Discovery’s ‘Curiosity: Brainwashed’ proves validity of MK Ultra

UPDATE: The show is a fraud! Commenter ‘Truth’ pointed out that the ‘assassin’ from the show is actually an actor; not a corrections officer. I took a look and ‘Truth’ is correct. Check this out: Notice that he’s also an actor on ‘Tattoo Nightmares’ so I wonder if that show is full of lies also.

I also found this link:, which supports the show’s story that he is a corrections officer in PA, but how could they not mention his acting career unless they were being deceitful?


So how fraudulent is this show now?? Why would they do this show? It’s another manipulation, unbelievable. Good work ‘Truth’, thanks for the tip. The show doesn’t seem to prove any potential in MK Ultra, but it does show us that we’re being duped on one scale or another.



I posted the description about the special on brainwashing on Discovery channel ( and in it they basically filtered out the most susceptible people to be brainwashed, and found one person out of 180+ applicants that fit the bill. This corrections officer from PA was able to override the chilling effects of 35 degree water through hypnosis and was ultimately tested to see if he would assassinate somebody under hypnosis.

The hypnosis was performed, and the applicant was instructed to obey a ‘trigger’ of a hand shake and verbal sentence, then grab a handgun, shoot and kill a dignitary, and then forget it ever happened. Would the applicant follow through the process? Of course he did.

This entire process was described by conspiracy theorists such as David Icke, William Cooper, etc. and is also seen on films such as Manchurian Candidate. These ‘theories’ have long been dismissed by skeptics, but there have been several people such as Sirhan Sirhan who assert they’ve been victims of this. Now, the Discovery Channel proved that they could have someone commit such as act.


If this is the reality of hypnosis and assassinations, could the Colorado Batman shooting or Sirhan Sirhan’s assassination of RFK be real life examples of an Illuminati hypnosis agenda?



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. At least you did not say they also proved 911 was in side job!

    remote control a plane to the wall!!

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  2. As much as I hate bursting bubbles, after some research I found out that Ivan is an actor and the entire show is staged. Fake. Proved nothing. Search google for Ivan “The Terrible” Santiago. He even lists his role in the episode as ‘Patient (Lead).’ This show proved nothing and Discovery wasted our time.

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