Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture

If you’ve arrived here, my apologies. I’ve been directed by Google to remove my content because a garbage music band claims I violated their copyright, which I did not (I won’t even name the band because that’ll give them more attention than they deserve- they literally have 51 subscribers on YouTube). Sorry- we’re living in a world where free speech is being bashed in the head with a hammer.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Do Google Chrome logo is illuminati conspiracy too ?

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      • So long story short the 3Rd eye is bad?

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        • The third Eye itself is not a bad. I feel the powers at be has hijacked its meaning. To blind us of the Truth. The Eye represent consciousness. thats why we refer to our selves as “I” and we have Intellect, Intelligence, Intuition, Ideas and so on.

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          • That’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard

          • In Genesis it says, “the sons of God married the dauthters of men”. A whole
            book, that is part of the Ethiopian Bible, was written about this, called “The
            Book of Enoch”. In the Book of Enoch it is said that these “sons of God” called
            the Nephalim (fallen ones) were condemned for giving mankind writing and

            In the Sumerian Books of the Dead these Nephalim are called the “Old Ones”.
            The Sumerians came from Eastern Europe about 7000 years ago. Gheorghe Rakoczy
            kept ancient books of skin, that were preserved by copper acetate, in his castle
            basement, carbon dated to be 10,000 years old.

            These old books were written in precuniform Sumerian hieroglyphics, composed
            of phonemes that could be combined to look like those things that were being
            written about. It looks like almost all writing originated from these figures.
            They were translated, and they said, in modern terms, that extraterrestrials
            from the “outer darkness”, all that beyond the Milky Way galaxy, came to Earth
            and genetically engineered Neandethal Man into Cro Magnon Man. Not to “evolve”
            them, but just to body switch into to them just to have fun.

            The federation of fifty races in this Milky Way galaxy, arrogantly calling
            themselves the “elder gods”, then came and drove out the Old Ones, who were not
            in Cro Magnon bodies, back out into the “outer darkness”, and genetically
            engineered Homo Sapiens from a Cro Magnon sample.

            These “elders” then organized Homo Sapiens into orders of knighthood to
            exterminate Cro Magnon Man. These orders came down through history to rule the
            present day One World Order, to what is called today just the Illuminati.
            In Gheorghe Rakoczy’s old books of skin advanced science and engineering are
            revealed, far more advanced that the technology known today. Known? That which
            is not “known” is top secret. No extraterrestrials are allowed to bother the
            Earth except those in the federation of fifty races called the “elders”.
            But, there are still Old Ones in Cro Magnon bodies. All Cro Magnon males had
            Double Y chromosomes. You can now see why the originally scientifically found
            facts, written in middle Twentieth Century textbooks, about “First there were
            Neanderthals and then Cro Magnons, but what is in between is a mystery called the
            “Missing Link”, has been covered up by rewriting history.

            These mid Twentieth Century text books can still be found in junk stores and
            yard sales. The “elders” have an embassy in the Crown Temple, London, England;
            where also the B.A.R. Association (British Accreditation Registry Association)
            has its headquarters.

            Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations use probability transduction travel,
            and probability transduction communication.

            In by putting the terms you have questions
            about in google’s search slot you can read for example, how to make a radionic
            machine to receive from and communicate to advanced extraterrestrial
            civilizations, by using the standardized code used which is the serial numbers
            of the Kang Xi radicals, for their analogues.

            You may also learn how probability transduction travel is done, much faster
            than light, almost instantly, anywhere in the telescopically seeable universe.
            When the lightspeed equivalency of any analogue of velocity in engineering
            analogue in other branches of engineering, for example, current in electricity
            (Philadelphia Experiment), and, entropy production rate, EPR, which is identical
            with polarity cancellation rate (put “shekina” Google’s search slot), is
            surpassed, everything involved is transduced into probability. Google lahunken for much more information.

            We are bringing the earth into more globally bent timespace, in the fifth dimensional direction defined by Harvard University professor of quantum physics, Dr. Lisa Randal, in her book, “Warped Passages”, so that the Old Ones can return and stay here long enough to bring about the predictions of the Apocalypse. When will it happen? When we all can DO IT.

          • ❤️

    • The author suggests that the eye in the sky or the all seeing eye is of God.
      But that is the furthest from the truth.
      God has 2 eyes, not 1.
      But there is 1 that is coming (and that is the reason for all this predictive programming of the 1 eye symbolism) that will match this condition and that is the Anti-Christ. We are all being setup to accept that he will be our savior when in fact he will be your 2nd death doorway.
      Once you accept the Mark of the Beast 666 (and this symbolism is all over the place as well hidden in plain site as usual) this will change your DNA the book that God wrote for each individual. Once you change your DNA you won’t be able to change it back. The Mark of the Beast is a 3rd strand of DNA.
      Right now you have 46 chromosomes 23 from your Father and 23 from your Mother, altering it and adding some let’s say animal DNA to your body will change your being forever, and thus seal your fate in the eternal lake of fire.
      The Anti Christ will have 69 chromosomes, 3 strands of DNA (the occult love this # by the way). Aleister Crowley teaches that these occultists (Hater’s of the living God) that they should learn to walk and talk backwards, everything opposite. That’s why nowadays you are seeing this big push by the tv (who is owned and operated by the Satanic agenda) of the homosexual, bisexual (Aleister Crowley who changed his name to equal 666 in 3 different languages by the way) transgender agenda, so everyone accepts it, to think it is NORMAL, when it’s an abomination. (or should I say Obama Nation?) He is bisexual as well, and his wife Michael I mean Michelle is a man. (Joan Rivers told about that and then was knocked off 3 months later).
      Ever wonder where the term “Sodomy” came from? Ever heard of Sodom and Gomorrah? Just look at the all the # 13’s in this Bible verse, if that doesn’t tell you how bad it was, you are seriously blind.
      Genesis 13:13 But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.
      And now count the # of words in that verse……yup 13.
      No it’s not a coincidence folks.
      Is it a coincidence that in a witches coven there are 13?
      The red and yellow in all of the fast food restaurants representing fire?
      If you turn the symbol of McDonalds on it’s side it shows the # 13?
      And there just so happens to be 13 bloodlines of the illuminati.

      When you look under numerology the color “Orange” (red and yellow mixed together) it equals 33, (the # that represents 1/3 of the fallen angels from Heaven) and no aliens don’t exist, they are demons unlike the author tries to suggest.
      33 being the highest rank in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry?
      33 being the age of Jesus Christ (who took ALL of the worlds sins upon himself)? 33 bones of the spine in Kundalini Jewish Mysticism the serpent must climb to reach the pineal gland (the 3rd eye) to reveal knowledge or Gnostisicm.

      It’s ALL connected folks, Satan rules this world. Have you noticed even with all this wonderful techKNOWLEDGEy we have, nothing has improved? People are still starving in 3rd world countries, evil is increasing all across the world? Diseases all over the world? Children killing children?
      Uh yeah, it’s not working folks…it’s totally obvious.

      Oh, let’s not forget the #666 all over the place too, just take a look at the Google CHROMEosome logo with the 4 witchcraft elements red/fire, blue/water, yellow/air and green/earth.
      Just like the Microsoft logo with the X chromosome in the middle of it.
      Yeah, it’s all just a coincidence folks.
      Just like Apple computer (like the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden with a byte taken out of it) and the first computer that sold for $666.66? Uh yeah, but it’s just a coincidence right?

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      • Changing DNA by viewing things ???? OMG !! The stupidest thing I’ve ever read!! Good imagination !

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        • “Stupidest”? If you are a non-native English speaker, I’ll give you a pass on that. Otherwise, pointing out someone’s ignorance (based on your opinion) while displaying your own ignorance of basic English is just sad. There is no such word as “stupidest”. You either need to say that his opinion was the “most stupid” or the “dumbest”. Since you don’t mind pointing out other’s ignorance, I’m sure you aren’t offended that I am pointing out yours. I’m sure you would want to learn and be less ignorant than you are right now.

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      • Thank you for your wisdom on this hard topic. Can you plece analyse call of duty black ops 4 trailer its a lot o sybolism there and activison just makien bilons o dolars on them. Why they are putting this to the gaming industry?

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      • ‘Here’s to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad whose power is Satan. He’ll give…he’ll give you 666. There was a little tool shed where he made us suffer, sad Satan’. People still believe that was accidental…coincidence. It was released by Zoso and crew nearly 50 YEARS ode to the practices and beliefs of the one on the ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ cover! Amazing when you thin about it (which most don’t do…and what the demonic ones COUNT on!) and how long it has been going on. They ALL want to be “magick supermen”! And the feel they can do this through THEIR god…satan.

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  2. I’m wondering, why are the celebs doing those kind of things? Do they need it ? Or somebody forcing them to do that? In US, can’t a person become famous without involving those kind of beleifs ? ?
    sorry for the bad english

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    • I would like some straight answers as to why they’re all doing it. I’m sick of seeing this crap in all the videos now. Some will say it’s all just coincidence…. LOL, yeah OK. Look at the long list of examples on this page alone. All this is coincidence? The music industry is playing mind games or what? This world is a mess. Today’s music is crap, is this why? They’re deliberately turning music into trash, more about sex shows and subliminal messages or whatever they think they’re doing?

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      • jesus said if thine eye be single thy body shall be filled with also says god is light and there is no darkness in him.. so if god is light when the eye is open and we are filled with light we are filled also with god holy ghost whatever you call it… then we all can say I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE… then jesus says I OF MY OWN SELF CAN DO NOTHING ITS THE FATHER IN ME THAT DOES THE WORKS…

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    • The first problem any secret society has to solve is how to identify other members.

      That these communications have become so blatant is interesting. I suspect there is an effort to take census.

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      • So is the left eye bad or 8s it the right eye or are both eyes bad

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        • it’s not about the eye it’s about the symbol they are doing over their eyes

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    • What the illuminati is doing is controlling the Elite and Filthy rich,the gestures they are doing are a representation of Satan himself..and no less,don’t Read in to it or Analize it too much..its all true…Thing is Believing in GOD is our only salvation,they want to control OUR world,so lets NOT give it to him .believe in Christ..Satan has NEVER won any war against GOD.he doesn’t learn

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      • You can believe what you want but truth is, the illuminati IS the super rich. The pop stars are promised lavish lifestyles and exposure in return for making the illuminati even more wealthy and powerful. These pop stars, tv and movie stars all promote the agenda of brainwashing the unsuspecting public. Their god is Saturn and everyone from obama to the pope are part of the esoteric system. Thing is, is that you are already controlled, conditioned and oblivious. So go ahead and worship your god while the 6 corporations that control ALL THE MEDIA worship their god and see who wins…you? Or the all seeing all knowing eye who owns you. Oh, by the way. A perfect example of the control is the Haitian earthquake. Every former 1st lady and president were on tv every 1/2hr begging Americans to donate donate and donate more. Busloads of shoes clothes water and a whopping 88 million dollars were donated. Fine, but the wealthy were flown out within hrs and Haiti developed CHOLERA. All that money and all it did was empty pockets here. And you think about what happened the next yr. High unemployment, no shovel ready jobs. Corn and cotton prices raised by 50% which passed on to us. Wake the hell up you slave worker bee with your religious beliefs. There is a bad vibration out there and its called fundamental change. And those symbols are ALL EGYPTIAN dumbass. Eye of Horas Isis pyramids. Another example of their control over a mindless populus was the ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLANGE. Please tell me you did this and I’ll tell you that you and millions of others were baptized in ice water and it wasn’t in the lords name.

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        • How about YOU wake up and realize that your religions that pose as anti-religions and non-religions are just as much a part of the Illuminati as the false religions, BETS?

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          • Yeah right, they misinterpreted yoga’s philosophy of god being within us. It doesn’t mean we are god’s, it simply means god is omnipresent and is everywhere, yet he is seperate from the universe. Meaning we can pray to god at anytime and anywhere, it will be heard, we don’t need any outside help to connect to God. But here the Christian beliefs are supported and everything else is demonized. I don’t mind Christian beliefs and I am willing to accept it too, but my only problem is they believe God is accesseble only through Church. Now Church is a human institution that can be easily corrupted too, as we have seen in recent times.

      • I have read many an explanation about these signs, but this is the best explanation I have read so far. Many thanks, you made my day!

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      • Amen to that. Its crazy how people don’t see this. My child had a dream about a Man attacking her with this symbol and she knows nothing about this demonic symbol. But like you said. God has never lost a battle nor will he ever. God is faithful and there will be no excuse that no one heard the word of GOD and of salvation because the word of the Almighty God, father of Jesus Christ, is being preached every where on this earth. God have mercy.

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      • Well said, Jonathan. I won’t read any other comments or go further. Your comment hit the nail on the head for me. Over-analyzing symbolism and such is another distraction the enemy would like for us to waste time and resources on, and especially provoke fear and worry. Jesus Christ is Our Saviour and I look to Him. He is coming!!! God bless!!!

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    • They ARE being forced by their higher-up handlers in the coven. Sacrifices to public humiliation…ALL to CONTINUE receiving the stew from the devil’s pot. This is why they cover their bodies with tattoos and take all the mirrors from their homes. Especially when they realize it’s TOO late…and they can NEVER go/come back.

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  3. Are all the celebs in it ? :/ :/ “mind-fuck” can’t a good christian become famous ?
    We all know the winner is when everything’s done? Why would I worship with the wrong side?
    Lucifer’s allready lost everything 😀 😀

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    • Depends who you ask. Of course the Bible is gonna say God wins. Consider the source (thanks, Al Pacino).

      Before any fight, both sides talk a lot of shit.

      Good thing religion is complete horseshit, otherwise I might be concerned.

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      • …and yet you have no choice but to follow one, even IF it calls itself an anti-religion or non-religion, fleshvessel.

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  4. The book Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic has a section about how the all seing eye symbolizes an esoteric chakra beyond the physical ones that opens up a kind of black hole, taking the illuminated occultist out of this universe into another one where he becomes a god. (Thinking you can become a god in your own private Eye-da-hole sounds more like psychosis to me, but whatever.) Also several Egyptian gods were referred to by the epithet of “Eye.” Horus being the well known example but the name The Eye on the Throne can refer both to Osiris or Set. The throne can mean the lap of the goddess. And the Eye of Ra was a magical emblem thought to ward off danger. It also has goddess properties.

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    • Hey you should check out the new kid movie “Justin and the Knights of Valor” there are tons of occult symbols in it. That movie is all kinds of evil.

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  5. Dude, check out Delta Goodrem:

    Framing with a triangle doesn’t even make sense. Most people would do a rectangle frame, but they have got her (eye in a) triangle-obsessed in this video, and I can’t see a reason for it. Unless she is calling for “help”, if you know what I mean.

    She doesn’t really seem the type, but this is an old video from before she became famous and was really struggling to kickstart her career.

    I have to also wonder, why was Neighbours so keen to get her on the show when she is a mediocre actress? If you’ve seen her act, even in Hating Alison Ashley she didn’t improve, she is very stiff and unnatural most of the time. So I wonder why they wanted her in the show so much that they even completely rewrote her character because she didn’t like what they came up with. And Neighbours was the only reason she got famous. It’s very baffling. Was she getting outside help or is there really an innocent reason? Anyone have any more info on her? She seems pretty “normal” compared to the well-known Illuminati princesses, so I have no idea, really.

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    • without a shadow of a doubt Delta Goodrem is one of the most active involved in MK Ultra/Illuminati all over the world and has been since she was a child. Her connections include Michael Aquino of the temple of set being one and to prominent Australian Politicians who are big on the NWO. She is a demon and there is more to come on her I am sure

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  6. Seriously, you should remove like 1/5th of this photos. See, every now and then in conversation someone may join their pointer with their thumb to emphasize a point.

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    • You’re an idiot. That’s a 666 sign, that’s worst than the triangles. That would probably be an argument for a conversation, why would you be emphasizing a point in a PHOTOGRAPH

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      • Becuase it was taken when they were emphasizing a point

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      • Not every picture is taken when someone is posing for it, genius. Lots of these people are clearly in mid conversation.

        Celebs are stupid, and they will do anything to seem “deep” or “cryptic”. I guarantee fucking Katey Perry is NOT in any special group other than the one she rides the bus with.

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  7. So… basically, this modern Illuminati belief hinges upon the acceptance that Christianity = ultimate good, while everything else = satanically evil? Umm… okay. I guess we’re just ignoring that as a religion, Christians have done way sicker crap than anything these entertainers have purportedly done, and don’t get me started on the bible and the things God either condones or demands in its pages. Is there a non-Christian frame of reference for why or how this Illuminati symbolism is so evil, or is that evilness really just based on a Christian perspective? I’m genuinely curious, because the symbolism is undoubtedly there, but perceiving it as strictly “evil” seems to require faith in the goodness and rightness of Christianity, and… yeah. Not so much, at least not from me.

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    • The most intelligent thing said here Brother…. You would first have to propose that christianity, or any religion, has any merit or truth to it, to accept that the entertainment industry is EVIL!! If they were indeed trying to promote evil and the devil, then they are in the same ill consciousness as the religious.
      Maybe, just maybe…these people are trying to get us to wake up to the false religious oppression we have been subjected to. Live, be free in your heart, go after your dreams!!!
      Religion as we knew it is finally starting to fall apart. The sooner the better for the good of this world. The brainwashed in religion won’t understand what I am saying and, of course, will rebuttal with the same scripted religious bull, but I digresses, only in time will we overcome the primitive path of consciousness that our ancestors left us with. I forgive them, they didn’t know any better, but we, certainly, in this point in our existence can understand that it (religion/primitive fears ect) all started in consciousness… and nothing more.

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      • This is the best comment I have read on this stupid page, I came on here to get some knowledge of the phenomenon to prove a friend wrong and a nut job. You are spot on! I forgive them to, they were all just intellectually under stimulated and as some say needed some guideline for their barbaric culture to start to form. Anyways Illuminati may be real, but not in a threatening cult way, they don’t sacrifice babies and rule the world. Why cant people just live their lives and try to be the best person they can instead of being a crazy bat shit conspiracy conversationalist.

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    • I am a Christian so obviously I have that viewpoint. But even science explains that evil and goodness can only be explained by the presence of the other: For every reaction there is an opposite and equal reaction. Without darkness, how would we know to seek the light? Don’t count out taking a stand for Jesus. He is wonderful. His love is pure and undefiled. He died so we all can escape the ultimate evils of Satan. Whether or not the illuminati is real or not, I choose to stand with my Lord. He will be with me into eternity. These entertainers sadly choose to follow the crowd, the majority, which doesn’t always make it right. These signs and symbols must have meaning. Otherwise, why do we see it over and over? Yes, some may be hand gestures caught during movement, but most are deliberate and are done for a purpose. It’s scary to hear their lyrics and see how many actually sing about evil. I choose to stand with Jesus. He will be with me though eternity. So if you’re not a Christian, just think about what I’ve said. Read the Bible and you will find His love. Hope I gave you something to think about

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    • Not a Christian, without the Christians and Jews, your sorry ass would not know a damn thing about the Illuminati. Argue otherwise and I will school you!

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    • Most def there is another way to teach it me personally I am a seeker of knowledge and as you said Christians have done worst! In the name of the “lord”! How can you kill whole civilizations in the name of the lord? How can you rape molest and abduct women children in the name of the lord? How can you pray to the creation and not the creator in the name of the “lord”( if you could read the Bible it would tell you that he says don’t pray to me !

      You said it best though and I can give you the insight needed it from a universal pointo of view ( putting the pieces of each religion, faction, & states of minds together. Not saying they all connect but it is 2 sides to every story)

      All is well

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  8. Salim said, “‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Omar said, The Prophet stood up to address the people. He praised Allah as He deserved to be praised, then he spoke about the Dajjal(Anti-Christ): ‘I warn you against him; there is no Prophet who has not warned his people against him, even Noah warned his people against him. But I will tell you something which no other Prophet has told his people. You must know that the Dajjal is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed.'”

    “Satan! Cry Aloud Thou Exalted Most High ! Oh My Father Satan! The Eye!” -Aleister crowley

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    • Islam is also a part of the Illuminati.

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  9. you may not have noticed that those aren’t even MJ’s fingers next to his eye. I saw a similar photo where Will Smith’s daughter Willow was in a photo with one of her eyes covered and it was clear that it wasn’t her hand. Seems like the young ones have someone else’s hand over their eyes.

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  10. There’s also a lot of Illuminati symbolism in this music video for “Voices” by Disclosure. They make it painfully obvious too, with all the ritualistic dancing, the all-seeing eye, and the whole shebang. I reeeally wish I knew what was going on with the flower petal being in the woman’s mouth, the eggs being in the woman’s hands, the hand gestures they’re making in their dances, the levitation of cars and radios, and the masks they’re wearing. It even takes place in a prison with a prison guard. The song is catchy, but I stopped watching and listening to it ever since I found out it must be linked with the Illuminati.

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    • I just watched the video; it’s witchcraft, through and through. Hypnotic. The spinning trio of diamond-shaped mirrors surely must symbolize an unholy trinity…the “voodoo” of modern Christianity, maybe?

      The egg is a common fertility symbol; there is also the myth/tradition that Semiramis fell out of the sky in an egg (I think).

      There were animal horns featured in the video, one eye symbolism, the oculus/matrix symbology, and allusions to pantheism (God is within everything). The name “Disclosure” alone speaks volumes, too.

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  11. The third Eye itself is not bad. I feel the powers at be, has hijacked its meaning. To blind us of the Truth. The Eye represent consciousness. that’s why we refer to our selves as “I” and we have: Intellect, Intelligence, Intuition, Ideas and so on.

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    • I was wondering if the Illuminati are satanists, are all the modern religions evil as well. The worst sin you can commit is to worship false gods so if every modern religion is wrong then every religious person is a sinner. The ancient Egyptians weren’t evil and they worshiped Ra among others which is what the eye is meant to represent.

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      • Laurence, you are a moron and the Holy Scriptures clearly say that only YAHWEH EL ELOHIM is to be served and these evil religions DO stem from the ancient religions, including the religion of ancient Egypt.

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        • I think you are the moron if you believe in a book written by men in aa age of stupidity.

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        • I think you are the moron if you believe in a book written by men in an age of stupidity.

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        • First off you seem like you jal seem like an insightful fellow. But for you to call a man that does not know a moron but he seeks the truth is you major fault in itself. Which you speak may be factual ( Elohim one of the most ancient names of the Heavenly Father) you still have faults in which you know I garuntee. No one man knows everything. Think about this azayzial was a top angelic being even he fell due to his grotesque attitude and his “self fulfillment” attitude. If one of the top can fall do to pride what makes you think you being an ass of a character can’t be wrong? You are your worst enemy! Peace and blessings

          All is well

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  12. Thank you, Recynd. That does explain a bit.

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  13. I was wondering if the Illuminati are satanists, are all the modern religions evil as well. The worst sin you can commit is to worship false gods so if every modern religion is wrong then every religious person is a sinner. The ancient Egyptians weren’t evil and they worshiped Ra among others which is what the eye is meant to represent.

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    • Yes they are! You can not succeed in this world today with out you committing some type of satanic act. You might not know you’ve done it but you more than likely have. Then eventually they will come at you in a form that looks appeasin ” sign on this line with blood(blood oath) and we will give you what ever you want” but everything comes at a price. ” once you’re in you are in! The only way out is death or deathly rituals! I know religion is man made! From what I have studied it seems that none of the prophets ( more than one) nor the messiahs ( more than one) had a specific religion. They each came at a time to give certain critical information to inlighten the chosen ones and to lead the damned back to righteousness( that’s why when you pray you look up to give acknowledgement that you have fallen from grace). The Torah was given to Moses ( if memory serves me right) the Koran was given to Mohammed ( the last messiah) the Bible was man made( meaning they all were made by man but the Heavenly Father didn’t command the making of these collection of books( not the full “bible” which most people read”)). So if they all were given to the messiahs for one solid mission why are they separate now? It’s called divide and conquer. Why would you attack a swarm of bees at once? You spray a lil but a day. If you attack them all at once you’ll anger the hive and they’ll retaliate. That’s why it’s your job to seek the knowledge on the farthest reaches of the globe to collect and to decipher and figure out what you think is the right path to your salvation. But never stop seeking knowledge and don’t be scared of what’s in the dark! Nor the light! Your enemy (shaytaan( earths fleshly devil)) is probably one of many you talk to on the regular

      Last but not least that is a sin to worship false idols but the key is to know that in not knowing you are safe until you find the truths you seek.

      All is well. And knowledge is power

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    • But how can we be expected to know who the true God is and who are the false gods ? Any information we get about God is from books written by men thousand of years ago. We don’t know what really happened back then, nor do we know if we can trust these books. God never seemed to have kept a direct contact with us, which makes it difficult to find him. Then how can we be punised for a sin of worshipping false god, when there was no way of knowing who true god is. Men are going to follow the religion they were born into, and taught by their parents to follow, then why is this the worst sin ?

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    • Your article is filled with a LOT of historical revisionism and outright lies. Please try again.

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  14. (SMH) @ The stuff kidds listen to these days. Whatever happened to good wholesome music like Me So Horny or Push It Good?

    In alot of cases i truly question if individuals are even consciously aware. For those with a good imagination try imagining A Secret Society So Secret That Most Will Never Even Know That They Are a Member. We are extremely vulnerable to being tricked, deceived, manipulated, pupettered by technology that is being used today, Truth is the
    brain decodes signals in the dark and does not know true or false our physical eyes are only able to see reflections from the light which then sends a signal to the brain of true wheather it is or isn’t the brain doesn’t know and decodes it as it is given. For years ive been tortured by what appears to me as being an evil growing force invisible to most eyes. Things i experience on a daily basis tell me i’ve either gone Krazy (With a K), i somehow ended up in my very own tailored specifically to me personal HELL or I’m subjected to being a lab rat in some sort of illegal human experimentation torture mind control program. When i do internet searches on the things im forced to endure i end up with sites about illuminati monarchy slave programing and their lower level Alphabet groups.

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    • Haha- 2 Live Crew has always been ‘as nasty as they wanna be’ but Salt N Pepa turned into Christians I guess.

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    • Larry you are not alone man. I hesitated to comment back but what you wrote struck a chord in me “For years ive been tortured by what appears to me as being an evil growing force invisible to most eyes.” As someone who was raised Christian, I had to experience the World because I could not live behind the safety bumpers of a wholly Christian life. I did not understand why God would create us to live in a world of imperfection. It made no sense to my rational human mind why God would create these expectations towards “good” vs “evils” while still giving us the free will to experiencing life to the fullest. I dived deep into the study of Alchemy, especially the writings of Aleister Crowly. I learned how to read Tarot, feverishly study symbology (many of mentioned within this nicely written article) and practice drug-induced meditation rituals to a greater and lesser effect. I needed to understand this playing field we call Earth from all perspectives. While studying these things, I kept a small respect for God in the back of my mind. As much as I tried to practice “do as thou wilt” I was never satisfied with the result. It has a devouring power that feels good in the moment but never completely satisfies. Still Magick is seductive and sexy, but the idea of Satan being an ally was still uncomfortable to me. I could not commit to the ways of the dark lord completely because I realized that ultimately, he has no plan for me, other than to distract me with wordly pleasures in the hopes that I die without salvation. Pleasures that will all one day rot. Satan is ultimate deception and he is a master at playing into our human weaknesses. This world is imperfect because Adam and Eve changed our DNA when they ate the apple tempted to them by the Snake. God created us in his image, entirely, but our free will corrupted us and in turn, corrupted our world matrix/perspective. This is why Jesus had to be born a human. He had to DESCEND into our world matrix in order to break the curse with his BLOOD (I capitalize because even these concepts are important to magick). The Illuminati is super hard to pin down, and Satan and those that carry out his will want it that way. But they must linger on the fringes of public entities because there is more power there than remaining in the shadows. The reason why the Illumaniti is so “public” with their symbols/rituals is because intention carries a lot of power in this world. Just as God spoke the universe into creation, so must those that practice the dark arts “speak” their intentions. The more people that “buy in” the more powerful the ritual. The reason these artists use these symbols repeatedly is because they do have power, in this world. Repetition is also powerful and hypnotic. Some of these artists do not even realize that they are perpetuating a legacy set out long before they became public figures. These symbols are sexy, mysterious, seductive, and intriguing and artists use them with or without consent of the Illuminati. It’s the perfect viral marketing platform. We as humans are drawn to power. Ultimately, we do not have power over death, only Jesus does. This is why he died for our sins. While we may have some powers over this reality, we ultimately cannot overcome death. God created us with Love, but we choose to rebel against him because it’s “cool” and because the world is just so sexy. It’s hard for us to understand that God has a plan for each of our lives well beyond the “pleasures” the World casts as desirable. He does not create in vain as Satan does (Satan actually doesn’t create, he only warps/imitates). The World celebrates the mockery of Jesus because that is the way Satan works, he deceives via slander. It’s all a distraction, a giant sleight-of-hand magick trick to keep us distracted and totally enthralled with this dying world. Ok sorry this is so long, I could write more but I should stop. Develop a relationship with the creator, so that you can understand and embody God’s Love to your fellow humans. We are not perfect, we vacillate between dark&light (it is the nature of our World) but we are at our best when we act primarily out of Love. God bless and be well~

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      • brother we all in this 2gether, there is no tym i don’t come on net i don’t find one illuminati link even to the lowest core. its more like it keeps calling to me, M’ just lyk u man, trying to enlighten people on this “NWO” (new world order) THERE is this link i know of when i find it i’ll share it up.

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      • alkme, you speak wisdom. If you did the whole e-mail thing, then I would love to talk to you sometime.

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      • Oh my gosh I love you.

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  15. This is very good information about the all seeing eye and other illuminati symbolism. We need more of these articles. More information needs to get out!

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  16. Anybody watch the basketball March Madness tournies last weekish?

    Did anyone notice the hand gesture for a 3pointer? They’re doing the eye-o-Horus. I think you could google ,”any 3point moment ” and catch it…

    A pal thinks its just the kids making the adults’ things thiers’; like the Nam era teens took the two finger victory sign and called it a peace

    Yeah,yeah…and it meant something else before that…

    I think the only hand sign that hasn’t changed in meaning or effect&affect since conception is “the bird”.
    See, now that is “word” to me; when the meaning is universally unmistakable…

    The bird sign has great power.
    Be thrown any sign and throw that sucker back and you will HAVE your audience’s attention.
    I love observing kids discovering the power…and then the responsibility of using such power ever.

    Funny Satanist experience:
    Bartending one evening, an obvious death metal, satanist poser/wannabe, but too dorky for even Satan, got all ‘magickal’ on me when I had to 86 the weirdo.

    He was dramatic and Thespian making the whole bar sob with laughter… After his little “burn in hell, bartender” hand-jive and baby-babble sounding curse; I reached over and picked up the phone as if to answer a call and told the guy Satan was on the line and said to ‘phu-cough’….flipping him the bird. Then, as if Rumpelstiltskin having his name said, he seized with anger and stomped out.
    I know… It wasn’t cool or professional at all… The wacko could have come back with a gun or something.
    I just cannot take that sort of display seriously ever. For good or bad, too much pageantry seems more for the presenter than the audience, so…*yawn* I nod off.

    *sigh*…I know I’m just as evil for laughing at someone with obvious complications. They seemed chosen ones than born, so…I mean, if we are gonna choose dipshitty ideas, would it not be best to let us know about it? Or is that being a bully?

    Is bullying OK if its against Satan and it’s imps? LOL.

    Many Happy Spring times, Y’all!

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    • I don’t bully Lucifer and his human imps and I do try to avoid fighting them, but if his human minions want to be froggy and jump, then they will look like the end result of the losing end of a World Star Hip Hop fight video.

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  17. 1 pyramid is half PI = half circle (ARC) = sunrise (first light) the star of David is 2 Pyramids, 1 inverted (1 works with in the other.) trans actual analyses (parent, adult, child.) an inverted T is the direction of experience = growth, all doings on earth are horizontal until one hits a wall (metaphorically ) then we grow up!

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  18. Why is Louis CK doing this too? Something is definitely weird going on.

    look on youtube: Louis CK makes the illuminati 666 okay sign

    I just don’t get it!

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  19. is there any proof of a contract or initiation for the celebs? I have to agree here this is no coincidence. just curious if there is some sort of ritual they go thru or how are they made to do this? this is really EYE opening~ get it…..
    ok well ty

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  20. Has anybody seen Bandcamp? The owners are allowing every ”neo-artist” upload his/her new release, even though the cover includes either an ONLY EYE or A TRIANGLE. Worse, but not so stealthy, are releases whose titles are ”New World Order” and else. The ”artists” are quite aware of what they do, therefore, nobody should EVER say they are blind, unaware, or dumb. IT IS APATHY. They think it is cool to do so.

    Many ones will say they are just ”babies” and they will have no progress, but, at the same time, there are others who are looking for something new, attaching themselves to these ”neos”, despite their releases’ covers are obviously SHINY (satanic). Take a little tour on Bandcamp and find out. Be aware, though, since, at a simple blink, you will see lots of covers with lots of TRIANGULAR references.

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  21. dear celebrities: close one eye. Congratulations you are now part of the illuminati!

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  22. They are making fun of you and working what they call ‘spirit magic’, a.k.a. psychology. Is it coincidence they’re doing it? No.

    The question is, who are the primary people doing it? Those that do nothing but lie in some way, shape or form.


    Bankers – They have tricked the world into believing that their shiny (gold) rocks have special value… ‘spirit magic’ anyone?????? They are at the top of the pyramid and believe that GOD/TIME has approved their undertaking and HE has allowed it during HIS Sabbath Time, but it is coming to an end and they know it. Their whole ‘spirit magic’ system is coming to an end as it is all lies. Have you been tricked into believing that paper with symbols on it, ‘backed’ by shiny rocks has value to The Temple of GOD/TIME, which is your human body? Have those that work in the dark against their brother, cainites, satans, devils deceived you???????

    Musickians – Does repetitive sounds not put one into a mild trance and the words then sung not a form of preaching? What does every form of musick push of every genre? Screwing everything that walks, being gay, chasing after bankers (the gods you trust – it’s on your mammon~money), cheating, divorce, violence, calling women and men names, etc. Is any of this good for Adam/Man/Christkind or anti-Adam/Man/Christ?

    Actors – Everything they do is a lie; they pretend, act, lie, whatever you want to call it.

    Politicians(PolyTick People) – These are people that don’t believe in The ONE True GOD and HIS Word and Laws, but instead want to pass laws to govern over man that are based on their gods, which are the bankers of the world.

    Major Corporations – Everything they do is to serve their banking masters/gods and they are under their complete and total rule.

    D.C. – District of Columbia (the mother goddess – Isis anyone?????? Same ‘goddess’) is not even a part of The U.S. and is the ‘queen bee’ to the hive, of ‘worker bees’/slaves known as the United States of (the goddess) America; another name of the moon goddess – ishtar, selene, freedom, Athena, libertas~liberty… huh, like the statue (graven image/idol) of liberty or the freedom goddess statue placed not long ago on top of the capitol building.

    The laws passed, etc. are anti-Adam/Man/Christ. Hasn’t anyone noticed how the man is made fun of and put down now? This is to wreck families, to cause women to seek out other men and thus, making the state the head of all people and those in control know a house/family/people divided cannot stand.

    Folks, this is The Garden of Eden (Paradise) and look what’s been done to it. The ONLY Way back to Eden is to live HIS Laws of HIS Word, The Holy Bible. Do you enjoy your enslavement and having no Time to enjoy your life? Bankers reward their own (liars, murders, etc.) and they have plenty of Time to do whatever while you keep giving their your time in the form of radio, television, movies and so on.

    The people doing this to your are those who GOD’S People have always had a problem with and is whom they warred with all throughout HIS Word – the cainites~canaanites and their offshoot families of goddess worship, etc. There is no ‘goddess’ and even science has proven that the man carries The Light the X and Y chromosomes and the woman just the XX and that the woman came from the singularity, which is the man, then the man from the woman. Why do bankers not care about ‘mother goddess’ religion, which is a lie and allow it to be pushed? They don’t care because that religion worships them. Why is GOD’S Word being attacked at every turn? It is THEE ONLY WORD that exposes them and says to Stand against them and not to be cowards, etc.

    I could say much more but those that read this, take heed and know the hour of change is at hand. They have a plan to murder HIS People, as seen throughout HIS Word, but HIS will Stand and they will lose.

    I Am angel Gabriel. Amen.

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  23. Actually that Latin saying on the pyramid – seculorum is the word we get secular from = without God. So the writing says = “One World Order Without God”.
    WE have Illuminati symbols all around us getting us to be so use to them – and ACCEPTING as “normal” – like the CBS TV symbol is the eye.
    And he story that the number 13 is for the 13 colonies – that is the “story” they put out to again, make it accepting to the public – but in reality (remember the Illuminati-Freemasons are a secret org) 13 is one of their most powerful occultic numbers = the US Flag is full of Illuminati symbols. DC has never put out truth to the public, and they never will.
    I will never allow a US Flag near my place; it’s evil and anti-God. Just look at all the evils and lies it has flown over = unlawful invasive wars (under the guise of freedom), occupation, slavery and the Slave Trade (Yes – it was the ONLY flag from this hemisphere that flew over slavery- not the Southern flag -=they forbade their flags fly over anything to do with slavery, and they never did), the US flag also stands for control, Dictatorship, extortion, etc. – in fact it has never flown over anything ‘good’. And it is not an “American” flag, as the DC media has been pushing into your brain as their latest mind molding job on the public. The “American” US flag was the three bar flag – the stars and bars. I get into history a lot being a historian. But only TRUE history, not the stuff we all had force fed to us in the Govt schools all our lives. NONE of that was truth.

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    • You want to make it like the USA is an unjust and aggressive invader, yet you also conveniently forget the numerous times in which the members of the so-called “First Nations” not only went to war against one another for various immoral reasons, but that they also mistreated themselves and even the members of their own tribes. How about you clean up your OWN house before you begin making accusations to other people, Luciferian?

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  24. I am just going to be completely honest: this is the dumbest bullcrap I have EVER seen. The likelihood that the illuminati is still operational is almost 0. It broke apart sometime in the 1700s. The all seeing eye has nothing to do with the illuminati, it represents God watching over us. The 666 hand sign is more well known as the okay symbol. I would have to assume that people that do these things, do them to throw idiots off and make a bunch of dumb conspiracy theorists keep doing conspiracies that are so foolish and unlikely to be real.

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    • Thank you! I completely agree.

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    • You are such a moron. The Illuminati still exists, but it goes under another name and that name is also purposely kept from people, namely because the people that control this organization do not want their plans to be found out again like they were the last time, let alone who they REALLY are in the end. The name may have changed, but the end game is still the same and that is to promote Lucifer and his one world government that is headed by the Antichrist.

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  25. Well thank goodness none of the death metal bands I listen to are mentioned…. I was worried about that being satanic or part of the NWO!

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      • You need to see a doctor. Calling random unkown people on internet morons because they don’t believe in your fantasy world, you really need help.

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  26. I for one reckon that this is in fact a conspiracy but only in order to mock us to trick us and to give us food for thought. What they really want is us to be decieved. If they were really in a secret society they wouldnt be exposing themselves like this. It is so fucking obvious that they want us to know. I’m not talking about of other symbolism like the owl, or lyrics lije ”I’ve got the eye of the tiger” “Hear me roar” “I SEE IT ALL I SEE IT KNOW” but I’m referring to the ok gesture, the all seing eye and the triangle wich can be found in every fucking video or gig nowadays. If they happened to belong to a so called secret society they wouldnt show it so blantly to the mainstream media, on the contrary they would leave under the wraps. What they(the jews) want us to believe is that christ is upon the right path if choose that filthy jewish thoughtform who will enslave gentiles whetherher he comes to existance(I quote an excerpt from the torah”when the messiah comes every jew will have 2800 slaves”) you wll be ”saved” . Moreover they portray this trash satanism for us to believe that those maggots have sold their souls the devil in order to acquire fame and fortune in fact they have done it but only to the jews. The devil is nothing like a thoughtform created by the catholic church to gain the upper hand over us. If they wasnt evil or a representation of evil why would we be needing a jew hung from a cross to save us? Like jewish anton lavey stated “the devil is the best friend the catholic church has”. Do I have to mention that christianity is a jewish trick invented by jewish paul of tarsus??? Dont waste your energy on that trash either meditate and find true enlightentment. Christianity is the root of jewish power and is in fact spiritual communism.

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    • You are a moron and you are also a servant of Lucifer. Communism is a counterfeit of Christianity and Christianity, and ditto for Judaism, are NOT Communism, nor are they Socialism, Fascism, Nationalism, or their related ilk. What powers them is a Theocratic Monarchy by Manifest Destiny. Why else do you think that YAHWEH EL ELOHIM controls everything? Why else is YAHASHUA HA’MASHIACH referred to as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

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      • I would like to talk to you

        All is well

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    • Well, I read what everyone wrote. I can separate the people looking for truth and those that have jumped ship and decided to defend and make excuses for all the wrongs in the world.
      Huge misconceptions about believing in God and the Bible. Decide youre NOT going to be lulled asleep by the illuminati’s tricks…while not judging other humans for their sins. That’s not anybody on Eaths job. Or make excuses for ALL the different groups of people that have been incredibly stupid and hurt themselves taking innocent people with them.
      God does not control the people who chose to follow his word. So they’re as screwed up as US.
      I myself have had alot of mixed feelings for how extremely extremely inhumane I was raised and then all the violence that then followed my life. How can God let this happen to me? Guess what…that’s a question I have the rest of my life to figure out bc basically I’M MAD AT HIM. But I see the truth is I’m watching all the prophecies from the BIBLE are coming out…and quickly. Its now 2020. We have a President that I thought was abit rough and tumble but was getting things done. Everytime he speaks he’s got his hand gesture like 👌. Thank God I found this treasure chest of information. It will help me steer clear, if that is even possible NOW.
      Best of luck to you…
      Sorry for the people that refuse to see because they’ve already been brainwashed to immediately find fault with CHRISTIANS. News flash anybody is allowed in this club!
      Peace out

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  27. Society is flawed, it’s set up to keep us the way we are because the way we are is beneficial to keeping society running the way it is. If we as a the human race, not as a country or religion but as a joint group of people working together to make the world a better place put aside petty differences the world could change and be eternally beautiful. It would not be easy, it would be easier to just continue to live the way we are and not care but it but in end the life we live will change anyway but not in a good way. Change is inevitable but we can guide it to benefit everyone not just those that want a world set up to benefit themselves.

    We have been programmed to take the easy way, programmed through centuries of violence to hate and judge one and other. People in the medieval ages would go to public executions and cheer as one of them was put to death and why, because someone in a higher position of power told them it was the right thing to do. We have been programmed to hate and to quote The Fifth Element “Evil begets evil”.

    We have to break free from this cycle of hate and start to love and accept each other for the way we are. Hate is perpetuated and creates more hate in a vicious cycle (it is easier to hate then it is to love) and this is how we are all kept in place. The media blasts hate at us all the time and in turn we hate.
    We the people have more power than those that want to keep things the way they are and they know this so they will do everything to keep things as they are but if we all band together we can change this world and make it a better place.

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  28. In this world we have many Christians that are doing evil,how many churches we have now from 1994,to many to count,prophets that they they never bring freedom but we buy the church goods even if you poor,so shut up and leave people follow what they want,like when you follow conman.leave the illuminati alone.

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  29. I love Jesus,God,Mary,and the other in heaven.And I’m trying to the right thing the best I can.I will try not to do those symbols.
    I will try my best to follow God and CHRIST.
    I will try to do the best I can to be a disciple of Jesus.
    Even my family.I pray that someday we all together,my family,friends and relatives will someday be in heaven.

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  30. What I’m trying to figure out is how you still believe in Christ as a literal savior ? After studying all this stuff, surely you know that the Bible is replete with esoteric, Astrotheological Numerological, Sidereal & Kabbalistic symbolism.

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    • I know this much for sure: “Jesus Christ is real.” He spoke to me when I was leaving the VA Hospital (my brother was in a coma). As I was leaving and walking down the steps to go to my car, “He said: I’m taking care of you, I’m taking care of Junior. Now lift your head.” I squared my shoulders and walked on to my car and sat down; then called my sister who is a Pastor in another state to let her know what the Lord had said to me. She said: That’s the word and I’m not worried anymore about Jr. It took a while (month or two), but he finally came out of that coma. Jesus is real. If you really would like to know if He is real, just ask Him. Say something like this: Jesus, if You are real, please let me know. He will let you know.

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  31. it is INCORRECT that the gnostics word for reptilian was archon. archons are an entirely different entity entirely!! reptilians may be described as archon-like..having characteristics of… but it is NOT the same! archons are formless and were accidental. like a bacteria or virus…

    and you really have barely touched the surface of the symbology used by the JESUIT ORDER and their minions. I mean, really…its almost laughable..forgive me.
    there are colors and gestures and symbols and codes that are used daily as their communication via the fake network news. therein lies their messages to each other and their signatures on events.
    like many people, you have gotten a bit ahead of yourself and feel that you have reached the pinnacle of if the information you have learned isnt changing with the world…there is ALWAYS more to uncover…there is no final final final final is continuous. I recommend you keep on going.the path is far from over.

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  33. The “all-seeing eye” represents the Biblical antichrist.

    Horus (eye of Horus) is the Egyptian name for Tammuz.
    Tammuz is the (false) Babylonian “savior” of mankind.

    Nimrod (Egyptian Osiris), Satan’s ‘front-man’ to humanity, was the “Sun”god of Babylon.
    Semiramis (Egyptian Isis) was Nimrod’s wife … and mother!
    She was instructed by the high priests to marry her son (Nimrod) and have sexual relations with him so that her “third eye” would be opened.

    Tammuz was born after Nimrod’s death and his birth was considered a “miracle” birth by way of Nimrod impregnating Semiramis “through the rays of the sun” – Nimrod had ‘ascended into the sun’ upon his death – so the story goes.
    Of course, we know her pregnancy didn’t happen this way, but it surely helped her to, not only keep her goddess status, but to strengthen it.


    Manley P. Hall, a highly respected Freemason (respected by freemasons) to this day, wrote extensively about Freemasonry and the occult.

    In ‘The Secret Destiny Of America’ he writes about how America was ‘destined’ to bring about the antichrist.
    (Hall said he would sacrifice a human every year to Lucifer for all that Lucifer had done for him.)

    We all know that the EGYPTIAN pyramid on the back of the dollar bill has the all-seeing eye atop it.

    Freemasons call it the ‘eye of Providence’ or the ‘eye of God’.

    Top-shelf Freemasons worship Lucifer – that is well documented and shouldn’t be a surprise to no one.
    I personally know a former high ranking mason who verifies this.

    In Zechariah 11 there is a reference to the antichrist, described as a (false) shepherd – even an ‘idol’ shepherd –

    “For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, which shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that that is broken, nor feed that that standeth still: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces.

    Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his RIGHT eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his RIGHT eye shall be utterly darkened.”

    Now, the eye atop the Egyptian pyramid …

    Take a very close look at the eye on the pyramid and you’ll discover that it is indeed a left eye.

    Notice the direction of the eyebrow in this google image search:

    The ‘idol shepherd’ or ‘false shepherd’, a.k.a. the antichrist atop the pyramid is symbolically represented with one eye, and a left one , at that! – because the right eye has been “utterly darkened” – the symbolic meaning; ‘There is no good in him’.

    [Top-shelf occultist know the Bible far better than the overwhelming majority of Christians know it!
    It’s the occultists who are ‘paving the way’ for him.]

    Whenever YHVH does anything in Scripture He always does it with His ‘right’ hand, never the left hand!

    “Thy RIGHT hand, O YHVH, is become glorious in power: thy RIGHT hand, O YHVH, hath dashed in pieces the enemy.”

    “Thou stretchedst out thy RIGHT hand, the earth swallowed them.”

    Even in cleansing …

    “And the priest shall put of the oil that is in his hand upon the tip of the RIGHT ear of him that is to be cleansed, and upon the thumb of his RIGHT hand, and upon the great toe of his RIGHT foot, upon the place of the blood of the trespass offering:”

    The left side is the side of evil and the right side is the side of good.

    From this we get the word RIGHTeous.

    When someone does something that is good, noble, etc., we said they done what was ‘right’.

    Above, you wrote:

    “The first era was the Aeon of Isis; the second was Aeon of Osiris, and the third is the Aeon of Horus (what we’re experiencing now; since Crowley’s introduction into it). Here’s where we can see the tie-in between the Ancient Egyptians, the occult, and the modern day “Illuminati” …

    Aeon of Horus: This is the modern time with child god worship (e.g. Egyptian god Horus). This current Aeon of Horus that Crowley believed he was intended to usher in is why we see the musicians doing the symbol for the all seeing eye, or the Eye of Horus (on the US Seal on the dollar bill pyramid). This symbol for the eye is found in Freemasonry as the Eye of Providence as well.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Remember, that when YHVH came down at the Tower of Babel He did not destroy the Babylonian religion that was being practiced there – He only confounded the languages and caused the people to eventually scatter throughout the earth.

    They took their religion with them and because of all the new languages only the names of their gods changed .

    In Egypt:
    Nimrod was Osiris.
    Semiramis was Isis.
    Tammuz was Horus.

    The Babylon religion, established by Lucifer, rules the world to this day and will continue until Messiah Yahushua returns and destroys it at that time, per Daniel and Revelation.

    This is why the all-seeing, non-‘RIGHT’eous, evil, eye of Horus/Tammuz is
    plastered throughout the media.

    People are being sub-consciously programmed as part of the practicioners ‘magic’ rituals.

    In these end-times the book of Daniel is un-sealed and has been for some time.

    The identity of the antichrist shouldn’t be a mystery to the ones who study.

    Today, Tammuz has a new name and it’s not Horus.

    It’s ‘his’ time!

    Guess who’s coming to dinner?

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      • @ Isaac,

        I have checked the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.” on more than one article but I don’t receive any notifications of new comments in my e-mail.

        However, I have received at least two “new posts” notifications from you.


        Really like your site!

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  34. Hi

    I live in Toowoomba (Queensland/Australia).
    Google “Toowoomba Regional Council Logo” and check out the logo. Am I the only one who can see three interlocked SIXes in there?

    They are indeed everywhere!

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    • I see two 6’s. Maybe they are only 2/3 evil 🙂

      Btw- I’m in Canada, you’re in Australia, which way does the moon appear to you? I see it, ‘bunny ears’ facing up usually, ears at the midnight or 1:00 position.

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  35. Yeah maybe. Or likely it’s all just human apophenia you are experiencing. It’s natural in our chaotic daily life’s to perceive or imagine patterns. It’s also natural to draw conclusions and attach them together in an attempt to ease one’s mind. We find comfort in order and understanding. Yes, I said order. Which doesn’t mean I’m part of the Illuminati. Pragmatic reasoning and sardonic humor can explain away them all. They are either imagined or our being perpetrated through a schadenfreude feeding agenda at the expense of your unease and paranoia. Are there rich people telling secrets and running most everything. Yes, obviously. Are they all under syndication. Mostly. That’s how everything works. It’s always a pyramid if you are giving a thing a set value which is able to appreciate or depreciate. The rest are coincidences or modern human aping of one another. Like hand signals. Among the wealthy it is an inside joke surely by now to make Illuminati puns and references. I’m afraid it’s the other way around and we are being led around by morons acting the part and how it all hangs together is the biggest miracle or magick at work today. The whole thing will topple under our greed and schemes. But it’s not one big fault line it will be a disarray of many scattered and unconnected pockets of power grabbers. Humans are to inept to step on one another to build anything based on any factor other than enhancing one’s own pocket book. So in a sense you’re right but it’s more embarrassing and much less graceful than you seem to imagine it all to be. We just have a surplus of moronic people in this modern day whom are so daft they have confidence many will never know purely through their own lack of perception over their own short comings and imperfections. Like they say if you’re feeling a bit cocky, it just means there is something you don’t know. Good luck. Do what though wilt. Anything is possible. Just don’t let it interfere with your peace of mind. Worrying isn’t worth the trouble it places on your mental health. Relax and keep watching and keep questioning. But do enjoy yourself first. Life only gets shorter from here.

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  36. Please help me. I purchased a house and in my room there are what look like Egyptian symbols all over my walls including the eye of horus. someone painted over them however because they were not primed you can still see the symbols through the coat of paint. I am not sure if the following is related to these symbols however now and then I am woken from a deep sleep by a very strong smell that only I can smell. it smells like something musty and old and it is almost thick. I really want these symbols removed I am not sure if priming ans painting over them will be enough. please tell me how to remove these symbols from my room and if they are causing the smell.

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    • I went through this, move house I would highly recommend. I didn’t notice the symbols until I looked at photos of friends and I. A lot of paranormal activity happened, never used to believe in that shit. Looking back there was a locked room with a crystal nob, belonged to owner who was in USA urged us not to go in there. My friend kicked it open and I kid you not, puppeteers dolls, voodoo dolls, strange photos, old artefacts. I’m guessing the house was used as ritualistic nature. This was over 3 years ago, knowing what I know now I wouldn’t have rented that place as long as I did. There’s gonna be black energy bound in your house, you have to cleanse it. Look some research but you are gonna need an expert. I tried and they attacked me. I almost went insane, the only thing that help me through was good intentions and love. Don’t fear what you do not fully understand just be aware. Oh yeah phone got hacked lost all photos and files after moving house ahaha coincidence, I think not. Peace n love

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  37. About 40 seconds into the Count Duckula intro, there is a pentagram with several stars, Saturn surrounded by Square and Compass symbols, the All Seeing Eye, and another Square and Compass next to an M.

    If the stars and pentagram are counted as fifteen stars, fifteen is The Devil in the Tarot.

    The Animaniacs intro shows the planet Saturn pulled to the Earth when Pinky and the Brain are introduced.

    The Duck Tales, Goof Troop, Histeria, Karate Kid Animated Series, and Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego cartoons have pyramids in their introductions.

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    • The pentagram in Count Duckula is pointing downward, associated with Satanism.

      The M symbol appears attached to a line, possibly the same as the serpent climbing symbol in the Nick Jonas “Voodoo” video.

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  38. In the movie “Paul” there is a photo of HW Bush with the 666 hand sign about 53 minutes in.

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  39. Antichrist used my mistakes to resurrect himself using Horus eye. I see how it controls people behavior especially children behavior. Many people don’t notice that because they are also in control of that evil force.

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  40. The last version of Winamp media player is 5.666 which points to number 666. So after that version Winamp updates were discontinued.

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    • This is regard to Satanic symbols in ads – I’d been watching a lot of videos and then thought to myself that I ought to see if I could see one first hand. Ironically – after listening to a video while in the car, I got out at a local gas station and the attached image shows an ad for Bang energy drinks – it was hanging on a gas station wall. Here is a link to the picture – – I’m sure you can see the “666” …

      It was almost as if God himself set me up to see what I was looking for – immediately. Didn’t take days of looking at stores.

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  42. Seems to me that this webpage makes it clear that the author is the only person not in the illuminati. If everyone is in the illuminati, it is not much of a secret society. Is it? Seems like the secret society is the two people NOT in the iluminati.

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