David Icke Olympics Theory Covered on Mainstream News

The mirror.co.uk covered Icke’s theory on the 2012 London Olympics quoting him as saying it was a “mass satanic ritual disguised as a celebration of Britain and sport”.

“Icke also claimed the giant bell rung by cyclist Bradley Wiggins during the ceremony was tuned to a frequency which could be heard by a group of Satanists who secretly rule the world.”


The article goes on to gloss over Icke’s theories of how the Illuminati speaks through the language of symbolism, how the Illuminati are shape shifting reptilians, and the date of the ceremony was actually a Satanic ritual day of importance. July 27th is the “Grand Climax” day for sacrificing children and females.

Icke talks about the pedophilia rings and the sacrificing of young virgins, (like they used to do in ancient rituals) because he claims these secret societies are still performing these rituals. They do it so they can feed off of the fear and negative energy emitted by the prepubescent victim. This is why the ancient texts (including the Bible) discuss sacrificing young virgins to various pagan gods such as Ba’al.


Video that I posted earlier (see more on Icke’s theories here: https://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=2859)


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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