Disney ‘Electric Holiday’ film Illuminati symbolism and Gaga

The department store Barneys is airing a Disney short called ‘Electric Holiday’ in its stores. It features Minnie Mouse working her way into Paris Fashion Week and the video shows Gaga and other (Sarah Jessica Parker) fashion types along the way. There’s a couple of little Illuminati symbols placed in there, probably just a little something fun for the kids (joking of course). But you know how these marketing types are, the younger they are the more impressionable they are. The symbols speak loud and clear to the subconscious, they taken our energy in the form of attention and these Illuminati types can absorb it as sustenance (as David Icke claims).


There are really only a couple of images I found. The first is Minnie with her fingers in the masonic ‘M’ shape (AKA the Mason Triad or Claw; 2Pac does this on the cover to his All Eyez on Me album). This can be seen in classical paintings such as Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam (and many of Michelangelo’s other works).’ It is supposed to show masonic membership, sort of like the secret handshake.






Take a look at the shirt Mickey Mouse is wearing down the runway. I can’t quite make out the words, but it says “— Weird Trip.” I’m not sure what that means; but it is clearly a pharaoh in front of a pyramid; classic Illuminati symbolism.




UPDATE 28AUG2014: Big ups to a Watcher named Jon who shot me a photo of Justin Bieber wearing this same exact shirt; turns out it’s from a fashion line of Alexander Wang’s and sure enough it’s Egyptian symbolism:


Justin Bieber Join Weird Trip


Here’s Lady Gaga:



Here’s the video (which might get taken down soon so hurry up if you want to see it or look for more symbols):



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Justin Bieber is making the 666 sign on his left hand, left signifying left hand path.

    Notice the pyramid shaped all seeing eye in the O in “Join”.

    This is inviting the viewer to join a cultlike secret group, the Illuminati, and experience it like a surreal drug trip, note Mickey’s dopey eyes, as if stoned, even brainwashed, in defiance of his typical lively exuberance and boisterousness, to say join us and be under our control, even your beloved childhood icon has joined and is under our mental control.

    The Christian cross worn around the neck is an Illuminati symbol. Easily disguised as a typical statement of Christian belief, it is instead being used as a sign of submission to the Illuminati.

    The cross induces guilt, weakens the immune system, and interferes with the energy centers of the heart and throat, intended to take the soul to a fear based afterlife experience upon death.

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    • https://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-places-africa-news-general-opinion/crowns-pharaohs-00579

      The headdress is the style of the death mask of Tut-Ankh-Amen, based on the Nemes striped cloth worn around the head and neck.

      The two crosses rest on the forehead of the death mask, where the vulture and serpent would be, signifying the feathered serpent.

      The Illuminati may be using such imagery to claim they have knowledge of moving on between life and death as the pharoahs, or that they subscribe to Egyptian beliefs of the afterlife process, hence, the organization is taking care of you throughout life and death, just as a religion attempts to claim responsibility over life and death, when the process is not really owned in the first place.

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