Denver International Airport News Investigation


In 2010, a Denver local news station researches their airport, known for the conspiracy theory brought on by shows such as Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory. This Fox news affiliate is allowed to enter the infamous underground tunnels, which are rumored to house aliens, bunkers, and even FEMA camps. DIA claims the tunnels are for housing underground tracks for a modern, state of the art baggage system, but it never worked. The tunnels are now used for personnel to cruise around underneath the airport. As far as the murals go, they claim they tell a story with the destruction of the environment, horrors of war, and a peaceful resolution (which actually all fits right into an Illuminati plot for selling us a New World Order). The masons did in fact bury a time capsule there, and the “New World Airport Commission” is actually an advisory committee comprised of local businesses formed when the DIA was built.

This all sounds accurate to conspiracy theories, so I’m not sure why they are trying to dismiss the conspiracy theories. To me it seems like they are reinforcing them, while saying that conspiracy theorists are nutjobs for believing it all. As expected, they finish their “investigation” with this quote:


“But for many conspiracy theorists, DIA’s explanation will land on deaf ears. They will always believe DIA is part of a government cover up. And nothing DIA officials say –will change that.”,0,5366148.story


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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