CTAUC Podcast: I Killed JFK with Barry Katz

In today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we are joined by the great Barry Katz!

He is the executive producer of the documentary: I Killed JFK and we’ll learn MUCH more about this conspiracy as he reveals the cover-up to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.  There are many theories online about JFK but Katz believes his documentary is the revelation of the truth:


Until now, no one has ever confessed to the murder of JFK, and most people still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the killer. After the public sees this monumental theatrical release, I am confident that the greatest mystery of my generation will finally be revealed...” -Executive Producer Barry Katz.


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You can watch a trailer for the documentary and get more information on where it is screening on IKilledJFK.com.

SYNOPSIS—Coinciding with John F. Kennedy’s 100th birthday, this SPECIAL DOCUMENTARY event, focusing on the world’s greatest unsolved murder case, entitled I Killed JFK, features two interviews with the only living person to have ever confessed to killing President John F. Kennedy from the now infamous “Grassy Knoll” in Dallas, Texas. This extraordinary night, also features never before seen, recently found, rare footage and in-depth testimony from 20 different respected experts and historians.

Additionally, as an added bonus, immediately following the documentary, this special evening continues, featuring an EXCLUSIVE PANEL DISCUSSION, filmed this month, with some of the most respected JFK assassination experts in the world including Judyth Vary Baker (Oswald’s lover and author of the best selling book Me and Lee), Gordon Ferrie (US government, intelligence, and national security expert), Barr McClellan (Best selling author of the book Blood, Money, and Power), Zack Shelton (Retired FBI Special Agent), and Jim Marrs (1963 Dallas Journalist and author of the New York Times best seller Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy which was a basis for Oliver Stone’s film JFK).

This amazing documentary (and panel discussion immediately following) that has been 4 years in the making, will present an alarming compilation of indisputable evidence previously unavailable to the worldwide public. I Killed JFK will also feature a multitude of interviews with eye-witnesses, crime experts, law enforcement officials, national security experts, and FBI agents who will discuss the viability of the confession of the alleged killer, as well as, all of the people and organizations responsible for JFK’s assassination.

Don’t miss it! – Wednesday May 31st – One Night Only – Limited Tickets Available


You can also catch up with Barry Katz on his Twitter feed HERE, check out his podcast called Industry Standard on iTunes (a ‘must-listen’ if you enjoy stand up comedy), or read his bio on IMDB.


In the show we get into the JFK conspiracy, some of the key figures surrounding this groundbreaking new theory, the footage that supports, and even President Donald Trump’s involvement!

It’s never too late to find out the truth…“- Barry Katz

When President Trump says he’s going to drain the swamp; well what do you think is at the bottom of the swamp?…” -Barry Katz

Without further delay- here’s the show!

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  1. Lot of people were involved in the JFK hit, CIA, Mafia and anti-Castro Cubanos. Of course the KILLuminati….they didn’t like that he printed US Notes.

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