CTAUC Podcast: Dave Navarro vs Isaac “The IlluminatiWatcher” Weishaupt

Today we’ll be listening to the audio from Dave Navarro’s Dark Matter Radio show. He invited me onto this show in order to explain to him why I suggest he is in the “Illuminati.”

The original article on this show is covered HERE.


After the show I asked Dave if I could share our conversation with you all and he allowed me to do so. If nothing else, Dave has a good sense of humor and seems open to hear more about theses theories (and you’ll see that he knows A LOT more then he lets on…). Some have told me he knows the entire agenda and had me on in an effort to discredit me. Take a listen and see what you think…

You can listen to this episode of Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast through the iTunes or Stitcher feeds, YouTube (video below), or the embedded player (also below).

You can catch Dave Navarro’s Dark Matter show on DashRadio under the Alternative section. He often takes phone calls so feel free to ask him about these topics directly!

Thanks for listening! Here’s the show…



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. The most suppressed secret in history has been some knowledge about our own bodies. Excitation of the parasympathetic nervous system, also called the “muscarinic” nervous system, overrides the brain’s inhibitory neurons thereby awakening the brain to more that the normal 10% brain use. LSD does the same thing by blocking seratonin, the neurotransmitter of the brain’s inhibitory neurons. The largest nerves of the parasympathetic nervous system are the left and right vagus nerves. The vagal trunk emerges from the brain through the nasal pharynx, divides into the left and right vagus nerves, which descend into the lower body of flesh, not through the spine. Plexuses of the parasympathetic nervous system branch out from these vagus nerves. When these plexuses and nerves are stimulated the stimulation spreads to the brain causing more than 10% brain use. All this can be simply printed on one bumper sticker, “Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD”. To put in contemporary terms, the mental effects of the “choking game” are not caused by oxygen content, they are caused by vagal stimulation.

    In 1959 an expelled lodge member told my friend and I all the secrets. The lodge uses Biblical symbolism. They represent the human body by the Temple of Solomon. The Holy of Holies represents the nasal pharynx through which the vagal trunk emerges into the lower body. The letter G secretly represents the Hebrew word “gorun”, throat. The compass represents a circle, the square represents a line, the combination represents squeezing a circle into a line, the quadrature of the circle. In 1962 I wrote this and lesser secrets in a term paper I titled “Superstition in America”. I got a 98% for it, and graduated with honors. Later, the instructor of that class sold that term paper in the term paper black market, the wrong people read it, and detectives were sent out to hunt me down. I found out that Ben Franklin invented the modern mental health system to imprison all those suspected of knowing this knowledge about their own bodies. In the Twentieth Century twenty five million Americans were locked up in the mental hospital gulags. That was one quarter of the American population.

    There are three depths of psychedelic experience. Perinatal matrix one, 10% to 20% brain use, is heavenly. Perinatal matrix two, 20% to 50% brain use is frighteningly powerful. From 20% to 30% brain use, what ever is artistically symbolized will become your reality, by the strong thought drawing you to the probability timeline where what you vividly symbolize is your reality. From 30% to 40% brain use, what ever you write will become your reality. From 40% to 50% brain use, what ever you say will become your reality. “If you have the faith of a mustard seed and say to this mountain move, it shall be moved”. You go to the probability time line where the mountain is elsewhere. But, from 50% to 100% brain use, every thought manifests as your reality. Who can handle that? Soon, one wishes one were someone else, and, one body switches into that someone else who probably only has the normal 10% brain use. But, it not being one’s own body, when that body sleeps or dies it’s off to another body; and this body switching backward and forward in time goes on for a duration of about a hundred years. Of course, with this one suffers everyone’s sufferings.

    Perinatal matrix three is used as a punishment. LSD was used for this, but some effects of LSD have been found to be permanent, so, recently “waterboarding” has been used to inflict this “Clockwork Orange” treatment. As it stands today, Dr. Stanislav Grof’s “Holotropic Breathing” increases the percentage of brain use, and, of course, the “choking game” causes increases of the percentage of brain use, but, the actual cause, vagal stimulation, has not been admitted to. Also, recently even percentages of brain use are being denied and are called mythical. They just wont let it all go, and allow all human beings the right to know these certain things about our own bodies. For the American way it is advisable to spread this knowledge.

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  2. To me the show seemed too short in time, and the back and forth dialog, didn’t
    do nothing for me at all, and I think it’s due to Dave, and his cohort didn’t seem to
    take anything that seriously, which would lead me to suspect that your radio host
    is hiding some small little secret, where he can make lite of your comments and
    having him answer in a safe mode, if you will. We all need a little levity, but I think
    you would have gotten further info wise, if you were interviewed by a host who is
    a little more seasoned, in his job. And as far as the Roswell crash, and the reverse
    tech from alien mishaps, and what caused the crash of 1947, check out any video
    by Steven Greer on Youtube, or siriousdisclosure.com.

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  3. Dave, what a waste for you to use your Virgo ascendant and Pluto/Uranus conjunction on your ascendant to engage in lower level manipulation rather than to serve humanity. Virgo theme: serve or suffer. Perhaps that is why you are so bored and dissatisfied? I see you for what you truly are…I see your inverted cross tats/scratches on your ears…I see how you play the devil persona in “Redemption” when you propose a deal to an unhappy tattoo client to get another tattoo from the same artist that previously maimed them. I see your co-host Oliver Peck throw up the devil horns gang sign nearly every show. The tattoos you promote simply are toxic to our bodies, and I have observed that many of the children I serve with autism have parents that are tattooed heavily…coincidence?…too many toxins/toxicity = autism…

    Self-proclaimed narcissist Dave obviously had an agenda to discredit Isaac, but in the process simply discredited & exposed himself further to anyone in the know. To people aware we are being conspired against, Dave’s manipulation & propaganda was so obvious.

    I wonder if Dave manipulated Isaac’s haywire phone line connection when he asked him “Isaac, what is my standing in the overall plan” which required Isaac to call back into the show and put Isaac in the position for annoying the listener with his poor connection and programming people to think that this Isaac guy just is inept… and Dave hoping that it would rattle Isaac in the process and make it even easier to sabotage him further in the interview…

    Examples of Dave speaking truth in plain sight.
    – Saturn iconography can be found within a myriad of corporate logos and emblems throughout the world.
    – Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun (favored number of ELites..)
    – Mocking Isaac when he says responds to Isaac saying he believes the NSA is tapping his phone Dave responds sarcastically “because you are such a threat” (yea Dave, truth is threatening – especially truth that exposes the lies…& it is common knowledge we are all at risk of being listened to on our phones)
    – Thousands of years is a long time for people to be taking over the world…we are getting impatient
    – If I confirm, I am blowing my cover. If I deny, I appear less mysterious
    – Frankly I am tired of this consciousness
    – I do know a little too much…
    – You see the same mathematical themes throughout nature. What’s that Fibinocci thing (totally obvious that he knows exactly what he is referring to when he says that…total manipulation…)
    – What was it…1947? (Um, you know it was 1947 Dave, 47 is a favorite number of your gang…CIA founded in 1947…totally exposing yourself when you through out that number oh so innocently…)
    – When I talk to my pals I go to this grove and we burn a big owl, I don’t want to get into what that’s all about…
    – The illuminati doesn’t want equal rights, they want to stay high away with their own secret locked up hidden agenda. Equal rights would mean that there is nothing enlightened about them, illuminated. Their goal is to be the illuminated ones, and have everyone else be controlled.
    – (how does Dave influence people?) Through the tattoos. Reaching out to a mass market of people and getting them used to seeing that kind of iconography and symbology and getting their minds programmed and used to seeing that so when it comes down to push comes to shove and its time for the big change it is already palatable to them…
    – I’m gonna have to talk to the boys at the elk club there…
    – (CNN) That’s part of the master plan…
    – That hidden agenda…that’s my business…you’ll find out…believe me…
    – (Mourning Son) There are flash frames within the film very subliminally, the eye doesn’t catch it, but it puts subliminal messages into the viewer…

    Cronies/Sidekicks truth in plain sight (talking to Dave):
    – Dude, you are letting out secrets.
    – Plus, you (Dave) are part of the Illuminati so you would know these things
    – Which is a very hip Illuminati place to see a movie…in a cemetery…
    – (to Dave) You are pretty knowledgeable about all this stuff…
    – Maybe they don’t really die though…
    – It’s the subliminal cult message…
    – Why did we nuke the moon? (referring to Project A119?…mirror image 911…)
    – movie director: Did you see any of the hidden symbolism? I packed it!
    – movie director: did you notice in certain scenes he wasn’t wearing the hexagram…what does that mean?!
    – This is how the Illuminati works bro, they get you under their wing, they invite you into the fold, make you feel comfortable. (Dave: make him feel included, play to his ego a little bit)

    Examples of Dave’s propaganda lies
    – Perry “went crazy” about crop circles…which we all know…um… is not…duh…there is not a shred of truth to any of them (stumbling upon words indicates higher probability of a lie)
    – He is aware of controlled opposition as he (jokingly) accused Isaac of being a double agent and “soldier for Lucifer’s army” while his sidekick called Isaac a Nazi propaganda machine.
    – He keeps the topics focused on topics that are easily dismissed and/or favorites of controlled opposition (videos on UFO TV, secret space, David Icke, aliens, life outside of earth, Roswell) and propaganda (big bang, nuke the moon)
    Dave and his cronies appear increasingly impressed and surprised with Isaac’s intelligence and ability to persist in the interview despite their sabotage. They can’t believe “the unilluminated” are still intelligent when we have been poisoned in every possible way (food, water, air, vaccines), brainwashed to be stupid, and don’t even have the benefit of “the ELite” to call upon an MK “altar” personality that has a superior memory.

    I felt literally sick to my stomach after listening to Dave and his sidekicks…this is what the controllers do…sit around and laugh at the “unilluminated”…

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  4. More Beyonce symbolism in her new vid:

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  5. SIA’s new garbage, MK ULTRA themed. And what is that hashtag “weareyourchildren”? What and whose children? Those from CIA underground bases? Those at random but still brainwashed, used and abused? Bottomline (message of the vid) = theres no escape from MK ULTRA.

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  6. Hey there! I am new here! I really want you to do articles on Kpop boygroups such as BTS and EXO. Kpop is highly saturated with Satanic symbolisms. The reason l specifically named this 2 groups is because all of their music videos and short films are linked and the fans try to their meanings .There has some articles about EXO but none about BTS. I actually moved from Western pop culture to Asian one because it was heavily infiltrated by Illuminati. Turns Korean pop culture is no better! What is worse is that rarely anyone is exposing them and it is continuing to grow all over the world even in America as the few ones who tired of acts such as Miley Cyrus move to K-Pop (Korean Pop) as it is much more colourful, fun, unique, sexy in a classy way, and toned down. I hope you keep my request.Thank you

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  7. I was wondering what your take is on writers? Ive noticed Clive Barker and Stephan King have a lot of refrances as does Harry Potter & A case for murder. Have you read these books? Posted on other page but read a recent book by Bryn Hammond http://www.brynhammond.co.uk and he seemed to become pop over night his works done by miamifoxpublishing.co.uk and looks like they are illuminati supporters.

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    • They are also ruining the economy to trigger an elimination of the America
      as we know it, so they can round up, and exterminate everyone who knows too
      much. They caught me once. In 1959 my buddy and I met a homeless banished
      ex-lodge member. He told us all the big secrets. In 1962 I wrote them in a
      high school term paper, got a 98% for it, graduated with honors, and joined the
      Meanwhile, the instructor of that class sold my term paper in the term paper
      black market, the wrong people read it, they hired detectives to hunt me down,
      and they zeroed in on me in the Army. They gave me Hell, the Clockwork Orange
      treatment, by large doses of LSD, while being forced to watch horrible films of
      human torment.
      But before doing that, they bragged to me how powerful they were: the modern
      “conspiracy theory”. Before the modern conspiracy theory, the “conspiracy
      theory” was that rich Jews controlled the world’s economy. I wrote a twenty page
      report and mailed it to the John Birch society, in 1972. Then the John Birch
      society published what I sent them which became the modern conspiracy theory.
      The Clockwork Orange treatment I was given, by large doses of LSD, went
      much further than they expected. Not only did I live the torments of all the
      people in the films they showed me, I lived the times, when I saw them, of every
      person and animal I had seen, even in the movies and on TV. After that life I
      found myself back in time, back in Valley Forge Army Hospital where it happened
      again, but, I also body switched into the bodies of all I had seen in that life,
      for the periods of time I had seen them. Then the life after that, I was able to
      remember some of the mistakes I made the last time around.
      On September 17, 1970 I got stung by a bumble bee, while I was deep in the
      forest. I am allergic to bees, and soon I passed out, waking up, what seemed
      instantly, six hours later. This turned out to be a great blessing, for the next
      time around, after another life time, I woke up back where I had passed out from
      the allergic reaction. But, I had great mind power there and used it to defend
      myself, but later, got so much mind power that my every thought manifested as my
      reality, and I couldn’t handle it. I ended up body switching again, and found
      myself back in Valley Forge Army Hospital, and started again from there.
      This series of pairs happened 36 times, giving me an existence as who I
      am, for over 5000 years, by going backward and forward in time so many times.
      This was done to me for printing in a term paper what a banished lodge ex-member
      told me, which can be put in medical terms today in one sentence,
      So, even though I was threatened to be put in Hell permanently, each time,
      I have done everything in my power to spread these secrets. Here is another
      example: We are drawn to the probability timeline resonant to our thought, by the
      attractive force of inductive resonance. Vagal stimulation wakes up the brain to
      more than the normal 10% brain use. This means 10% brain use at any one time,
      like, an MRI shows the most used parts of the brain by patches of colored light,
      but, these move around, so that we average 10% brain use, if we are “normal”.
      But, with 10% brain use or less we must earn what we get; 20% to 29%, an
      appropriate ritual will get us what we want; 30% to 39%, writing down what we
      want will get it; 40% to 49%, saying what we want will get what we want: “If you
      have the faith of a mustard seed and SAY to this mountain move, it shall be
      moved”, you go to the timeline where the mountain is elsewhere. But, 50% is the
      tipping point to every thought manifesting as your reality.
      Dr. Hugh Everett found these probability timelines, sideways in time, but,
      he failed to call this direction a dimension. Dr. Albert Einstein defined time
      to be the fourth dimension, for science. Dr. Hugh Everett could have defined
      this direction sideways in time to be the fifth dimension, but, he didn’t,
      probably pressured not to due to this being the secret of sorcery, probability
      Dr. Lisa Randall defined that direction through the variously bent
      timespaces to be the fifth dimension, for science, leaving the direction
      sideways in time to be the sixth dimension, but, it hasn’t been officially
      established in formal science.
      Waking up the brain to higher percentages of brain use accesses globally
      bent timespace. It puts a field of globally bent timespace around us and in us,
      but fortunately, without the gravitational component. It does this by virtue of
      will times imagination being the power of the mind, just as force times velocity
      is power in mechanics, voltage times current is power in electricity, and
      temperature times entropy production rate is power in thermodynamics.
      Psychiatrists will admit to each other that this power of the mind is caused
      by entropy production rate, EPR, because more than 10% brain use is called
      “psychosis”. The psychiatric establishment in the Western world is a secret
      society, and have also signed a contract of secrecy for the cartel of secret
      It is a mathematical fact that the more links there are between the neurons
      of the brain, the higher the percentage of brain use. Real schizophrenia, is
      caused by the gene DISC1,
      causing the growth of more axons and dendrites between the
      neurons of the brain. If every neuron were linked to every other neuron, there
      would be 100% brain use. There are some schizophrenics with over 50% brain use,
      catatonic, but who’s entity is body switching in perinatal matrix three, Hell.
      But, anyone can cause the growth of extra axons and dendrites by memorizing
      tables of correspondences, like in Crowley’s “Book 777”, and in Barrett’s
      “Magus”. The first thing that magical secret societies have their neophytes do is
      to memorize such tables of correspondences. Later they have them do rigorous
      pranayama, without telling them how it works. Finally the supreme secret is
      revealed, that can be put in dignified medical terms today: “VAGAL STIMULATION
      The entropy of the universe being the proportion of photons to nucleons
      (Nucleons of exact opposite polarity cancel out into photons, when brought
      together), reveals that entropy production rate, EPR, is polarity cancellation
      By promoting the fast cancellation of opposite polarities, like by putting
      opposite polarities in a conductive electrolyte, like copper dissolved into
      copper acetate in salt and white vinegar, (The iron in the cytochromes of
      every cell is magnetically polarized counterclockwise in males, and clockwise in
      females), the field of globally bent timespace around it, when entered, will
      cause higher percentages of brain use.
      Such a device, called a “shekinah”, has been known to “freak out” a whole
      building of people just by being hid in a closet. This is the alchemical secret, for,
      by putting base metals in this solution, when, with a high EPR is called “the
      medicine of metals”, will change the metal into gold and other metals,
      that will be fluid in that solution
      so that they can be separated by gravity or inertia while still fluid, yet you
      can safely put your hand in this solution, that is, I did, and there is nothing
      wrong with me.
      Finally, I figured out how to get out of this Hellish cycle. I must have
      been in perinatal matrix three when I died to go back to Valley Forge Army
      Hospital. I must have been in perinatal matrix two to go back to September 17,
      1970. Next time, I must die in perinatal matrix one or in no perinatal matrix
      whatsoever. To understand these terms, you may go to https://www.holotropic.com
      and buy “The Adventure of self Discovery” by Dr. Stanislav Grof.
      What did I do for such evil to come upon me, when I was a teen ager. The
      Bible says, “The sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons”. In the one
      substance motion can only be in closed circuitry, that there be something to
      move out of the way and fill in behind. That is how karma comes back to us, even
      the karma associated with our genetics. The best thing to do is to find a way
      out of it. To become nonexistent.
      There are two things in the universe: energy; and, information, which is
      the conformation of energy. Energy is God. Being only information we can become
      nonexistent. Nothing in the Bible says we are immortal, rather, Satan in Eden
      did say “You shall never die”. The immortality of the soul dogma is Satanic. The
      Bible also says,
      “The soul that sinneth shall die”, “No man can keep his soul alive”, and, “Only
      He (God) is immortal”.

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    • A Luciferian secret society came to New England in 1638. They named and founded the town of Milton, MA, in 1640, after John Milton, who had glorified Lucifer, as a hero for Liberty, in his “Paradise Lost”, where Lucifer said, “I’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven”.
      This secret society fronted under a stone masonry business in East Milton Square. They established the first railroad in America, which first transported stone from the Quincy Quarries to Boston.
      They built the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, and the Boston Public Library. They built the Milton Town Hall and artifices around the town of Milton.
      During the China Trade period they acquired a big Chinese bell, which they used to threaten members that if any member betrayed them they would have their brains shattered in the bell by ringing it.
      It looked like a horrible death. The victims would convulse and all kinds of disgusting things, but, just one lesion in the arising reticular formation of the medulla oblongata guarantees an absolutely painless death.
      They came to be known as the “Order of the Bell”. It was Adam Auschwept’s “Illuminati” who joined them. The Order of the Bell was the original One World Order as we know it today.
      President George Bush senior was born in a big gray mansion on Adams Street, near the base of Adam’s Hill. Up further was the China Trade Museum where the Bell was kept during the last part of the Twentieth Century.
      When the China Trade Museum closed up, the Bell was moved to the Peabody Museum where it may be seen to this day.
      Catholic politicians tore down the Milton Town Hall, because of its “Satanic” symbolism, and today the only remaining conspicuous symbolic artifact of the Order of the Bell is the “Flos Abysmi”, .)i(. ,on the key stone of the mausoleum in Milton Cemetery.
      But, the Order of the Bell continues to rule the One World Order throughout the world. Before 1970, the only conspiracy theory was that the Jews were trying to rule the world.
      But, the John Birch Society paid attention to a crank mail which contained twenty pages about the Order of the Bell. Then, after checking it out as best as possible, the John Birch Society was the first to declare the modern Conspiracy Theory, and it spread as it has today.
      The “Illuminati” joined them. They called themselves the White Right Hand Path, and their hierarchy the Great White Brotherhood. Hitler belonged to several of their minor lodges, including the Thelemites, to which Stalin and Mussolini, were also members. Mugabwe is also a member, and the falcon on the Zimbabwean flag is the Thelemite Ra Hoor Khuit. Crowley’s Liber Al Vel Legis (“Liber Evil Legis”) is their bible. You can see what you are dealing with!
      The original Luciferian doctrine of these Luciferians from England was based on the Gnostic doctrine that the creator, demiourgos, of this physical world, was the most evil being; and that Lucifer protested having been created to suffer the unpleasantries of existence.
      According to this theory, Lucifer and his Rebellious Angels, weren’t thrown out, they escaped. The Yorubas today also say that the creator, Ela, is the most evil being.
      The Sumerian Jupiter’s name is written today, Marduk, but, it was actually Marad Ak, meaning, the Great Rebel. And, the rest of his companions, the pantheon of “gods”, Their supreme grand secret may be simply written today in medical terms, “Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD”. Spread it so that shame may dissolve their organization forever.

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  8. Also clive barker has it littered all over his site http://www.clivebarker.info both are british. Just wondered your take. Seems to be coming at us more and more from all areas of entertainment.

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  9. Dave Navarro is Illuminatti but this goes beyond the illuminati are not only satanicos, if not who are also involved with child pornography, human trafficking, drug trafficking and other crimes more. Dave Navarro became a millionaire not only playing a guitar that does not believe that anyone, Dave Navarro is a mafioso disguised superstar like all Illuminati belonging to the world of entertainment. because no one say that? Dave Navarro that distributes bribes and so the press is silent. Dave Navarro has a long list of crimes but for years has been in charge of distributing money in exchange for silence. I would like to also tell that part, but only count the part that they are Satanists and forget or pay them to not have to comment on the illuminati. Dave Navarro is a wolf in sheep’s clothing is an expert player in pretend what is not is a big seller of lies.

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  10. I haven’t listen yet but am going too.

    I also need to read your site further to see why you think perverts and drug addicts like Dave Navarro would be part of anything. These people serve only two purposes that I can see. Puppets used to change the culture and for their own personal amusment. Probably plenty of sexual abuse of the young females in music and film.

    But Dave Navarro isnt’ being consulted on interest rates or immigration or some infastructure project or anything of real significance. The noise he makes is a literal distraction. He serves a purpose but it’s a limited and minor one.

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  1. Dave Navarro vs. The IlluminatiWatcher Isaac Weishaupt: Dark Matter Radio - […] UPDATE 31AUG2016: Dave Navarro gave me permission to share our conversation with you- and it is now available on…

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