Disney’s predictive programming of drones and spying on Special Agent OSO


Disney is constantly pushing Illuminati symbolism at children because the Illuminati know that is the best way to ‘brand’ someone’s mind and bury themes into their brain. The Disney agenda goes clear back to the second World War when the military industrial complex took over Disney studios and started making pro war propaganda and military instructional videos; and has continued to this day with the giant military corporate complex owning most of the rides in Disney World.

Now there is this show called Secret Agent OSO that totes a “loveable” bear who is a special agent:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Special Agent OSO shutterbug drone Bear



The name of the bear, “OSO” is not coincidentally the same acronym for the predecessor group who would later be called the CIA and the Office of Strategic Services (renamed a few times).

This bear apparently has a Shutterbug weapon (I can’t really tell if the Shutterbug is a part of Spec. Agent OSO or not; I’ve never seen the show, just pieced together what I could find online) that resembles the actual micro air vehicles that are being developed by the military for futuristic warfare. Take a look at some of the darker themes and images you can see in the promotional video for the show:

These shutterbugs go around taking pictures of sad kids and then shoot them up to a satellite for the pedo-bear to know who he needs to go visit to “make happy” again:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Special Agent OSO shutterbug drone target


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Special Agent OSO shutterbug drone satellite

And here you can see the Rockefeller-Illuminati Octopus logo that we’ve seen in the past on the puzzle board:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Special Agent OSO shutterbug drone Octopus


Here’s the Standard Oil logo of the octopus, which is symbolism of the long arms of the Illuminati tentacles reaching everyone around the globe:


Octopus W/Scenes Of Sickness & Death


And some artistry showing Teddy Roosevelt fighting these Illuminati oil men:

Teddy Roosevelt Standard Oil Illuminati Rockefeller



And the more current satellite spy patches featuring it:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom octopus Recon Satellite patches



Here is a great breakdown by Infowars that shows more of the MAVs that these shutterbugs are meant to emulate in predictive programming of these children to accept spying and drones:




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Weak! I was hoping for more on that Agent OSO, You should hire the Octonaughts to do some real factfinding dirt on this bumbling spy. How about how they used funds to privatly fly an agent by jet to get to the library before it closed just to find the name of the Dinosaur Stegasaurus. If you know how to man a jet you should know the name of Stegasaurus! Give me some Snowden Aliens not some Octopus that’s supposed to represent Standard Oil!

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    • Sorry to disappoint. I’ve never seen this show (I don’t watch Disney). I just looked it on the surface. If you have any more info feel free to hit me up with it. I have no idea what you’re talking about with the Dinosaurs and Octonaughts.

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  2. The military industrial complex has been caught in the past doing these sorts of things. When they want to rally the public up for wars, they start making war movies. Literally the way the GW Bush administration sold the Iraq War to the public was by using public relations (PR) consultants. Bush put extensive efforts into PR and hiring PR specialist. PR specialist would collaborate with respected mainstream news to drum-up stories and rally Americans into the Iraq War. Targeting their market to rally war support. Bush and his PR knew how to make stories appear worse than they really were. I can see this Shutterbug being similar to that.

    The surveillance of you has already begun with these FCC cyber regulations. The Illuminati is just going to want to know everything about you. Your credit card transactions, keeping logs of where you were at by which cell phone tower your mobile phone was using, mapping your relationships by who you called. I could even foresee them requiring that all of your files from your computer’s cloud backup has to also go to their Illuminati servers. They are just going to use all of that to suppress people that are not in line with their political views at the current time. Similar to if you were opposed to the Iraq War, well then they found ways to suppress you; Iraq had no WMDs, Bush will burn in Hell. I already experience Illuminati stalking for my conservative views; Yes on Prop 8 traditional marriage, no abortion, me not watching pornography. I have applied to jobs for promotions, they ask me these specific questions, and I don’t get the job. I am a former Disneyland stores employee, I made $10/hour and I still have my $85K student loan. Disney was very abusive to me, and they would only be abusive. There was no compromise with Disney no matter how hard I worked, they always assured to degrade me as much as they could.

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