David Icke Petition to Get on BBC

Change.org is pushing a petition to allow David Icke on BBC’s Question Time show. If you watch BBC and even know wtf Question Time is, feel free to sign up, this petition is lighting up the internet so let’s hope it happens:


You could even go through Facebook:




While I’m peddling links, PLEASE hit this one and share it for my ActivistPost Moon Matrix Theory post:


About the petition:

David Icke represents all of the people not only in the UK but all around the world who are now waking up to the corruption and Orwellian like governmental control that exists.The politicians that are invited onto BBC Question Time no longer represent the people of the UK and their interests. The corruption is rife and the hypocritical nature of those within politics is disturbing.Not only is it right that a more – ‘alternative’ – view is given screen time we must also remember that we fund BBC programming with our TV License.

By inviting David Icke onto Question Time, the BBC will prove that they are there to promote democracy in political debates and give David his much deserved screen time so that it may reach more people.

Here’s the Icke man on an old ass secret society show:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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