Dave Chappelle’s Illuminati “Bird” Revelation Part 2: Kubrick’s EYES WIDE SHUT

I wrote an article on Dave Chappelle’s latest standup and the not-so-hidden messages of Illuminati blood sacrifice within Hollywood, which explains why he left a $50M contract (I also had an accompanying viral video- thanks to those that watched it). This video and article are still available to review,


Assuming you’re caught up with the theory; let’s dive a bit deeper by going into the past…


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Kubrick’s Code

Several years ago I created a project called Kubrick’s Code. This was a combination of book and video that detailed the running theme of Stanley Kubrick’s main films: 2001: A Space OdysseyA Clockwork OrangeThe Shining, and Eyes Wide Shut– his final film…

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The idea is that Stanley Kubrick was familiar with the practices of the “Illuminati” from his time working with the high profile people in Hollywood. Some claim they funded his first major film, 2001: A Space Odyssey in exchange for his ability to film a ‘faked’ moon landing (the two events were being conducted around the same time).

Kubrick’s final film, Eyes Wide Shut, infamously showed the inner workings of the sexual parties as Tom Cruise’s character crashes it. They are all wearing masks similar to those found at the Hellfire Occult clubs of the 18th century (the same one that Benjamin Franklin was a member).

The mansion scene was supposedly trimmed down quite heavily after Kubrick’s death because it showed too much. The mansion sex party featured a master of ceremonies named “Red Cloak” and a reverse black mass. All of these relate to Illuminati and occult practices (as is discussed in the book).

Sacrifice of the Semiramis

Towards the end of the mansion scene, Tom Cruise’s character gets caught and a woman steps out to be sacrificed in exchanged for letting him go. Red Cloak reluctantly accepts this sacrifice of the goddess and Tom Cruise’s character (Bill) leaves.

Bill can’t shake this memory.

He decides to investigate and finds out in the newspaper that a woman named “Amanda” was found dead from an overdose that night. Amanda is “Mandy”, who was the prostitute from the first party of the film (at Ziegler’s house). She is the sacrifice goddess from the mansion as well.

Furthermore, she was dating “Red Cloak” played by Leon Vitali, who is closely connected to Aleister Crowley!

The newspaper article says that:


“…she has many important friends in the fashion and entertainment worlds and she believed she’d break through in the end. It was just a matter of time.”

This is obviously what happens in the industry when people are willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING to make it.

Dave Chappelle was not ready for that…


Going Deeper

Bill keeps investigating and goes over to Ziegler’s (upon his request) and finds out that Ziegler was actually at the Somerset mansion orgy. After some haranguing, Ziegler says:

“who do you think those people were?” 

…and that if he told them who they really were he wouldn’t sleep well.

This is Kubrick telling us that we would have a similar reaction if we understood how deep the rabbit hole really went.

Ziegler says:

“suppose I said that all of that was staged, It was a charade, it was fake.” 

Bill asks why they would do it, and he said it was just a way of keeping Bill quiet about where he’s been and what he’s seen. Bill pulls out the New York Post article about Mandy and this is where Ziegler admits that she was the woman at the party. After some back and forth he reiterates the lie (like the mainstream media) and says:

“it was only a matter of time, you even said it yourself” 

Ziegler then threatens Bill to keep his mouth shut and he goes back home.

If you recall the Iceberg Slim Pimp analogy that Chappelle provides at the end of The Bird Revelation— it becomes CLEAR that these two examples are telling us the same thing!

Hollywood has a way of blurring reality and subjecting its aspirants to some form of sacrifice ritual that may or may not be real. Either way- it’s too scary to doubt and people like Dave Chappelle find it more comforting to simply leave.

That is why $50M wasn’t enough…


In Conclusion

The idea of prostitution rings and ritual child abuse are echoed in shows like True Detective which are also based on real events, unfortunately. The events at the Cremation of Care ceremony at Bohemian Grove are allegedly about the sacrifice of a child, and the ancient pagan cultures used to sacrifice children to the Moloch deity; so you can see this theme run through various examples.

Dave Chappelle is warning us that he is much like Tom Cruise’s character from Eyes Wide Shut (he even directly says he was playing the same exact role as a joke about ruining an orgy- if you haven’t seen my video breakdown at the beginning of this article go watch it now- I promise you he says it).

He is trying to make a safe place for people like him to tell the masses about the horrific things he’s seen or even taken a part of.

Our culture is too accusatory and like Chappelle says, we’ll need some “imperfect allies” to make this thing better…



The KUBRICK’S CODE project that goes into the entire Kubrick agenda is available on Audible as audiobook, DVD, ebook, and more (the Gumroad ebook comes with a 3+ hour video I compiled with clips)!

Audible audiobook now available!


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  4. When Dave says he was “raped,” it seems very clear to me that he WAS RAPED, aka SODOMIZED, more than once.
    It’s simple – he’s trying to put across a clear and strong message and some people feel uncomfortable thinking about it.

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