Dave Mustaine steps up conspiracy theory support


Dave Mustaine’s new claim to fame is becoming conspiracy theories, not so much his membership in classic metal bands such as Megadeth and Metallica. He’s voiced his support for Alex Jones, and even wrote an album based off these views (Endgame). He’s also blamed President Obama for all of the shootings as a setup for gun control laws. Now he’s been tweeting about chemtrails:

“Shame on the pilots spraying the grid lines in the once beautiful skies of San Diego. Shame, shame, shame!”

“It’s aluminum oxides & barium salts. They know what their cargo is. Only a fool or an accomplice would argue the unarguable. #chemtrails”


The Megadeth album ‘Endgame’:

The Alex Jones DVD called Endgame (inspiration for Mustaine’s album):



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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