Dragons, D&D, and Video Games: Another Way The Elite Own You- Part One

Hi everyone, this is Isaac Weishaupt from IlluminatiWatcher.com. Today I’m providing another great post that came by way of Watcher Dovakhiim, aka Skyrim Fiend. If you haven’t caught our podcast, you really gotta take a listen because we’ve got some great feedback on it.

Today she’ll be providing you with some really great insight into something I totally know NOTHING about! I’d regurgitate the title but you already know what we’re about to get into, so let’s get going…


Part One: Dragon love and the Player Character

Video games are an immersion into another world. This is why we like them, naturally. We get to escape life. I’ve been a Bethesda and Bioware player for years now and have put in an embarrassing amount of time into these games. They are intended now to be 100s of hours in the playing as they are what’s called “open world environments” now. You are a mage, a warrior, a rogue, etc for hundreds of hours and it’s so addictive that many people play these games multiple times as every different type of character. Bethesda Softworks made Skyrim (see my namesake) and I’ll admit to devoting a great many months of my life to it. I was a dragon soul and therefore was the only person able to fight the great dragon Alduin.

Here we are, I mean here he is fighting the hero of the story and about to breathe fire on the dragonborn like a boss!

Skyrim Dragon Alduin Battle

Dragons are so cool, ahem. This Christian loves dragons overmuch. I even cheered for Smaug against the dwarfs. Greedy little bastards! And Laketown…really, what’s another lakeside town that dislikes outsiders, amirite? You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Dragon Destruction

Look at that picture and let’s all be honest, even though they’re destructive and could bring about the end of the world dragons are cool as shit, right? Fire, fire, destruction, destruction…more fire!!!!

I mean, we all pretty much agree that dragons are far cooler than this, no?


Smiling face, tie, clean looking holding a Bible….and BORING!

I’m not picking on this nice man. I’m making a point about us as people. I have been a Christian for most of my life and I still gravitate to dark things like dragons. That got me to thinking about the Bible and the idea of original sin, although I wouldn’t call it that. I think man’s nature is fundamentally ambivalent. We believe that we’re born innocent, and I think we’re born as they say in Enter the Dragon: “…knowing only life.” I think that the South Park creators had it right when they said that we don’t understand kids and attach qualities to them that they don’t really have. We think that we’re born good, that kids are angels and have to be taught to hate. Kids are born selfish, throwing tantrums for what they want even as they come screaming out of the uterus. The reality is that we’re born selfish, energetic, and desiring fun and have to be tempered into a creature that has an appreciation for those things in life that are less than exciting which is why the minister seems full and the dragon is exciting and therefore captures our attention.

Or maybe dragons really are just way cool! Like this:

Dragon Fire

As for “cool”…“cool” is perception and it can change. In fact, it always does.

In the Middle Ages, dragons were assuredly not cool. They were a symbol of the devil and something to be feared. Of course, cool wasn’t even a concept back then, only happiness. You spent time with your family, your friends, your church. You believed in high ideals called “virtues” and eschewed low ideals called “vices”.


If someone thought of dragons at all it was to fight the Great Dragon and that could only be done by the most virtuous, the most heroic, and the one closest to God like Saint George or Saint Samson.

Today, we fight dragons in our games, but we don’t need to be virtuous to do it. In fact, many of our characters are less than virtuous. In D&D (Dungeons and Dragons for those weirdos who haven’t heard of it) you have multiple character alignments that you can play, even evil ones. D&D is the building blocks for all RPG games. Every gaming system has behind the scenes alignment algorithms based on your in-game actions and algorithms for your fighting styles. It’s how your character levels up in the game. Alignment is an important aspect of all RPG games. For those unfamiliar here is an alignment chart using GoT characters:

Game of Thrones Chart

There are 3 “good” alignments, 3 “neutral”, and 3 “evil”. I could write whole papers on alignments so I’ll force myself to move on. So as you can see in these games you can spend an inordinate amount of time playing as an evil scumbag in an open world game. You can kill, maim, and do horrific things if you like because the game is really all about you.

Not only is it all about you but in first person you can literally fall into this world and live there. To walk through one end of Skyrim to another, just walking on your system takes hours in real life (weeks in the game). That’s how big the game is and this is how realistic:

Elder Scrolls Skyrim

So imagine spending months there, killing, thieving, maiming…you still call yourself a good person because it’s not “real life”, right?

It’s not real life even though the game sponsored forums are packed like crazy with hundreds of thousands of people who post there all day. It’s not real life even though death threats have been made to developers, critics, etc. If you think its not real life read up on GamerGate sometime.

Since I play 100% first person in Skyrim I only see what’s in front of me and my hands. I’ve had dreams about Skyrim with my hands casting spells like in the game. It’s awesome, but I recognize it’s probably unhealthy. Again, I acknowledge that I’m a hypocrite. I’m making people aware only. What you do with the knowledge is your business.

So we’re immersed in these game worlds for months, we’re arguing on forums about them, but an argument will probably be made that they’re not evil or promote evil because many people choose to play a lawful good character and are only doing good in your online world. Dragons are still “bad” creatures that you slay. Good can triumph over evil and all is well in the online world.

Yes and no. There are still symbols you’re ingesting and the developers are, for better or worse, promoting their agenda on you and to you. Now that you “know” what will you do? I justify my game playing by always choosing a “good” alignment and make the type of in game choices I would in real life.

Stay tuned for Part Two…




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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Loved the GOT chart and a I agree with all of this..Also just love the way she writes. I think we could be homies.

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  2. Yo, thanks! Again, this is more of me pointing out my own hypocrisy, ambiguity, flaws etcetera to figure out more about myself. If I can unlock how I am programmed towards this maybe I can find the path out for others.

    Until then…DRAGONS…DRAGONS>>>>>FIRE>>>>>>>>>>


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