David Icke Speaks From Machu Picchu in Peru

New discussion from David Icke from Machu Picchu. You could’ve actually been there with him if you signed up for this tour I posted about a few months back (HERE). Icke is speaking about the energy of the site and the calling he received to come there back in his turquoise jumpsuit days.

The guide on this tour speaks on how the site is made with granite and quartz, which used in the stone circles of England and also by the Mormon church. The Salt Lake City church is built with granite, because these elites know there is an energy power they can tap into at the energy lay lines with certain elements. Obelisks in Egypt, buildings in NYC, they are all built with granite (there is quartz crystal in granite). If I’m hearing the guide properly (the accent is slightly difficult), he is saying that the pyramids are capable of connecting energy lay lines. The large mountain behind Machu Picchu is in the shape of a pyramid, so it’s a connection point.

Also, check out the picture that Icke holds up showing Picchu turned on its side. It looks just like a face.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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