Deep Earth Bunker Interview with Ex-Illuminati Member

Bill Schnobelen appears on this underground radio show and discusses Illuminati matters. It’s a couple of hours and the audio quality isn’t the nicest.

Some people such as Mark Dice believe he is a fraud (and Dice compares him to a wizard):


But just when you start thinking that this is a legitimate guy, his credibility starts to rapidly erode. One of the growing list of far fetched claims he makes is that at one point in time in order to join the Illuminati, he had to have sex with a demon as part of his initiation into the second highest level.

Schnoebelen says, “What this means is you have to have sex with a fallen angel. And this is a very appalling and bizarre process, and it really nearly destroys every human being who has to go through it. It nearly killed me. I went through a formal marriage with a fallen angelic being. And of course you understand there is a Biblical principle at work here which Satan is using. And that is when you have sex with someone, you become one flesh with that person. And what happens at that point is, you become so demon possessed that it’s like burbling up here around your eyeballs. I had more demons per cubic centimeter than the entire city of Indianapolis, let me tell you. And the result of that is you just become a pretty vile, evil person.”(#130)

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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