Disney’s Ducktales secret Illuminati subliminal messaging

Found this on a forum, someone caught this eye chart of an Illuminati subliminal message:

The eye chart in the background reads “Ask About Illuminati.” It then changes throughout the scene. You use “ONE EYE” when reading eye charts. Episode is “Yuppy Ducks.” http://evilindustry.com/

I also would like to add that I’ve posted about the Lady Gaga and Disney joint venture cartoon that features some Mickey Mouse Illuminati symbolism also; click here for that: https://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=4515

Duck Tales Illuminati


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Disney is blatantly displaying symbols in the cartoon show “Gravity Falls.” I also remember Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble going to the lodge wearing fez hats. T. W.

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  2. Hey There,

    Firstly well done on all the excellent work you are doing to expose the elite and thier sub messages, but on this one I am sorry to let you know that it doesn’t say “ask about illuminati exactly”, it changes about 3 times, and in the one pictured, if watched on an iphone and paused and zoomed in it actually has an extra letter such as V (if I remember correctly) in between letters t and i.

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  3. Yes , ur Government is masonic we muslems knew this long ago.the false prophet who will rise and illuminati helps him to rule one government world is one eyed person , (his left eye working and the right one blinded) and this is what prophet Mohammed said 1400 years ago.
    and you asking why all your pop singers Block their right eye???
    that’s why , i hope you find the truth
    peace and thank you for sharing

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  4. additional information:
    Islam said :
    1.be aware of false prophet (which come as name : Dejal that means the Lier) , he is one eyed
    2.in he’s for head has a mark of evil
    3.no one shall have a normal life (buy,sell,eat…) only if accept him
    4.once he come he introduce him self as a savior, then he said he’s God.
    5.he will rule in Juresalem
    6.jesus will came down in damasqus from a white mousqe and kill him in armagdone war.

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    • iwant to join illuminate

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      • first step might be learning how to spell it.

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  5. I’m pretty sure it actually says; ” ask about illuminative” something, not Illuminati.

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