David Icke Podcast on Illuminati Mind Control in Music Industry


In this podcast, Mark Devlin talks to David Icke about the music industry and the dark plot they employ. Icke talks about how rap music is an ideal vehicle for delivering the message to the masses because they focus on the wordplay and focus more on what a person is saying, versus typical pop music that is more how a singer’s voice sounds and the catchiness of the tune. He talks about his meeting with Afrika Bambaata and how Bambaata says that rap has lost its way from where it originated-which is all true if you listen to any 80’s hip hop song versus some of the stuff that’s around today (not all; just some, I am an avid fan of the genre). Icke says that the vulgar type of rap music today is something that is produced from the corporations. This could also tie into Icke’s prior discussions on how the Illuminati is trying to break down our empathy as a whole for one another. It reminds me of a documentary called “The Pyramid Code” where they discuss how the ancient Egyptians ran a matriarchy in which harmony and balance was in place in their culture and how in touch with the one consciousness their culture was. They understood the value and truth behind the connectedness with one another and the environment.


Icke then talks about some of the titles and one-eye images you see in the artwork. Of course Jay-Z is glossed over with his albums “Blueprint,” and the book “Decoded.” He is covered in slightly more depth later on in the podcast. The mainstream music is funded by the Illuminati, and they use it to control. He likens it to a fashion show where they display what the new sound, or fashion will be and the masses eventually follow-no matter how silly it may seem. This is why the radio stations drill the same songs over and over; to make a profit from the Illuminati funding. There’s discussion of people who think they’re being original and individual, yet they dress and listen to a particular theme like everyone else in that group of “individuals.” The system decides what’s “in” and then all of the sheep-le will police the other people to reinforce this. And all of this happens in fashion and music and plays out all the way down to elementary school aged children.

There is talk of Lady Gaga being a product pushed off of a conveyer belt and her Illuminati themes in her videos and albums.

The point is that the subconscious mind absorbs EVERYTHING while the conscious mind is only aware of a small fraction of information it is processing. Most of our thoughts and perceptions get absorbed by the subconscious and filter through and the conscious mind doesn’t realize that its tastes and preferences are being manipulated. These subliminal messages and symbols get soaked up by the person whether they know it or not and they communicate a message to the listener (a dark, sinister message if one is to believe this Illuminati manipulation). We are indoctrinated to believe that all communication is through hearing, talking and words. The subconscious can also be spoken to and this is done by symbols and the energy they convey. Example: a person’s vocal chords vibrate when they are “talking”, the listener’s ear takes the vibrations and decodes them through to the conscious mind and the listener translates them into actual words in which they can understand the information being presented. The subconscious performs this exact same task, but with symbols and images, and we are unaware of the translation and information in which they are conveying that is being used to influence us, because our brains have been strategically manipulated to separate these two things. The influence eventually works its way up to the conscious mind and plays itself out with the person’s actions. This all goes back to this left brain/right brain separation theory where the Illuminati understands how to keep our human potential suppressed by strengthening our left brains through education, memorization, etc. and suppressing our right brains which would be in the arts and more abstract world. The Egyptians didn’t have this separation, they strengthened both left and right brains to fully experience their human potential. Icke talks about somebody (he can’t recall the name) who went on record as being there when Jay-Z was propositioned (sold his soul to the devil-so to speak) to become this stooge that is being used to send out this message in exchange for the lifestyle he now has. If anybody knows who this is, please comment, I’d like to watch this youtube interview with him/her.



They move on to trauma based mind control that uses young children (ages 5 or 6) and subjects them to significant trauma so they learn to dissociate. Dissocation is when the mind breaks information into little chambers like a honeycomb in order to hide these little fragments of trauma to prevent the conscious mind from experiencing this pain. They take these self contained fragments, called “alters” and use a “front alter” which sets the personality that interfaces with the normal world. Meanwhile, they figure out a way to hypnotically trigger these locked away, terrible experiences to the conscious mind and then this “alter” experience gets pushed back into the back of the mind again while pulling the “forward alter” back up so that the person never realizes they are being “exercised” over time to spend more and more time with this subconscious control taking over for longer and longer periods while the conscious mind isn’t aware its going on. The Mickey Mouse club is an experiment in doing this, as is evident with the rise to fame of many of its past members (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, etc.). The artists aren’t making their own choices, they are being their alias when performing, hence all of the different names and identities (Beyonce=Sasha Fierce, Jay-Z=Hova, Eminem=Slim Shady=Marshall Mathers, Nicki Minaj=Roman Polanski, and it goes on). Britney Spears’ programming had broken down, akin to a virus in the computer when she had her breakdown and shaved her head. There is an interview with her on youtube where you can see her personality get possessed for a moment before restoring (** I tried to look this video up on youtube, they’ve taken it down due to some kind of copyright violation or something **). Spears got reprogrammed after her head shaving incident and she has become successful again. Another interview with Mark Zuckerberg tries to ask him about internet privacy and he can’t physically respond to it and continuously avoids the questions (by talking about wearing his hoody of all things). Icke says you can see it in his eyes that he is being programmed. You’ll also get a chance to see the inside of Zuck’s hoodie which shows a supposed Illuminati symbol (the points make a Star of David which is two inverted pyramids). Here’s the image from SecretsoftheFed:


They talk about the music industry’s process of auto tuning as being a way of the system to get us to respect machines by listening to these robotic voices and preferring them over the actual human voice. You can hear it through examples of the Black Eyed Peas and other electronic voices. They talk about the system’s desire to push us into becoming cyborgs and how Will.i.am dresses up as this image of a cyborg. This might be tied to the transhumanism movement, where people seek to become part robot and eventually we will have to augment ourselves in order to become relevant and competitive in today’s workplace. Eventually humans will be an inferior race. Another example would be to microchip humans and children at birth, and they know they can’t just jump into doing that so they’re currently getting us used to animals getting chipped. Then there will also be a push for the electric bracelet that has all of our bank information on it, and then on to electric tattoos. Once those wristbands are sold to us by the culture as being a nuisance and bulky, they’ll push us into the inevitable microchip. The music industry will plant all of these themes into our subconscious and it will play out in our conscious world.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. David talks a lot of sense but I wonder whether these rappers just use the conspiracy scene to make their music sell. There may not be meddling hands but simple interest or exploitation of ideas that are out there.

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    • david icke actively participates in the externalization of the heirarchy while pretending to fight against it. he is a new ager, where do you think his ideas com from? People putting out the hypnotic propaganda called music on the radio are pawns. same as icke. all of it is meant to distract you and keep contol of your perceptions. this website is garbage. . read the bible if you want freedom from control

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      • ….the bible IS another form of control…religion, segregation, etc. Wake up and be educated first. After all, you willingly believed the bible because you were told its all the truth.

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