Dark City Film Analysis: Occult Evolution of the Mind and the Luciferian Religion

During a recent trip down the Flat Earth rabbit hole I was reminded of a great film I hadn’t seen in many years. It was always an intriguing movie for me because of the dark imagery and strange cast of haunting characters. Upon my latest viewing I was shocked at some of the overt occult symbolism that laid before me…

Join along as we decode the symbolism behind Dark City


*This film DEFINITELY has Jennifer Connelly; not Allison Williams!


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What’s Dark City?

The late 90’s gave us some postmodern science fiction films that suggested dystopian futures sparked by Gnostic nightmares (e.g. The MatrixLawnmower Man, etc).

Dark City shoves us into a story about a man who doesn’t remember who he is. All he knows is that his name is John Murdoch and he is wanted for murder. He pieces the clues together about his life, including his crumbling marriage to Jennifer Connelly’s character; Emma. As he is evading capture by the authorities and a neurotic doctor named Dr. Daniel Schreber (Keifer Sutherland’s character); he finds he is in possession of strange mental powers.

These powers referred to as the “Tuning” are drawn out when he is being followed by a mysterious group of alien humanoids called “The Strangers.”

Tuning is a form of occult mental magick; causing change in the real world by Cabalistic mental emanations…


Evolution of Man

The symbol of the lighthouse is traditionally assigned to show characters the way forward in their evolution.

The lighthouse pops up at the beginning of Dark City when we first see the city- which lets us know there will be an evolution in store for John Murdoch.


We saw this employed in my analysis of Annihilation which turned out to be quite similar in that Lena’s evolution occurred at this landmark.



The opening credits roll as we see multiple iterations of the spiral- another symbol for the evolution of man.


We’ve seen the spiral in other films such as InterstellarTrue DetectiveThe Revenent or Westworld (see my analysis on that one for a real mind blowing revelation of Gnosticism).

Interstellar- The salvation is through the dark spiral


The Revenant Spiral


True Detective’s occult spiral


To drive the point home further; we learn the spirals are being carved into female victims:


A detective named Walenski goes insane when he learns the truth of their reality and he starts drawing spirals all over the place:


Walenski also has some curious words written on his wall like “Illusion” which is analogous to the “Illuminati” or perhaps the Gnostic warnings of a prison planet (or the Flat Earth if you want to go to that extreme).


In the Director’s Cut we find to that Murdoch has the spiral imprinted on his fingers:



What gives with all the evolutionary symbolism? It is the indication that the masses are having the truth revealed of the secret religion. The mystery schools have been teaching each other who the real god is- and its time for the masses to understand who this is: Lucifer.

The symbolism of the light is the same one we know of for the “Illuminati” or the “illuminated ones.” They are aware that man’s greatest gift is intellect which can only be attributed to the archetype of spiritual “freedom”; or the Luciferian energies…


All Seeing Eye

The all seeing eye symbol is the most commonly used signal to show us when we’re experiencing a component in the “Revelation of the Method.” Theosophist Helena Blavatsky believed that the masses should be receiving the secret mystery school indoctrination and it seems that entertainment is doing a good job pushing the message along.

In Dark City we can see the all seeing eye on Shell Beach postcard:

We also see the solar religion elements which the mystery schools use to disguise the true destination of worship; Lucifer.

The alien lifeforms also give us the all seeing eye treatment…


…as does Dr. Schreber with the lazy eye:


These characters are aware of the evolutionary steps the masses must take on their journey.

A curious statement is made at the end of the film with John Murdoch tells alien Mr. Hand that they’ve been looking in the wrong place for their answers; whilst pointing to the center of his head where the third eye or pineal gland resides.


This has been a long standing viewpoint of the occultists because they believe there lies a powerful way of understanding and enlightenment locked up within our own minds. Breaking this loose results in the highest form of evolution: the Magician…


The Strangers: Illuminati Magicians

Our aliens in the film are called The Strangers. They have a power to quite literally cause change in the real world every night when they manipulate physical objects and human memories in order to figure out the human soul.

These aliens turn out to be a connected form of consciousness that hop into different human forms (much like what we saw in my analysis of I AM Mother on Netflix).

A curious side note- the main alien named Mr. Hand was played by Richard O’Brien. Of course he is the man who played Riff Raff from Rocky Horror Picture Show– a movie I analyzed for its androgynous alien qualities. The director of the film revealed that he actually created this role based on Riff Raff:

I had Richard in mind physically when I wrote the character, because I had these strange, bald-looking men with an ethereal, androgynous quality.” -Alex Proyas

These aliens are considered superior to the humans in the film because they can control their entire environment; with the exception of our main character, John Murdoch.

At the beginning of the film we see Murdoch arise from a submerged state in a bathtub- a classic symbol for the crossing over the occult practitioner into a new world.


The camera even pans over to show us the inverted character entering a new understanding of the world as any good initiate would.

We know these aliens are evolved entities practicing magick because all the clues are on display.

For example, at the beginning of the film we hear how they can alter physical reality with the mind. Later, Dr. Schreber tells the alien overlords how John Murdoch can “tune” by “will” alone- a reference to magick.

Towards the end of the film, the Strangers want to implant their universal consciousness memories into John so they can all share his soul. But John is implanted with Dr. Schreber’s informational memories on how to beat these aliens. Dr. Schreber talks about how the world can be what he wants.

He is the magician.

He uses the mental powers to beat the Strangers.

He can make this world whatever he wants as long as he can concentrate enough.

We’re witnessing man’s evolution into something greater using Kabbalah ideas in a Gnostic world with ritual magick…

In Conclusion: What it ALL Means…

At the end of the film we see that John Murdoch goes underground to receive his final stage of enlightenment (the implanted informational memories from Dr. Schreber).

Earlier in the film the Riff Raff alien, Dr. Hand, wanted to get imprinted by John Murdoch’s memories so he could understand more about him and his drives. He does this on the Vitruvian Man pentagram symbol:


This is the same thing we can see in my Westworld analysis:


1976’s Futureworld & the Vitruvian Man (*the film Westworld is based on)

For the same reasons we see it in Westworld; this pentagram symbol references the secret Luciferian religion:

The pentagram is also Luciferian because it represents Venus- the morning star. The pentagram demonstrates the path of Venus around Earth, which is important to Lucifierians and Satanic adherents because the planet Venus is associated with the Dark Lord. Venus is the morning star, or light bringer and that is precisely what they believe Lucifer to be. He is the one that bestows knowledge upon man in order to break him free from the enslavement of God.

The Illuminati seek to worship Lucifer and they attempt to sway the masses’ to follow suit by planting these messages into entertainment. Westworld is a tale that demonstrates the adoration of Lucifer and the false “enlightenment” that he can bring to the world.

Towards the end of the film we find out that the Strangers actually brought the humans to Dark City to figure out what makes them unique (which is obviously our souls).

The Strangers all share a collective memory and mind (collective consciousness or hive mind). This is part of the transhumanism agenda- striving to move towards a global consciousness and the ultimate goal of the Illuminati: Immortality.

At this final point of the film, the human race gets their first sunrise (symbolic of the solar Luciferian religion).


John steps out to Shell Beach to meet Anna and he asks where Shell Beach is as she points to the lighthouse.

The final moments of the film show us that the evolutionary steps are complete.


So what are we to make of this tale?

The symbol of Shell Beach refers to the Kabbalah system. In this esoteric doctrine, the initiated learn about the creation of our world through the mental emanations of God. These emanations are represented by the Sephirot on the Tree of Life.


They’ve been sneaking the esoteric symbol of the Kabbalah system into entertainment for years- as I’ve been providing examples for a long time now.

Ariana Grande and the Kabbalah Tree of Life in her video “Break Free”


SZA and Kendrick Lamar’s “To the Stars” video


The inverse of the ten Sephirot are the evil versions known as the Qlippoth, aka the “Other Side.” We’ve seen this inverted reality in shows like Stranger Things (I’ve got an analysis on that show available too).



These demonic manifestations are also calls “Shells” which is where I’m obviously taking the Shell Beach reference.

We could argue that the protagonist of the movie, John Murdoch, utilizes the “gnosis” or knowledge of Kabbalah magick bestowed upon him from the aliens. This realm of impure spirits also contains the necessary enlightenment of the black magick an initiate needs to understand before evolving.

The aliens are described similar to the Qlippoth as “shells of the dead” since they are one consciousness inhabiting multiple dead human bodies.


The Earth-like dark planet the humans reside on were created by demonic forces- known as the Demiurge in the Gnostic belief system (which also appears as a Flat Earth- something I talked about in a recent two-part podcast series).

John Murdoch unlocks the evolutionary key to utilize mental magick which fits into Aleister Crowley’s definition of “causing change in conformity with the Will.” This permits the final movement of the planet towards the Sun as it illuminates all of mankind.

The coded language here is that humanity will be enlightened into the Luciferian doctrine which claims that man can become god since the intellect can be sharpened enough to achieve immortality and the final transhuman global consciousness.

The aliens were the evil forces necessary to evolve man into true freedom from the gnostic prison; represented by the Freemason black and white checkered floor in the film:


The Luciferian energies are what these people desire to utilize to “enlighten” mankind and evolve us into our next form…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. nice analysis dude, but the movie blows. I couldn’t get through 30 minutes of it. good sets and costumes and some nice bare boob shots but alas even that wasn’t enough to hold the patch together script of bad acting together.

    it’s all bullshit this occult stuff, (ALTHOUGH WE DO CREATE THIS WORLD WITH OUR INTENTION) and they will fail in the end – though they may take a lot of us with them. they can only defy the law of love (which is natural law) for so long…

    appreciate your work bro

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