David Icke Interview with Meria

David Icke was on this internet talk show with “Meria,” but if you want to listen you have to subscribe at the tune of $14.95 per month.

2/28/12 Conversations With David returns with Meria & David Icke. Different “chat” today – how to transform yourself and the world; What’s “right” for everyone? divide and rule; mind control is controlling your perception of reality – how often does that happen to you? Hype as mind control; being told what to think, buy, etc; the insecurity epidemic; braggarts; defining success by your standards, not the worlds; finding security within; are you happy? who are you? how do you identify yourself? Are you awareness having an experience or a person who owns this or that? cause and effect; fame as a sense of security; who are you in “awe” of? You have the potential to be awe-some; be a doer not a viewer; and much more candid talk.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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