Salem Witch trials, compared to ….

      Socialism which killed between 10-20 million in the Soviet Union, 45 million in Mao’s China, 2 million in Cambodia, and in Somalia I think it was around 1.5 million…and yet Russell Brand (sorry, Russell) promotes socialism and no one EVER says, “Look how many people socialism killed!!!!”

      Or here’s another goodie! Hitler was a Christian!

      No, he was a member of the Theosophist society, hence the “Teutorian Knights”, Wagner’s Norse God push, the various Norse and Tibetan symbols, etc.

      Oh, oh and I forgot another one, Christians hate people, look at the abortion clinic bombings and doctor deaths.

      14 deaths in 60 years.

      Christians are the worst haters in the world if they can’t rank number better than gang bangers in LA or Chicago. They do better in a single weekend.

      I mean, it’s crazy how these “think for myself” people never actually think for themselves.

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      • Far more people died due to the Inquisition than the figure you state. Scholarly estimates range from 200,000 to one million, including Cathars, other kinds of ‘heretics’ and Catholics, as well as lots of innocent bystanders. The massacre at Beziers alone claimed 20,000 lives. Add in the Crusades and you’ve got a serious death toll. The medieval Catholic church remains one of the most violent organizations that ever existed. Their brutality wasn’t about religion or Jesus, it was about maintaining their grip on worldly power, an inheritance of the Roman imperial culture they arose from.

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        • Nope. Hundreds of thousand wooden effigies were burnt, people were not.

          This explains it (and the RCC had reason to keep good records):


          More research from the liberal “Guardian” paper which is not Christian friendly says about 13,000


          Estimates of the number killed by the Spanish Inquisition, which Sixtus IV authorised in a papal bull in 1478, have ranged from 30,000 to 300,000. Some historians are convinced that millions died.

          But according to Professor Agostino Borromeo, a historian of Catholicism at the Sapienza University in Rome and curator of the 783-page volume released yesterday, only 1% of the 125,000 people tried by church tribunals as suspected heretics in Spain were executed.

          Other experts told journalists at the Vatican yesterday that many of the thousands of executions conventionally attributed to the church were in fact carried out by non-church tribunals.

          According to Church records (and this is an efficient church)

          If we add the figures, we find that the entire Inquisition of 500 years, caused about 6,000 deaths. These atrocities are completely inexcusable. These numbers are however, a far cry from the those used in the popular press by people who are always looking to destroy the Church. This is about 20% of the number of war related deaths that have occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq in the 2 years since the US responded to 9/11.


          That includes the Cathars, but since it is a Catholic tally you can add on more if you like.

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  2. The Myths of the Inquisition (produced by the BBC) also debunks the myths of hundreds of thousands killed (should be on youtube) and admits that it was fostered by Protestant propaganda and that the actual deaths were closer to 10,000 people.

    The official RCC toll is 6,000 (including Cathars)

    Books like The Spanish Inquisition: An Historical Revision by Henry Kamen (Oxford Educated PhD) also speaks to this myth foisted by protestants and brings the numbers down of actual people to less than 10,000 most burnt in effigy.

    Very good books and nothing taught in public school.

    If the Church records say 6,000 and the BBC 10,000 the number is probably in between given one has a reason to go low, the other high.

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    • There are always excuses for atrocities commited by religion, arent there? It doesnt matter there were less or more than officially stated, it matters THERE WERE, end of story.

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      • Not really. It’s not an excuse to say that fewer people died by a few hundred thousand. Where’s the excuse, dude?

        It’s correcting a meme.

        Anyway, as I’ve said even IF the 300,000 tally were true then that’s still 99,700,000 less than socialism so where is your complaint about government economic planning?

        That’s still 1,700,000 less than the Iraq War so where is your issue with government’s wanting to spread Democracy?

        That is my point, that we (ironically) crucify religion now while letting off socialism and governments because…why is that?

        Maybe because you’ve been meme’d to think that?

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  3. Very interesting topic, I have noticed a rock n roll hand gesture on a tv screen in the backround of a map for Super Smash Bro’s in the Nintento 3Ds, and more. Theyre putting it out in the smallest ways because they know what it does to us.
    I would like to show you a video, it explains a lot but it’ll be different. Search YouTube for Kryon – Revelation of darkness.

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    • I’m curious, what stage is this?

      Post a Reply
      • To Thace and IlluminatiWatcher. Kryon is a being who has been with us for a while and can access channeling through Lee Carol because of the things Carol has been through, he can speak through him and relay dire messages for us as a whole to connect to. I shared this video because its important that we remember where we are going as a consciousness. Most of his channels are positive and about the things we truly dont understand yet but the one I shared explains the madness of dark energy and the endless cycle of destruction they are trying to implement on our people. Its time to go home.

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        • No offense but how do you know this being is “good”? What does it do besides issue warnings?

          How about cancer cures? Superior beings should be able to help if they are actually trying to do something good.

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          • Very good question, Yea no miracles are performed but what makes this a little different is its not being shoved out there for everyone to see. One thing about being light beings is we are atttacted to the dark naturally, everyone must go through their own personal experiences to somewhat bring out this light.
            Now the reason I only shared ‘this’ video is because any other “channeling” videos I dont trust, why? Because when I used to watch all sorts of videos I noticed Spirit science was putting out some pretty Interesting topics. A little later I realized how he was getting his info. He did channel for it but I believe the ‘ones’ helping him were just giving him tiny bits of what they wanted him to share. Once he posted about us evolving into Gods is where I stopped. The 4th Dimension is hazy on this Earth plane. It is being restored but thats why we need every conscious person to be aware.
            Theres a reason why we want to uncover this disgusting ‘theory’, not a theory anymore but its because we are threatened by them, but once you realize what you are, then youll realize that we are the ones threatening them just by our presence.

          • Also I forgot SkyrimFiend, it seems bogus but free will is why such miracles cant be performed everyday. The reason why is because we are the healers.

            Darkness cant push you off the mountain, but it can ask you to jump.
            Just like light cant grab you if you do, you made your choice. Thank you for reading.

  4. Great Article. I’ve gotten tired of seeing this stuff in video games, and I’ve stopped playing them. They are really force feeding it to us now.

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  5. I really enjoyed both these articles. I think that IlluminatiWatcher should do more video game related articles, or at least collaborate with Dovakhiim

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    • Dovakhiim is working on some more- she’s got a couple so far. She knows far more than I do in regards to video games so that is her forte.

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