David Icke Presentation in Hawaii Review

Dr. Michael Salla attended Icke’s Hawaiian presentation and wrote up a thoughtful review. Towards the end of the write up he discusses how his concern with Icke’s change in stance from what he had thought was a “Luciferian consciousness” conspiracy back in the 1990’s to a “Reptilian shapeshifting” conspiracy of present day.



To respond to that, I’d argue that Icke changed his stance on who is responsible for this world control scheme due to various feelings and information being presented to him from the world consciousness. Icke has said several times that he receives these ideas through an almost channeling of information in ways that he can’t really explain. At first I was quite skeptical to this idea of reptilian shapeshifting also, but the more I read about it the more it seems plausible.


Dr. Salla discusses an article he had previously written regarding Hidden Hand from the AboveTopSecret forum (which is in fact an intriguing forum, check out Dr. Salla’s article HERE, dare I say it’s slightly better than my article I wrote several months ago). Hidden Hand reveals that this whole agenda is in fact Luciferian in nature, and that it even effected the reptilians. Hidden Hand claims that the family of power is a negative source that is here to perform a negative harvest of humanity through the use of violence, greed, etc. so that it will teach humanity to be more empathetic. The negative control would include controlling the reptilians, should they exist. Hidden Hand claims that their power is extraterrestrial. Dr. Salla argues that Icke had it wrong at some point when he suggested the reptilians are at the apex of the pyramid. Dr. Salla suggests that perhaps Icke could be a disinformation agent, (as does Joe Rogan hint at in his podcasts).


Dr. Salla makes several good points in his review of the ten hour presentation, including a question I’ve had of my own; if David Icke seeks to share all of our collective omnipotent knowledge and power with each other, why doesn’t he ever do a Q&A session? I’ve always thought it could be some kind of feared emotional response from when Icke was ridiculed in his turquoise jumpsuit days when he was first featured on English television, proclaiming he was Jesus or something along those lines. Either way, the article Dr. Salla presents is thought provoking and doesn’t fall into the “love him or hate him” dichotomy that David Icke usually invokes.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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