Donald Trump: Symbolism of “The Calm Before the Storm” and North Korean War

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Today we’ll take a brief look at some recent comments made by US President Donald Trump…


DailyMail reported on a video that leaked of Donald Trump posing for photos with military leaders:

President Donald Trump delivered a foreboding message, telling reporters as he posed for photos with senior military leaders that this might be “the calm before the storm”.

The president did not elaborate on what he meant, saying simply, “You’ll find out.”




Ties with Korean Peninsula

As some of you may already know, I served in the US military and did a short tour in South Korea (“short tour” is defined by the military as 12 months- lol). While over there I recalled the nickname for the country as the “Land of the Morning Calm…”

This nickname was received hundreds of years ago for the country of Korea as a similar reference to the Japanese “Land of the Rising Sun.”

All of this rung a bell when I heard President Trump refer to an impending “calm before the storm”…


Symbolic Meaning

If indeed he is hinting at a war with North Korea then this is a gross violation of the military principle of OPSEC. So why would he do this?…

Well, perhaps it’s akin to the symbolism we’ve seen from the past. We already know how odd it is to see symbolism play out in reality (e.g. the Las Vegas shootings). This plays into the idea that some occultists who practice magick are indeed manipulating reality through mental emanations.

These ideas only support the symbolism that suggests Trump is indeed the chosen “Chaos Candidate“…



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Quote” This plays into the idea that some occultists who practice magick are indeed manipulating reality through mental emanations.

    Wrong, Rather in their delusions they believe this to be true but in reality they control nothing. God Bless

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  2. The whole Trump vs. Kim thing (all the silly name-calling, etc.) totally strikes me as staged. It’s almost like they’re both having fun with it. Just my take!

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    • Thanks for the in-depth analysis!

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    • True, even a kindergartener could see that. The same goes for the so-called American-Russian conflict.

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  3. Check this chick out:

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    • She’s just disgusting to me! And this whole tongue thing these girls are doing is just stupid looking. I grew up with 60’s and 70’s Rock! To me this trifling crap they call music today is trash, just like her! I watch the black guy on Ray Donavan every week, I’m not sure what him or the smoke have to do with her! The smoke could be symbolic of demon transference.

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      • Music has ceased to exist since quite long.

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      • The tongue thing is one of the many things their handlers makes them do

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  4. Very reassuring to have a president who clearly reveals that he has knowledge that he withholds from the public even as his nation sees alleged massacres (Las Vegas), hurricanes, tornadoes and firestorms – I’m sure people love having such a fatherly presidential figure telling his ‘subjects’ he withholds information from them.

    Oh, and then you have another elite, Jared Kushner, in his administration residing on 666 5th Avenue of all places. Very reassuring, to be certain. Goes well with Trump himself constantly throwing up the 666 hand sign.

    I hope the Trump fanatics realize just who it really is they’ve misplaced their trust in now – this desperate hope and blind trust is not only stupid, it’s decidedly dangerous. It is us against them, people – nobody is going to come swooping in to save the day (until return of Christ, that is).

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