David Icke’s Thoughts on America From NYC Video


November 19th, 2011 video with some thoughts about the odd dichotomy of USA. For example, he talks about the Statue of Liberty and how its roots derive from the Illuminati ancient figures Semiramis and Nimrod. He points out the irony of the Freedom Towers being built on the spot of the event where Americans freedoms were stripped through the Patriot Act and wiretaps. He talks about the irony involved with the African slaves brought over and subjected to Christianity and how to this day African-Americans embrace this still (Icke believes religion is part of the multi-faceted attack on Americans). And then onto my favorite part, the talk about John Wayne and America’s fascination with him and considering him a national hero, even though he never served any time in the military. He points out that individually we all prefer peace, but as a whole we are a very war-heavy culture. Part of this is due to the John Wayne influence. We’re a tough guy who is out there to save the good guys and kill the bad guys. John Wayne penetrated our psyche so deep that he is still prevalent even though he died so many years ago. He then rattles through all of Hollywood’s hero’s and implies that they are all a ploy to influence our attitudes. All you’ve got to do is slightly persuade a person to believe that someone else is bad and this draws up the John Wayne attitude and we’re conditioned to fight. Icke touches on a valid point also; there are so many friendly people in this country that it’s hard to understand how our society as a whole can make such horrific decisions. Takeaway point: Ask yourself when confronted with any relevant situation, are we REALLY being the good guy? Or is it just a John Wayne program manipulating us to support ideals we typically would not?


Love him or hate him, he’s always making you think.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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