Dana White responds to Ronda Rousey’s Sandy Hook Tweet

The UFC Bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey recently tweeted a link to the infamous Sandy Hook conspiracy theory viral video (see the video and debunk HERE). It caused some controversy because apparently we can’t even take a look at a theory to see if it fits, or so the media and powers that be want it to be.


Dana White dropped some knowledge on the press, and somewhat defended her, so big kudos to him for that. Check out what he had to say:

“My opinion is that she has an opinion. You know what I mean? Everybody has an opinion. She didn’t come out and say that the thing was a fucking hoax and all this shit. She tweeted something and said, ‘Look at this story.’ You know? People are fucking pussies is the problem. That’s the big problem. I didn’t call her to talk to her at all. Every human being is going to have an opinion. She didn’t write a fucking story saying the Sandy Hook thing was a hoax. She tweeted some video that’s out there that has twenty million views, so twenty million other people watched it, too. Her tweet isn’t like all of the other negative tweets that have happened. There is always conspiracy theorist out there. If you watch the video, the video is pretty goofy. What’s goofier than the video is the fucking goof that did it. Do you see me re-tweeting something like that? No. But there are a lot of people that buy into that shit and believe in that stuff. As a human being she can have an opinion. And, she didn’t even give her opinion, she just tweeted it. So, people need to fucking calm down. If that’s the thing you’re most concerned in, in your life, holy shit man, you need to get a life.”

I’m usually not the biggest Dana White fan but he certainly changed my mind with that one.


Here’s slightly more on the topic: http://www.mmamania.com/2013/1/23/3907758/ufc-dana-white-ronda-rousey-sandy-hook-tweet-controversy-mma

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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