Deadpool: The Illuminati and Occult Initiation Ritual

*No plot spoilers are present in this article*

After watching the latest Marvel super hero film Deadpool (*twice) it appears that there may be an alternate interpretation for this tale. Most of you are already well aware of my outlook on works of fiction in entertainment, so you can guess where we’re headed here…


To me it seems like Deadpool is a tale of furthering this overarching agenda of the “Illuminati” who seek to destroy the old world and rebuild it anew. In this article we’ll learn more about the antihero agenda, Luciferian doctrine, Crowley’s new age, Deadpool’s true sexual identity, occult symbolism hidden in the film, as well as the overall story of occult enlightenment that our character goes through. It may be a bit odd at first, but I assure it resonates with all of the past few year’s of symbols and messages that the entertainment industry spoon feeds us…

Deadpool poster 2


Video now up!

Dark Hero Agenda

In the past few years we’ve seen the acceleration of one particular facet of the big Illuminati agenda. This is the age of the “dark hero.”

I’ve written about this extensively, but Deadpool presents a new face to assign to this genre. The heroes of today are merely the villains of yesterday. I believe there may be a more sinister component to this strategy…

The concept of the dark-hero and his/her ability to gain sympathy from the audience is evident in this example. Even though they are definitely evil, or “bad,” they are portrayed in a light that lets you know they are ‘just a human with good intentions.’

It somehow tries to show us that the ends justify the means, and evil is not really all that bad. While I can support some of the ideas behind this concept (such as not judging one another), I fear that it may have a “Luciferian” tinge buried in there.

In Luciferian doctrine they believe that the fallen angel is a misunderstood hero. He is the ultimate dark hero in that he was the Prometheus that gave mankind emotions, free will, and enlightenment. The occultists believe that he came to help us a guiding light (hence the name “Lucifer” or bearer of light).

Fox's show LUCIFER portrayed as a handsome dark hero

Fox’s show LUCIFER portrayed as a handsome dark hero

The modern day tales of super heroes and villains are all around with more recent attempts to make the bad guys seem good. For instance, I’ve written an article with video about the upcoming Suicide Squad film which shows us how villains can actually be our saviors.

The same concept applies to the upcoming Batman V. Superman film which has the alien life form of Superman being viewed with conflicting opinions as either an alien savior or alien demon.

Batman v superman false god statue

We know that Deadpool was an affiliate of the X-Men (which we see in the film with the help of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead), which begs the question of the crossing over of the two in the future. In terms of occult importance, the X-Men are modified as superior forms of humans called mutants.

This isn’t far from the idea of evolution through the aid of alien life forms who will help usher in a new form of mankind in a revolution that will destroy the old paradigm and bring in the new. In fact, all of 2016 will push this same concept…


Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus

In Deadpool we’ll see many old beliefs of super heroes shattered. Deadpool is known for “breaking the 4th wall” (meaning he talks to the audience directly), ultra gore, sex, and many more aspects that we’re not accustomed to.

Deadpool crotch poster 2

The Deadpool poster shows us an obvious reference to the phallus and Aleister Crowley’s belief in semen power


Even though the film is rated R; it seems obvious that children will want to see this. Superhero films have been a fixture in the landscape of pop culture the past several years and this is one more film in the increasing collection. While I personally don’t have an issue with the rating or the film (and I believe parents should be the ones to make this decision); I do find it quite interesting how far Deadpool pushes the envelope here. The film is chocked full of sex, violence, swearing, etc. which makes it entertaining for adults, but I’m sure it’s causing headaches all over the world as parents have to tell their children they’re not allowed to see it.

As far as the children go- I believe this is part of the “big” transition and Aleister Crowley’s desire to expose kids to all things profane as I discussed in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

Miley Cyrus even has a concert tour called Bangerz that features Illuminati pyramids and a blow up doll of Big Sean. She mounts blowup phalluses and instructs the fans to kiss other members of the same sex and take drugs. They aired the concert on network television and you can see that most of the crowd consists of 12-16 year old girls. The occult rituals of Aleister Crowley believed that these types of activities would connect to certain energies. He would perform homosexual and drug usage rituals on a regular basis; a practice he learned while with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Even more disturbing, in Hanshaw-Freeman’s Weird Stuff 2 book they quote Crowley’s The New and Old Commentaries to Liber AL vel Legis, The Book of the Law:

Moreover, the Beast 666 adviseth that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act, as also the process of birth, lest falsehood fog, and mystery stupefy their minds, whose error else might thwart and misdirect the growth of their subconscious system of soul-symbolism.

Deadpool Sex Scenes

If you read on further in The New and Old Commentaries to Liber AL vel Legis, The Book of the Law you’ll find further talk about sexuality veiled with analogy:

It is also the fact that the tendency of any individual to sexual irregularity is emphasised by the preoccupation with the subject which follows its factitious importance in modern society.

It is to be observed that Politeness has forbidden any direct reference to the subject of sex to secure no happier result than to allow Sigmund Freud and others to prove that our every thought, speech, and gesture, conscious or unconscious, is an indirect reference!

Unless one wants to wreck the neighbourhood, it is best to explode one’s gunpowder in an unconfined space.

In that last phrase, Crowley is saying one should let their inner sexuality free when he says “explode one’s gunpowder in an unconfined space“. How interesting that we see this exact same analogy in Deadpool when he talks about he’s going to be “…touching himself tonight” after he inhales the gun smoke used to kill the bad guys:

Deadpool Touching himself tonight gunsmoke


Further down into the occult outlook on sexuality, we find out that Deadpool’s character from the comic series was never heterosexual! While most of you already know I’m an avid fan of equality and LGBT rights, I find it curious that we see Marvel’s newest film sensation being a man of sexual neutrality…

In December 2013, writer Gerry Duggan confirmed that Deadpool’s character is Pansexual- which means he can be attracted to anyone of any gender or sexuality. This trending sexual topic means that it seeks to destroy the old sexual classifications of hetero-, homo-, and bi- because they are limited in the sense that it reinforces the nature of the male and female binary.

Gerry Duggan Twitter Deadpool pansexual

Aleister Crowley believed that all things labeled as opposites (the binary idea of male and female), were in reality the same, and actual unities. This is why the alleged satanic Process Church of the Final Judgment sought to unify the Church and Satan, because they believed in this unification idea.

So it seems that we’re at a crossroads where we need to consider equality for all and the  freedom to express whatever sexual or gender identity we choose. On the other hand, we must consider the idea that perhaps there is a sinister plot at hand to destroy the old world with its belief in a male and female creation of God. This is a topic that has been hotly debated since the coming-out of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, and one that will need to be further addressed as we move along our path of humanity and finding a just and free society.


Skull and Bones

In the film you’ll notice that Deadpool’s girlfriend, Vanessa, is sporting a skull and crossbones ring. While I wasn’t able to find a decent enough resolution online of this image; I assure you it is there.

Deadpool unmasking skull bones ring


What I find interesting about this ring (besides the push on our American death culture obsession), is that this appears to be the same ring as the one worn by Johnny Depp and his pal Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones:

Johnny Depp All Seeing Eye Skull ring

Johnny Depp and the Skull Ring over the All Seeing Eye


Rolling Stone Johnny Depp Keith Richards Blood Brothers

Depp is no stranger to occult symbolism so I find this same ring to be of much interest. Traditionally speaking the skull and bones of Yale is a secret society that have utilized this as their symbol. It is meant to convey to the initiate that they must consider their own mortality when progressing through the rites and beliefs (an idea we’ll be covering later in this post).

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Yale Skull Bones Mark of Beast X WO



All Seeing Eye

We all know this one by now, right?…

The All Seeing Eye is one of the most common symbols used by the entertainment industry and Deadpool is no exception when he makes a heart during the film.

Deadpool All Seeing Eye Heart


Occult Initiation Ritual and Violating the Vow

While it seems that Deadpool may have been part of a genetic modification program such as “Weapon X” (he was after all, in the Canadian Special Forces which puts him by Wolverine who is also from Canada); there is another version of origin to consider.

The following is the crux of my argument that Deadpool is a tale of Illuminati influence and symbolism because it follows so many tales that have been laid out before. From the hidden occult symbols in Alice in Wonderland to Rihanna’s ANTI album videos, there seems to be a trend in showing us the progression of certain characters as they progress through the steps of occult initiation.

In Deadpool we see some of the same symbols that convey this idea which shows us how Wade Winston Wilson navigates his way into becoming the super human called Deadpool (even his initials of W.W.W. symbolizes a set of double-V’s which gives us six 6s if you consider Vav is the sixth letter of the Hebrew language)…

First, we see Wade Wilson being led underground which we saw in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland which was originally called Alice’s Adventures Underground. Traditionally speaking; all initiates into the secret societies and mystery schools of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome were explained the teachings of the occult through a ritual that forced the initiate to contemplate their own death. Often times the initiate is duped into believing they would actually be killed- which separated those that were prepared for initiation from those that weren’t (*recall that Deadpool’s girlfriend Vanessa sports the skull and bones ring).

Deadpool rising up as new super man from ashes

Deadpool will RISE

One way these groups would have the initiate understand the occult teachings was to have them literally go underground. This simulated death and that is allegedly why the Great Pyramids had underground burial rituals. We see Wade Wilson going underground into the Weapon X-esque facility and being subjected to various tortures and rituals.

Deadpool going underground initiation

One of these practices included the usage of the bathtub- a theme of heavy occultism when you consider the symbolism of the bathtub and how it relays the themes of crossing over into another dimension while also the sacrifice which we saw from the likes of Jim Morrison, Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, etc.

Deadpool baptism intitiation bathtub 2

In this process, the initiate would stay “dead” for three days and “resurrect” as a new candidate into the ways of the occult.

Deadpool rising up as new super man

Here we see how Wade Wilson is resurrected as a new person known as Deadpool. He has evolved as a super human, making him superior in ways to mortal beings. He is a part of the long line of comic book heroes that gives us a message that we are destined to become a new form of human through the processes of evolution, science, or even alien intervention– all of these seek to destroy the world as we know it and separate us further from spiritual beliefs in God.

To further emphasize this point, we can see the Illuminati Vow of Silence in the film. It is strategically placed in a a spot that perfectly fits into the theory that Deadpool is an initiate of the occult.

We see the Vow of Silence when Deadpool goes to the strip club called “No 5 Orange” and attempts to tell Vanessa about his transition. He is going to tell her about the secrets of the Illuminati and by doing so this violates the Vow of Silence; so Vanessa is put into a dangerous situation. At this point we see the obvious symbol of the Vow of Silence on the entrance to the alley:

Deadpool Vow of Silence 2

This symbol of the vow has been used many times in the past- even by Aleister Crowley which references Harpocrates and the ancient mystery schools of Egypt (which we referenced earlier) which I talked about in the Vow of Silence article:

The Egyptians had their own God of Silence:  Haar-Poor-Kraat, a god-form of Horus.  This god-form has always been depicted with the right hand placed toward the mouth with one finger over the lips in a gesture of silence. The Greeks had their own God of Silence as well: Harpocrates, a version of the Egyptian God of Silence.  This god-form was similarly depicted as his Egyptian counterpart, with the right hand placed toward the mouth and one finger over the lips in a gesture of silence.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Vow of Silence Haar Poor Kraat

In Freemasonry, the finger to the mouth in the Royal Master’s Degree tells that they will keep silent. In Deadpool we see what happens when this gets violated by Wade as he also enters into the alley and we see it again.

Deadpool Vow of Silence alley No 5 Orange


Final Thoughts

To be honest, this film surprised me in many ways. I was surprised at the amount of gore, sex, and language that “they” would insert into a comic book film. This film is obviously aimed at adults– which is fine because we can enjoy adult humor and themes and not allow children to be influenced by it. However, I find it hard to believe that there aren’t some attempts to advertise this to the children, a la Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus.

Deadpool for the children

To me it seems that films like these perpetuate the belief in a higher evolved form of humanity that also supports the destruction of the old world as we know it. The “Illuminati” are more than happy to fill in the blanks of the new world they seek to instill. So long as we maintain focus on our own beliefs and goals in life and not allow messages from entertainment to infiltrate our thoughts- these messages will have no power. That doesn’t stop them from trying though…

Just like Francis Bacon explained: messages are best taught through entertainment; not lectures.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out my START HERE page and sign up for the free email newsletter if you want more background on pop culture conspiracy theories!





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I can only speak for myself, but foul language and sexual perversions in a movie is NOT “enjoyable” and NOT “entertainment” – it is the total goal of bringing the Illuminati rituals into the public (and our homes) so they can be tainted by them too. It is only for sick minds. And let me tells you that this is a way demons are invited into your being ! It is to lead all of society into the Luciferian age where there are no rules, morals, or God ! It is aimed at totally destroying the soul ! It destroys everything of God’s creation, which has been Satan’s goal from day one !

    Personally when I hear foul language from someone I see them as totally uneducated with an IQ of maybe 85. They need to learn some real vocabulary if that is all they can speak. It is very low class.

    Films like this are lowering mankind to the lower then animal existence. Making them non-human. Which is one of the Satanic goals

    AS for judging others, God commands it. That Scripture is the most taken out of context one there is ! IF you do not judge you cannot possibly obey God, for He gives commands about everything, from who not to associate with to what foods NOT to eat. You need to judge those things in order to follow God’s commands. You need to judge between good an bad. He tells us we will know by their “fruits” (actions; words, etc). Those fruits are what we judge in order to stay pure for God.

    He also tells us who will go to heaven and who will not and anyone active or approving of, the homosexual lifestyle WILL NOT go to God’s heaven ! His laws, His heaven ! ( 1 Cor 6:9 ) He will not allow ANY type of sin to enter His heavenly home and He tells us to be discerning of that here as well concerning our own homes here. WE are NOT to allow evil to enter in and you need to judge in order to keep that command. He also commands NOT to allow evil to enter your eye – because what you SEE goes directly to your sub-conscience and never leaves. It becomes a part of you on a sub-conscience level. That is why we are not to allow children to see evil things – Crowley be damned !

    Anyone who perverts a child’s innocence or harms them – innocence is a gift of God – God gives the death penalty to ! Matt 18:6 ; Mark 9:42 ; Luke 17:2

    So everyone had better be very careful in their sick demented exploits with children ! They belong to God, not Satan. Satan only comes to rob, kill and destroy no matter how benevolent and cute they try to make him look – they are all deceived by Satan ! (John 10:10 ) Satan can appear as anything he likes in order to DECEIVE ! He’s after your soul after all ! And your soul is what is eternal and he is hungry for it. He is the first shape-shifter presented in the Bible.

    What you allow your children to see, hear and be taught YOU will answer to God for it.

    He entrusts His gifts to you to care for, teach, and nurture while here in this lifetime part of our lives. Eternity is ahead and it’s a LOT longer then this short lifetime here.

    And yes, God is watching everyone of us = HE knows all, every word, deed, action, non-action, etc. And each one of us will answer for every word we speak, every action we take or not take, and how we raised His gifts to us, our children !


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    • Thank you for the article! My kids were under peer pressure to go see the movie, my husband had already agreed to let my 17 year old girl go. When I found out, I was outraged and told him everything I had read about the film. He humbly agreed to read all the info and then he decided I was right. My daughter wasn´t very pleased but she knows a lot about the occult messages in media and everywhere, so we are at peace. Her mind and soul are garbage free…for now. Sadly, the battle continues indefinetly.

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    • Love your comment LBF!. thank you for putting it so clearly

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  2. I know a lot of people who believe in the Illuminati think that homosexuality is a perversion and terrible, but for a moment hear me out:

    The first thing that I want to say is that Jesus said the only thing we have to do is love one another. God is Love and that is that. No argument there.

    So – I as a gay and married man love my husband. He has made me look within myself and change my life for the better. As a child I suffered child abuse, disassociaton and trauma and when I grew up the media from 1930 -2008/10-ish ALWAYS taught that homosexuality was disgusting and wrong and basically we were right to be abused and killed.
    Now this goes against what Jesus taught which was God is love, and during this time the media taught it was OK to hate gays.

    NOW – being gay in the media has taken a new turn. Now it is something like a fetish, it’s a party, it’s drinking and doing drugs, it’s 3somes, it’s open relationships and incest. I as a CHRISTIAN gay man (I know many of you believe that is not possible) am politely against these things.

    I believe that the new “gay agenda” is not to push that being gay is to love but rather being gay is to love materialism, drugs, alcohol, sex addiction and a destructive lifestyle. That is what they teach now. If you watch ANY gay themed movie it is only drugs and sex. I believe many youg gay adults today experienced intense trauma as children for being gay thus causing them to disassociate from their gay selves into being something else. For many of these gay people, I believe they never had the chance to heal – and the media instead of supporting them to get help is telling them instead to have a lot of sex in which the overall conspiracy I believe is to develop some form of Addiction OR die from AIDS.

    Ad a gay Christian you have no idea how hard it is for me to accept the pain that I have been through, accept that although I am gay I AM NOT a devient but instead a kind man who gives kindness to everyone he meets and all the while I happen to be IN LOVE WITH A MAN and it was LOVE, the very thing Jesus taught was all that matters and that is true, that gave me the strength to face my pain, accept the past and live a clean lifestyle.

    So long story short – don’t get it twisted. The gay agenda isn’t to make people think that gays should love one another, the gay agenda is to make gays kill themselves before they are 40.

    There is no support for gay people and we are hardly out of the woods. Yes we can get married, but that’s no different than suffering from a bullet wound and just having called 911. The ambulance still hasn’t come for us and we are not at the hospital. Instead we are getting spat on at every direction thus making the wound worse.

    You talk about wanting to save your souls? Well then accept Jesus into your life, and the only way to accept Jesus is through love. If you have nothing but hateful things to say/do to gay people then you are not a Christian. You are just part of the Illuminati agenda and you have been tricked into thinking that gays are supported by the media because it is anything but true.

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    • This message opened the mind of my heart

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      • Awwe. Thank you!
        I am glad that my words had some resonance with you, as your response had a deep resonance with me and I wish you a happy and healthy life!

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    • PS

      Why do you think the LGBT flag is a rainbow? Disassociation.

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    • The thing is, sexual labels are an illusion. You are not gay, you simply choose that label. If you can admit that sexuality is fluid then you can admit that you wouldn’t be attracted to men if your life had been different. And if you can admit that, then you can admit that you are basically trauma-bonded to your ‘husband’.

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    • Twisting the terminology of the Bible does not make your lifestyle pleasing to the God you claim to serve. The Bible is very clear on what sin is. I will give you an example:

      Two married people have an affair with each other. They are found out and their marriage partners divorce them. Then the two that had the affair marry each other. Are they now OK with God? Biblically those persons are not free to marry the second time until after their spouces pass because they are in adultery.

      This is no different than what you are justifying when the Bible clearly says that homosexuality is sin.

      Would you rather have people make you feel good about what you are doing, knowing that you will go to the pit when you die in your sin?

      Would you rather have someone be truthful and honest with you, even though you perceive their criticism as being hateful?

      The choice is yours, but please don’t use the GOD IS LOVE card to justify SIN. There is a HUGE difference between freedom in Christ and licentious freedom.

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  3. Check this stuff out

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  4. I wonder if the name “Deadpool” is an oblique reference to the Abyss on the sephirotic Tree of Life in the kabbalah. The Abyss, or primal ocean of chaos between the lower seven and upper three sephirot, contains Da’ath the entry gate to the dark side of the Tree, the Qliphoth.

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    • Excellent- I overlooked that connection as well. The film claims it’s part of the game they play to see who dies next (like the Clint Eastwood film).

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  5. Ian, what is your opinion on the impact of sodomy on a person’s soul/spirit? Crowley literally thought it was magickal and powerful.

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    • I honestly don’t believe so! I have thought about it as well. I honestly do not relate love and sex as the same thing.

      I can tell you this though – when I had sex that didn’t mean anything with other men I did not feel powerful or enlightened, I felt dirty and awful. When I met my husband the feeling was different and I felt amazing because I was “making love” and not having lustful sex.

      For me there is a big difference between lust sex and making love: when I had lustful sex or looked at porn (when I used to look at porn) it would literally just give me a high that would last 20 minutes and then I’d go back to feeling like crap. After making love I just feel fulfilled and happy. So if that is black magic then I would find that pretty weird haha.

      Last thing I want to say is, if you are gay, PLEASE do not buy into the idea that you are a bad person – the way I see it, being gay represnets what it really means to love in this day and age. Gays who are willing to take on the challenge of love make people scared – why? Because the church says you are going to hell and the TV and many conspiracists believe you are either an over indulgent demon or some sex addict, HOWEVER, there are some gays who realize God made them the way that they are and they are going to love a person no matter what people have to say, and that takes TRUE BRAVERY and FAITH in God. Remember – no church or commenter can tell you what you hear with your direct line to God because the only link to God is yourself. No Church, Bible or “Ex Gay” can tell you what God is saying when he speaks to you. Listen and trust yourself and you have your answer.

      PS – I kinda believe God made gays because he needed to control the population which is growing more and more every day… Then they made artificial insemination which I am not a fan of

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  6. Let me tell you for years I personally bought into the gay subculture and lived that lifestyle to its fullest. Only about 3 yrs. ago I started reading more in depth about the Illuminati and their obscession with homosexuality, especially SODOMY!

    I read about Mr. Marion Knox and his in depth understanding of Freemasonry and how secret societies practice sodomy as a major part of their rituals. This is HUGE and Marion talks in detail of how we in America are being desensitized to it and to react as if it’s all so very normal! Gay Marriage is no big deal?? He also talks a great deal about “sodomy demons” and the danger of allowing yourself to indulge in such a practice. I urge anyone doubting this kind of lifestyle to seek further knowledge and to align yourself with the spiritual truth. Yes, Crowley took his own
    sodomy practice very seriously, what does that tell you??

    I decided to leave behind all my New Age brainwashing along with the ingrained gay lifestyle and become a true Christian. So no, I DO NOT believe Ian or anyone else can be a “gay Christian”. The argument he presents is he’s “married” to his partner in “LOVE”. The love of sodomy and the practice of it does not equal marriage in the eyes of a Biblical God. I don’t want to do Bible thumping here folks but I have come to believe marriage is between a man and woman, period.
    Again, Marion Knox stresses how much we’ve all been misled about sodomy!

    I learned how to teach myself to deny what sexual attraction I had to men. Let me tell you that the more I did it, the easier it got with self-denial. I actually find more freedom this way than being a slave and succumbing to that visceral, knee-jerk reaction everytime I would see a hot looking man.

    The gay subculture is only going to deepen with their GLBT rant & how they must be treated equally or else!

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    • This obviously has done wonders for you.

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  7. Leaving the gay lifestyle far behind and adapting to an ascetic one has indeed done wonders for me! To make that kind of paradigm shift has taken great soul-searching and patience for sure and yet it has been liberating. I’m still amazed I made the change and how I actually don’t miss being sexually active. Seriously!

    I don’t want to offend all those wanting to continue living as “gay Christians” and if that’s the best they can honestly do, then bless them so!

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    • Well then I am very happy for you. Thanks!

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  8. You need to spend more time actually reading the entire bible .. it is very clear how God feels about homosexuality. Jesus, is called the groom, the Church is his bride .. man is to love his wife, as Jesus loves the church and gave himself for it … and, is the head of the church … homosexuality, in God’s eyes, is a sin, and it defiles the picture of Christ and the church … I can go on and on … God is a God of love, yes, so much so, He didn’t even spare His own Son, and was sent down to die on the cross for YOUR SINS, and mine … homosexuality is a sin, as is pride, lust, murder etc … but you seem to forget that God is also a judge, holy, righteous, and will NOT allow sinful man to enter heaven… so if you don’t accept Christ as your saviour, you have no redemption for your sins. If you did confess Christ as your saviour, then the bible teaches to turn away from your sin, which, homosexuality, is one of them …

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    • I was going to leave this because the conversation that you and I are having doesn’t really exist due to us just being two strangers typing on a computer instead of talking face to face, but I would like to use this opportunity to help you and maybe give you some guidance.

      Believe in what you want to believe, but I assure you if you and I were face to face you would not have the mustard to say those terrible things that you just said to me. However, I understand where you are coming from and I forgive you. With this the only thing that I want to say is please live your life. You are strangling yourself based off a book that was written thousands of years ago and has been translated into so many different languages and has been taken out of context so many times over the course of history yet you yourself say that you hold the knowledge of what this book is really saying and you yourself proclaim that you have the right to judge your human brothers and sisters because you believe that this “knowledge” of the Lord that you own gives you that right? Shame on you. Shame on you.

      Understand that there is only one god and while you go about the internet pointing your finger at computer screens and with glee tell complete strangers that they are sinners speaks volumes of the kind of person that you are. Now understand this because no one else is going to give you a sign that is going to help you in your life other than right now right here, and this coming from a place of love despite the words that you just spoke to me.

      Love isn’t a law, it is not a mechanical process and it is not judgment. Love is a state of being where you acknowledge the way God made you, thank him and spread that feeling that you have with him through others. If you think God’s love is a set of rules then you have just been mislead by the twisting of religion and the bible that still continues to happen to this day.

      Open your heart, acknowledge who you are and accept other people as they are. If you really want to love you have to understand that what you are doing right now is not that. Love is transformative and good and makes you realize that God truly does exist and that his very presence can be felt in your bones, and that my friend is something that the Bible nor any Law nor any Book can never give you.


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  9. The singer Ellie Goulding and her boyfriend, Dougie Poynter from the rock band McFly, both have skull and crossbones tattoos on their ring fingers.

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  10. How can one be a follower of Christ and not believe in His living word? You seem to be a truth-seeker, I pray that God reveals His truth and wisdom to you, instead of man’s fallible truth, brother.

    2 Timothy 3:16
    All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

    John 14:23
    Jesus answered and said unto him, if a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

    Matthew 19:4-5
    And Jesus answered and said unto them, have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, and said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his WIFE: and they twain shall be one flesh?

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10
    Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind (homosexuals), Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

    Romans 1:26-27
    For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

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  11. It is clear that they have infiltrated your thoughts.

    And you cannot even see it because you believe that their lies are your thoughts and you have no recall of how or when they were formed.

    But they were placed into you from early on slowly and steadily through every aspect of the Satanic culture.

    And now they are you. They are inside of you and they have deep roots that have grown into every corner of you. There is no part of you that is only you anymore.

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