Diddy and Cassie’s Illuminati and Sexual Symbolism at 3 A.M.

Puff Daddy, aka P. Diddy, aka Diddy has a new line of cologne out called 3A.M. and it has quite the commercial video for it. In this NSFW video we see “what happens in Diddy’s world at 3A.M.” which consists of all sorts of Illuminati and occult rituals (or so I’ll attempt to convey in this article).

I’ve been keeping an eye on Cassie for some time now, including back in the day when i noticed her and Nicki Minaj doing the All Seeing Eye in their video for The Boys:


Cassie Minaj Boys All Seeing Eye

In fact, the industry even told us she was Illuminati as well:

Cassie Idol Illuminati issue cover

First, let’s take a look at what Diddy has to say about this “work of art”. In an interview with Style.com he said the following:

“I think if people hear about the video, they’re going to hear that it’s racy and provocative, but I also think they’re going to hear people say that it’s beautiful. That whole interaction has nothing to do with sex as much as it has to do with love. My concept is that love is the new sexy.”

“The concept for the video represents one of the things that 3 a.m. is for me. It’s a very one-on-one time. It’s a time to have fun and push the envelope a little bit. It’s definitely an hour where you would find yourself with a young lady. Anything can happen at 3 a.m., and in the video, you see a fantasy that’s in my head of what happened that night.”

So let’s see what he’s talking about…

Diddy Cassie 3AM Cologne

First, you’ll notice the tone of this “loving” relationship Cassie and Diddy have:

Diddy Cassie 3AM vampire slave

In case you don’t see it; she’s got a look of a mind control MKULTRA slave, which is standard practice with the Illuminati conspiracy (see my article on the conspiracy theories behind the “leaked” nude photos in the Fappening, aka Celebgate).

In case you still don’t get it, take a look at what she’s subjected to:

Diddy Cassie 3AM vampire slave choke BDSM

Does he look like a vampire to you? I think this is a continuation of the recent trend in pop culture to convince us that vampires, demons, werewolves, and monsters in general are all the “new sexy.” In fact, Diddy flat out told us that in the aforementioned interview:

“My concept is that love is the new sexy.”

If you think that is a bit sensational, consider the mind control programming of Fifty Shades of Grey that I revealed some time ago.

Fifty Shades of Grey bird cage mind control

I get that there is a bit of sexual energy involved with the dominance thing, but do you think that message is conveyed in this clip? Or do you think guys all over the world are going to think: “Oh yea, I’ll choke on girls and I can sleep with women that look like Cassie.

Chris Brown managed to pull through his domestic violence charges and continue to somehow be a sex symbol, but don’t you think that wasn’t orchestrated by the Illuminati themselves…


Back to the video, you’ll see Diddy chasing Cassie around the house where you’ll also see artwork of animals:

Diddy Cassie 3AM Animals

This is a subliminal type reference to the idea that man are nothing more than animals. The video is filled with animalistic sex, so that should follow. I’ve already explored this concept in the video from Maroon 5 called Animals, so you already know how this is a message that originated from the doctrines of the Church of Satan…

anton lavey jayne mansfield

Once Diddy catches up to her, you’ll also notice the Stag deity on the wall (because I’m positive that Diddy doesn’t hunt in his free time):

Diddy Cassie 3AM Stag Deer Moloch Horned 2

Many of you know the occult reference here- something I discuss in my first book’s chapter on occult holidays and that is of the horned deity of the Pagan worship; or the great hunter (which is precisely what Diddy is in this clip).

In fact, we’ve seen it several times here on IlluminatiWatcher.com in the past:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Spike Mantlers Moloch Stag Rihanna


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Horned God 2

You can read up on the stag deity in my article on the Illuminati symbolism of True Detective as well:


In the video, our great hunter finds his prey and we get some of the choking BDSM stuff:

Diddy Cassie 3AM BDSM Choke

Finally, this sh*tshow ends with the couple in front of the blood moon with the reflection in the water- symbolic of the Hermetic axiom of ‘As Above So Below’:

Diddy Cassie 3AM As Above so Below Red moon

This ‘As Above So Below’ concept is one that the occult types live by. This includes those that follow witchcraft. Which you’ll also notice uses the hour of 3A.M. as “the witching hour.” This is also the time that many claim the demons roam the earth in mockery of the Holy Trinity.

I explained using Eminem as an example when I break down the demon known as “Rain Man” in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

This album on which Rain Man was featured is notorious in that he attributes it to being the start of his prescription pill addiction. His next album after a four year break was Relapse and the very first track is a skit called Dr. West. On this skit you can hear a back and forth between Eminem and a disguised demon who eventually shows itself by his true nature and tells Marshall “you’ll never leave me” before Marshall turns back into Slim Shady again.

This leads into the next track with is a song called 3 a.m. in which Eminem is depicted murdering folks at the witching hour of 3 A.M.; an inversion of 3 P.M., the hour that Jesus Christ died after His crucifixion. One of the tracks on the extended version of the album (Relapse: Refill) is called My Darling and he continues to talk about selling ones soul for the rap game:

“And the dark shall emerge from the fiery depths of hell
And swallow the shell of the hollow who dwell
And the shadows of all who are willing to sell
Their souls, for this rap game, and it g-g-goes

My Darling, I don’t ever want you to leave me
My Darling, you and me were meant to be together
My Darling, And if I cannot have you, no one can, you’re my
My Darling, cause I possess your soul, your mind, your heart and your body

In that book I also break down Diddy’s connection into the occult (why do you think he has so many names?…) and how he was allegedly involved in a sacrificial murder of B.I.G. and Tupac.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out that hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC because it’s got the essential explanation for all of the occult symbolism we see from the music industry.






Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. “In the video, our great hunter finds his prey and we get some of the choking BDSM stuff”

    Or like shes trying to stop him somehow….

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    • What would possess a parent to post naked pictures of their children online, it’s the same for Facebook, anyone can view them.

      People just don’t keep private private anymore.

      People are saying so what if they’re naked only a pervert would think that but it’s just not normal, surely your kids don’t run around on the streets naked so why photograph them so.

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      • IF it were just any other common folk they’d be arrested because the “new rules” for the internet is NO nude child pics at all !

        I know a lady who used her baby pic of her child on a bear rug as they did in the old days, as her web site pic (which was health and food web site) and her site was forced down because of that picture and this was 5 years ago ! It depends on WHO is doing it that counts. The new rules only apply to the common person, not those with well known names. This has turned into a “class” rule and law society.

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    • Clear depiction of pedophilia & the open arms to it Ask Will Smith

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  2. Isn’t this “ladies’ man” the same tool who tried to kiss Bono on the mouth at some awards show fairly recently?

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    • Definitely danced Hugged Nelly from behind w/ his pants down

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  3. Yes, I do believe that this pornography is deliberate by the Illuminati. I believe that the porn industry is funded by the Illuminati. On November 16, 2014 I posed across my social media that pornography should be outlawed, starting with internet pornography. After that posting, the stalking and harassment by the internet trolls started to pick up.

    I do not believe that human nature is natural to produce this much pornography. So I really believe that they have to be getting their funding from the Illuminati. Next they are seducing people into producing porn by waiving some money at them. I’m not sure what the objective is of the Illuminati other than to test people. Why do the Feds allow the drug cartels through? So that they can catch druggies doing drugs; the system makes a little bit of money, cops, judges, prisons, rehab, shame the drug addict has. I’ve never smoked weed and I have a few glasses of wine per year. This mostly because of the propensity of my personality and the neurology of my brain. So when I get sad and depressed I sleep, I don’t have an urge to drink my sorrows away. Why do they put florid in the water, it has no use, only brain damage. The social engineers also want to put lithium in the water, claiming it reduces criminality in cities. Other people that have a high sexual propensity or loneliness, unfortunately they cope by looking at pornography.

    The Illuminati claiming they’re separating the wheat from the chafe, they’re testing you (Matthew 4:1-11). I was in high school when 9/11 happened and during the Iraq War everyone was fearing a draft. Intuitively you knew they’ll draft the guy with a low GPA who’s watching porn all day. Thus giving us the moral high ground, “See, I’m a good boy.” So I remind Washington DC that the only reason 9/11 occurred was because of their failure to outlaw pornography. Other countries have outlawed the porn, but God has been letting me know that he is angry at America. God is more angry at Washington DC’s failure to outlaw porn, than he is angry at the people producing pornography.

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    • Almost all porn net in USA is owned by Jews, go figure. And stop ranting about “god”.

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  4. Netanyahu’s real feelings about America were revealed in a secretly tape-recorded conversation in Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem al-Quds in 1990:

    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

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  5. 3 am is the time of night when most recorded paranormal activity occurs, and when the Catholic Church says that most demonic activity occurs, as well. Interesting.

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  6. Isaac, thank you for all the hard work and interesting ideas you posit on this blog. I really enjoy reading something that unveils the truth of this demonic society we currently live in.

    And for those of you who mock God. And say demons aren’t real, it Only takes one encounter with a demonic poltergeist to change your mind forever. When I was lifted off my feet by a girl who was possessed, and saw her eyes that were changed, I instantly knew that God and angels also existed. I wrote my story and maybe I can share it with some of you. Now, i, recently baptized and go to church regularly.

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  7. My business partners were searching for a form a few days ago and found a great service that has a searchable forms database . If people need it too , here’s https://goo.gl/HMhtio.

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  8. I have a bunch of stuff I would like for you to share about the Simpsons Tapped Out game for smart phones – a ton of screen shots of Illuminati and occult symbolism in use. Where can I email these?

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