COVID Spiritual War: Baphomet Ritual of Solve Et Coagula & Trump’s Mystery Letter!

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we breakdown what could be the trigger for the Apocalypse Spiritual Battle of 2020! Find out how the COVID pandemic connects with the Baphomet, alchemy, and the New World Order! We’ll break down a letter from Archbishop Vigano to President Trump that makes a whole lot of claims that will make you think twice about conspiracy being just a theory! We’ll do a deep dive into what the Baphomet is, what it’s Solve et Coagula phrase means, and how the occult belief system is manifesting in 2020! TRIGGER WARNING- this one is hot!!!!

***Also- within HOURS of me recording this show and saying I don’t believe they’d attempt taking down statues of Jesus Christ, THEY ACTUALLY STARTED TALKING ABOUT IT. I was WRONG.



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Archbishop Vigano is one of the few in the Heirarchy who has dared critiise and rebuke Bergolio, whose Papacy he described as “this FAILED Pontificate” (my capitals), so I trust him.
    As far as I’m concerned,Bergolio is not a genuine Christian,never mind a Catholic and was not chosen by the Holy Spirit,but by the cohort of agents of the Adversary that have infiltrated the RCC over decades and who now hold the balance of power. They have now so weakened our Church with their corruption and immorality that the Laity are divided;many of us feel abandoned altogether, except for a few courageous and faithful clerics like this good Archbishop. Bergolio is more concerned with pleasing the Wrold than pleasing God. He is more concerned with “climate change” and “interfaith” activism than with leading souls to Christ, which, as the successor of St.Peter,is his job,his sole puropse,his sacred DUTY!
    I was confused about him for years. I wondered had things he said been misinterpreted or taken out of context and I did not want to unjustly condemn the man at all but,I have sadly come to the conclusion, that Bergolio is a globalist, a Marxist and maybe even a Freemason.He occasionally throws us Laity a scrap of Catholic theology just to keep us quiet, or to confuse us and keep us off balance, but all his unChristian acts and words have stacked up now and it’s clear to me he is a false shepherd,so Archbishop Vigano is right and no wonder he has had to go into hiding.
    Please Lord Jesus, send us holy, faithful and brave priests, who would give their lives for you and either convert Bergolio and his like,or remove them, as you see fit. Amen.

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