Conspiracy theories about Bobbi Kristina’s passing


Most people who visit don’t fully understand my angle of approach to the realm of conspiracy theories and Illuminati symbolism. I’m not the run of the mill theorist who goes wild every time he sees a triangle on a music video, but I do expose them and let the viewer make their own mind up whether or not they want to believe in an overarching conspiracy theory about it.

A little healthy skepticism goes a long way, so I try to express support for theories that seem plausible, while pointing out others that are more absurd. This leads us into the topic of this post; Illuminati Blood Sacrifices.


MANY people online will jump to the conclusion that any sort of death MUST be an “Illuminati blood sacrifice”, but I’m a bit more leery. If I see an overwhelming amount of “evidence” or maybe just an interesting connection I might make a post about it (e.g. Paul Walker, Philip Seymore Hoffman, Robin Williams, or Joan Rivers).

For the most part though, I find it in poor taste to use the passing of celebrities as a way of explaining occult symbolism or conspiracy theories. Regardless of who we think this celebrity is, or what they’ve done in their lives; they were still loved ones to their friends and family. I realize that there is a bit of hypocrisy in all of this, but sometimes I see things that are just too strong to ignore; which leads us into Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Bobbi Kristina Whitney Houston WO


Why is there even a conspiracy theory?

Like I said earlier; anytime a celeb dies, the internet goes ablaze with theorists clamoring about Illuminati-this or Freemasonic-that. One thing that they get right is the fact that Bobbi Kristina’s mother, Whitney Houston, died in a very peculiar manner. She was found dead in a bathtub on the night of the Grammys on February 11th, 2012 at the age of 48 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in L.A. The autopsy revealed she had several drugs in her system like Xanax, pot, and Flexeril; but they still ruled it a drowning.

How does one die from drowning in a bathtub anyhow?… During the 2015 Super Bowl Nationwide insurance had a commercial that depicted this very act with a child drowning in a tub, but that’s a far cry from a 48 year old woman.

nationwide bathtub


Her friend Clive Davis held a pre-Grammy party which proceeded as planned as they partied in the same location where they found Whitney’s body just hours prior (exactly four floors below Whitney’s room). Chaka Khan would later go on Piers Morgan to explain how distasteful it was, how Whitney would’ve opposed it and she also called it “insanity.”

Chaka Khan Piers Morgan Whitney WO


One thing I must mention is the fact that just one night before Whitney’s death in the bathtub, her daughter Bobbi Kristina was ALSO found unconscious in a bathtub in the SAME hotel…


The Ritual Obsession

Like I’ve covered many times before on this website, these award shows and highly viewed events are used as rituals. The Illuminati practice occult magick and the first rule of magic is that it requires a “participating” audience. This is why they are so out in the open with these symbols and rituals; they require you as the viewer to participate.

Whitney was supposed to perform “Jesus Loves Me” at the Grammys, which was in stark contrast to the agenda the other performers of that night had. For example, that was the night Nicki Minaj did an exorcism of her alter ego, Roman Polanski while wearing the outfit of the Scarlet Whore of Babylon with a mockery of the Pope by her side. Perhaps this explains one theory of her passing.

NIcki Minaj grammys levitation WO


The dates are of much importance for these rituals, as we saw with the passing of Philip Seymore Hoffman on Imbolg; a sacrifice holiday the pagans used to observe at the beginning of February. When I saw that Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a bathtub (again), the hairs on the back of my neck stood up because it all happened around Imbolg.

The family is now claiming they will be removing Bobbi Kristina’s life support at the stroke of midnight on Feb. 11th, 2015; aligning her passing with her mother’s. The fact that we’re observing both of these deaths occur at this same time really makes it stranger than fiction.


*UPDATE: It appears that these were false rumors. You can see on this NYPost article headline that it was in fact the ‘story’ until it wasn’t:

Bobbi Kristina headline WO

What’s also strange about this timing was that Lifetime channel premiered a bio about Whitney Houston just days before Bobbi’s incident.

Some of the Watcher community out there have made some interesting theories about the possible fulfillment of Whitney’s sacrifice through the passing of the daughter as well; suggesting it is a certain ritual that requires all of the female goddesses to pass through water.

In fact, we saw the promo picture for the film with Angela Bassett holding her hands in a strange way; an inverted triangle which implies the feminine divine, or the water goddess:

Whitney Houston bio Angela Bassett Triangle Inverted WO

I recently made a post about a music video from A$AP Rocky that featured some strange Illuminati symbolism, and much to my surprise I found a much more disturbing and profound link to Whitney and Bobbi:

A couple of years ago I covered the Illuminati symbolism of A$AP Rocky’s “Long Live A$AP” music video, and when I took another look at it today, I was shocked to see a symbol that I covered as the pillars of Boaz and Jachin; which mark the entrance to a new, mystical, transformative place:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom ASAP Rocky 5

These pillars are also the same symbols we saw in my expose of Die Antwoord as well:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Die Antwoord Black White Pillars

…which also had symbolism of the bathtub as well, and Ninja pointing to the tub to show its importance:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Die Antwoord fink you freaky sex magick

So we see the bathtub around the mystical pillars of transformation from both artists that openly talk about Satanic rituals:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom ASAP Rocky 5

You’ll notice that all of these ‘works of art’ with the bathtub symbolism also feature various magick symbols,which is what suggests the occult links. Was it any surprise that Whitney Houston’s daughter was found unconscious in a bathtub; just like her mother (not once, but TWICE)? I think not. Take a look at the conspiracy theories behind Bobbi Kristina’s passing and see what you think. Was it a coincidence that Nationwide insurance had a controversial commercial during the 2015 Super Bowl that depicted a drowning death of a child?:

nationwide bathtub

Is this why we also saw Tupac with the Mark of the Beast ‘X’ over his face, while he was in a bathtub; shortly before his death:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tupac 2pac bathtub bitch X mark beast WO


Tbone hit me up on Facebook and blew my mind when she reminded me of the scenes from the film, Constantine where he uses the bathtub as a ritual used to transition over to Hell. Some forums are claiming this is an actual occult ritual (given the New Age links to suggesting that water can hold thoughts, emotions, etc.), so perhaps we’re getting really close to the truth…

Constantine Bathtub Ritual to Hell


I’ve written a comprehensive post that looks at this exact concept in DECODING ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISM: WATER AND THE OCCULT BATHTUB so check that out for more details.

Coordinates Alignment

Something else worth looking at is how the family is seeking to align the energies of Whitney and Bobbi. Like I mentioned they wanted to time the deaths to the same day, but we can also look at the importance of the coordinates.

Whitney Houston was found dead at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California; while Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in her home at Roswell, GA. Besides the obvious name-game of Roswell being the same town name as the location of the 1947 alien invasion (which is tied to Aleister Crowley’s evocation of E.T. entities and such), we can also see that these two locations line up geographically.

The line of latitude in which the Beverly Hilton hotel sits is 34 degrees north. The same is true for Roswell, GA. Could it be that this is truly a ritualized blood sacrifice? Why are all of these things lining up perfectly?

US Latitude WO


A More Grounded Conspiracy

If you want to take a more rational approach, you could see that there are some seriously disturbing things afoot. For example, when Bobbi was first found, we were told she had a husband named Nick Gordon. Now they’re saying they were never married. This only came up after they decided they would have to determine Whitney’s estate (upwards of $20M+), which begs the question of who stands to gain financially from this?

As of this post, the police are investigating foul play because they believe she has injuries that were inflicted before she was in the bathtub. Nick Gordon was allegedly being labeled a suspect, which will surely link him into conspiracy theories that he was her handler all along (he was in fact involved with Bobbi since she was 12 years old, with some claiming she was Whitney’s secret son which would be like incest). Just a couple of years ago Nick was referring to Bobbi as his “lil sis” in tweets and such, so who know what the deal is. Whitney Houston’s mother, Cissy, tried to separate Bobbi from Nick years ago, citing him as a “bad influence” on her.

Bobbi Kristina NIck Gordon WO



It Always Leads Us Back Here: Age of Aquarius

If you were to believe there is some kind of occult significance to all of this, I believe it’s tied into the ushering of the Age of Aquarius. This new age is synonymous with Crowley’s Aeon of Horus, or the New Age movement; it’s all different masks on the same face.

Some theorists claim that the bathtub is symbolism that we find from the entertainment industry that proves one has sold out to the Illuminati. When men do it, they call them “bathtub bitches” because this means they are willing do homosexual acts (even though they aren’t gay) because the Illuminati are into these sex magick rituals.

Take a look at Tupac, for instance, who has his arms in an ‘X’ across his face which implies that he’s partaking of the Mark of the Beast symbolism:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tupac 2pac bathtub bitch X mark beast WO

I’ve laid out the entire human sacrifice agenda (and ironically I talked about the Whitney Houston bathtub occult symbolism as well) in its entirety in my hip hop conspiracy book, SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC. Not only did I mention this specific bathtub-buggery, but I go into all of the other strange deaths in the hip hop community (e.g. Left Eye Lopez from TLC, Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, etc.).



Some disturbing updates

Bobbi’s friend revealed that she was deathly afraid of bathtubs since her mother’s passing in one, which leads to more allegations of foul play (or ritualistic sacrifice). From

Now, Debra Reis Brooks — a friend of Bobbi Kristina’s — is speaking out and sharing her concerns. She doesn’t think Bobbi Kristina got into that bathtub on her own because she says Bobbi’s been afraid of bathtubs ever since her mom Whitney Houston passed.

via Radar Online:

“Things occurred in my house I wish I didn’t see or hear,” Debra Reis Brooks tells in a shocking new interview about the morning her friend Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unresponsive in a bathtub of water — and she’s actively working with police on the ongoing criminal investigation.

Brooks reveals that the facts of that fateful last Saturday in January just didn’t add up in her mind. “As I’m observing things and words, I started to think, ‘Wait a minute, I still didn’t get it,’” explains Brooks, who Brown affectionately called “Mama Deb.”

At first, Brooks thought her friend Brown, who suffers from seizures, may have slipped and knocked herself unconscious, but she began to have serious doubts.

As her suspicion grew, she recalled Brown, 22, had stopped bathing in a tub — still traumatized by the February 2012 accidental drowning death of her mother, Whitney, at the Beverly Hilton.

“I didn’t think foul play, but thinking how Krissi got in that tub. It didn’t make sense,” Brooks tells Radar. “Krissi never took a bath, ever ever! She was deathly afraid of bathtubs. No way Krissi would have drawn a bath, no way.”

Her drug dealer, Steven Stepho, died from an overdose in the mean time, while her cousin; Jerod Brown has been tweeting some ominous clues…

Jerod Brown Bobbi Kristina tweet


Bobbi Kristina passed away on July 26th, 2015. Rest in peace.

After a Facebook friend notified me of the suspicious symbolism of the funeral home in question, I decided to run another update to this post. Take a look at the Egyptian symbolism found at the New Jersey Whigham Funeral Home:

Whigham Funeral Home Egyptian Symbolism Bobbi Kristina

As it turns out the owner of the Whigham Funeral Home is Charles Whigman; a prominent Freemason as per his bio:

Charles also served as President of the Essex County and Union County Funeral Directors Association, Past Master of Trinity Lodge #33 Prince Hall Affiliate F&AM, Trustee of the Newark Boys and Girls Club, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and the New Jersey Council of Churches. He was a member of numerous organizations including Greater Newark Chamber of Commerce, Renaissance of Newark Inc., City of Newark Fiscal Advisory Board, Newark Economic Development Corporation, the 100 Blackmen, the Frontiers and the NAACP.

Prince Hall Mason Whigham Bobbi Kristina

…which explains why the funeral home has so much Egyptian symbolism throughout; as Freemasons study from the same mystery schools that the ancient Egyptians did (and arguably ancient Atlanteans as well):

Whigham Funeral Home Egyptian Symbolism Bobbi Kristina 2


A nurse that was caring for Bobbi Kristina turned out to be using a fake identity (ringing bells in my head of a staged actor…). The news claims it wouldn’t have affected her care anyways- but it seems a bit too odd. Here NBCNews:

Police said Sobamowo, 32, was impersonating a licensed nurse with a similar name and faces charges that include identity fraud and nursing without a license. 

In a statement, Homestead Hospice CEO Mallie Sharafat said the company performed a background check and reviewed references from other health care agencies in the area. The company contracts with the hospice to provide care employees. 

“We had no reason to believe that she was anything other than a good nurse with proper credentials,” Sharafat wrote. “As soon as the credentialing discrepancy was discovered by one of our employees, we immediately took action and notified the appropriate authorities.


In Conclusion

So what do you think? Is it a highly orchestrated conspiracy to usher in the Age of Aquarius that I spoke of? Is that why we saw these two “diva-goddesses” being sacrificed in bodies of water (the Aquarius age is signified by water and the feminine goddess water carrier)? Bobbi was working on releasing inspirational love music before she passed away so she would be joining the likes of Tupac who sought to leave the Death Row label with its violent thug message and Michael Jackson who desperately wanted to disconnect from “the machine.”

Or is it a more rational theory that she was another tragic victim of domestic violence? Sound off on the comments below and let me know what you think. I’d like to see if I’m the only one who feels conflicted on looking into these morbid topics. I’d like to think that if these people truly are victims, we could expose the handlers and occult practitioners before it happens again.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my START HERE page where you can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and get links to some free resources.

-Isaac Weishaupt




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  2. Nothing strange Id say, to “them” its simply routine, just another ritualistic death

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    • Exactly. Before throwing around what the media is saying, why not wait a while and get the response from the family? They’ve already said there are no plans to pull life support and they definitely wouldn’t do it on the anniversary of her mother’s death. People die. Like you said, why is there conspiracy to begin with? We all knew Whitney had a drug problem, and why wouldn’t Bobbi have a habit of taking baths if that’s what her mother does? Also, children a lot of times pick up their parents’ drug habits too. It all just seems like coincidence to me. The only thing that really stands out is knowing that Clive Davis still threw a party despite knowing someone that was close to him died. It shows how heartless people in this industry are. I really feel sorry for Bobbi and I hope she pulls through, finds some peace for her mother’s death, gets some therapy and moves on to a more productive life.

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  3. This all creeps me out so badly. I agree with you (the author)– I dont jump to Illuminati every time a celeb dies. I didnt even know Philip Seymore Hoffman was being looked at in that way til I read this. I figured heroin was the culprit. But this is just too damn scary. To die the SAME WAY your mom died? Who even takes baths anymore? No one really. Especially if you are a young jobless motherless drug addict with endless cash and a huge home. You arent going to be keeping up on hygiene and you arent going to make many public appearances. (I used to be a pill and heroin addict, so I know.) I think someone killed Bobbi and is now trying to pin it on Nick. They arent really married, so if Nick killed her for money.. then he would make sure they were legally married first. Right? I mean, since she is the only heir to Whitneys 100 million $ fortune. I wana know where that money is going to go now. Maybe the family members should be examined intensely. See who is the most entitled and greedy. Maybe they did it to her. Its a gross thought, but this industry is evil and dirty. And her family wasnt close to her anymore..they wanted Nick out of there! They could be just like Michael Jacksons family. They were all fighting and going crazy on each other over his fortune and homes. (Even though its all with his kids now Im hoping.) This is just terrible. Someone makes millions and is then introduced to hell on earth. Its up to them if they want to enter that hell. You can say no to drugs, but many choose to say yes. And it ruins their rep. and their whole life. Bobbi Kristina had ridiculous role models: her awful parents and friends..and a gross, sloppy family. Whatever the explanation, we will never know. They wont tell us the full story I bet. Thats how you know its a conspiracy. If many of the details never come out and were left wondering forever….OR if they never make an arrest after a celeb is murdered. Let me know what you think of my thoughts!

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    • Yea- the bathtub similarities are far too strange. Nick and her allegedly had a past of domestic violence, so who knows. And yea, why wouldn’t he marry her if it was about the money?…

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  4. “The New World Order” , yes , it is all evil and you are right. Plus, Whitney Houston was worth more dead to Clive Davis , if you look at the video with Brandy and Monica, one wearing a t shirt with Whitney’s photo , will a man has a star tattoo, on his wrist, and the tie is being cut…Plus Whitneys dvd just was released and look at the timing, Bobby Kristina,,there is more money to be made…There are no coincidences. I have no Idol or Superstar I look up to anylonger, this world and the industry has changed from 20- 30 years ago, yet I believe, people like Janice Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix and many , were involved with Illuminati.. Look at the album “Blood on the Dance Floor” ,,Michael Jackson, years before the 9/11 attacks and it symbolizes 9/11..

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    • You make some good points! And I’m with you; I used to idolize these celebs but now they seem like pawns. Seems more pathetic than anything.

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    • Right underneath her mother’s room A floor below

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  5. What if Bobbi Kristina was set to be sacrificed before her mother? I mean, what if Bobbi would be Whitney’s sacrifice and for whatever reason it did not happen? And them decided to kill Whitney for desobey their orders. And now, three years later, what was set to happen before, is happening now, in the same way.

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  6. I didn’t know about the daughter being found in the tub the day before her mother, but it could have just been a false flag/practice for WH the next day. Since the daughter was the only beneficiary in the will, I thought back then she was very suspect, along with her n’er-do-well boyfriend. I thought the two might have planned the entire thing, and they were going to get married. Since they didn’t get married, I’m thinking BH did’t want to let the bf get too close to the money, or have a reason to kill her since she wouldn’t have been obligated by law to share the inheritance. He might have taken out an insurance policy on her though, or she might have been getting ready to blab and so he might have hushed her up the only way he knew how. Sorry to be so grim – I used to read a ton of Nancy Drew novels, and I guess I’m a conspiracy theorist.

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      • One of these comments gave me the idea of what if WH knew of her daughters’ pending sacrifice and then when they botched the first attemp at blood sacrifice The night before WH died. WH saw this as an opportunity to try and save her. So maybe WH took her own life that night in an attempt to appease the ritual and spare her daughter from her certain fate. If this is all true of course. I would lay down on the tracks for my own child. Seems more plausible that this could be what happened. Then they still sacrificed BC anyway because when you make a deal with the devil you have to pay the price and you don’t get to renegotiate the contract. At any rate, extremely compelling…like all of your posts. Too many anomalies to pass off as coincidence.

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  7. I am in the process of finishing up a presentation for a CHURCH conference, believe it or not, and will be covering this issue as I refer to to the public rituals as “the rise of the spirit of Babylon”. Of course, I’ll be covering a prophetic timeline from Nimrod to Mystery Babylon and the apostasy of the church. I hope I might be permitted to use this perspective in my teaching? I try to stick to information that is collectively consistent (been studying for 14 years) and can be followed without too much inconsistency. I am adament about stating what is opinion vs fact and allowing the audience to come to their own conclusions. Thanks for this!

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  8. I feel Bobbi may have already died on the 11th. They are just not mentioning it yet to avoid suspicions. Just a thought.

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  9. He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints -Rev 13:10

    Time to reap what they sow that is WH and BB, we don’t know what WH does to have all what she got during her years on earth.

    Illuminati at its peak bloody ritualism is what it is. God have mercy on us we ask this through our Holy saviour Christ; i wish all celebs could come to Jesus.

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  10. I think nick killed whitney..somehow then got into bobbi kris head….then waited til she got the first cut……..and killed bobbi….she had ta have water in her lungs

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      • From what I read Nick Gordon was the one who found Whitney Houston and he said he tried to revive her with CPR, but that had no effect. The same thing he said about Bobbi who also tried to revive her without success … Nick was in the two macabre scenarios …

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  11. And in all the pics I see of NG he look like the devil……hella evil I czn see it In his eyes

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  12. Why do we call nonsecret practices “occult”? To say publicly that we ate OTO isn’t really being so, is it?
    I can’t help but snicker at those that summon the devil for anything, expecting not to be devoured… Hello, its the dragon from hell!

    So, about Whitney and BK… I’d like to imagine that a celebrity could hit the rocks, fake their death and retire in real privacy. Let’s play that and pretend all the symbolism representing that to be in that aim.

    Would anyone really recognize Whitney shopping at Target or eating lunch at RedRobin? I’ve waited on famous people, and every time I thought them a ‘look alike’ then the star. I’m a little shy to adore or idolize a human. We fail a li’l often for my worship, really.
    Anyway, my point is, all the celebrities could be clerks where we shop and as long as they didn’t claim to be as much, most wouldn’t even notice them.
    A line from a recent popular drama where a man was advising another that it didn’t matter what the current king has written as history; when he became king, he too could write history the way he wanted to… How much money makes a ruler? How many loyal subjects(paid employees) must refer to them as ‘ruler'(or boss)?

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    • I hit a bad key…sorry
      Anyway, what if Whitney is worth enough to kill and give a new life to?
      And what if li’l BobbyK, tho adult enough to understand her mom’s wishes, yet not together enough to live with it?
      I wanna read the scene as if Whitney now has a new identity and BK’s decision making process is being presented as this coma… Here, BK may be allowed to die publicly yet live anonymously with her mother still in her life, with tabloid cash to keep them comfy or she can wake and make a life off the story of coming back from near death and a lengthy coma…still allowing others to bank too. That’s the key: making others “need” these stories to hold as much as the story teller. This is how we control history, by “popular account s”.

      Nick would be a simple pawn being manipulated to serve the premise and fall guy if needed.
      He acts out because, as complicated as he is, he can sense something is amiss… Going away to rehab isn’t dumb of him at all; tho, having the place chosen for him by others sounds hinky. If he is reported as having hung himself, I won’t be amazed.
      As for the occult displays, I do believe there is great power in our communication and cooperation. So, why not cure cancer, damn it? No?
      Casting a spell to make the Patriots win the Superbowl then? Nice.
      I am quite sure there are people out there that believe the Devil can be made our servant. Hell, I’ve read that Satan was actually the “creator” and ‘God’ our oppressor. See what we do? We reorientate things to our liking.
      Which makes “occult” behavior a mode of cliquishness egocentrics invent and enjoy, in my mind.
      Its fine until they look at those outside their little pissing-circle as entitlements or subjects… You here me, Rothchild’s?! These I could feed to flames all day. The jerks.
      Thanks for the space to say it all. Sorry it was so much.

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    • Interesting thought. And yea- it is kind of funny that we talk openly about ‘occult’ organizations huh? I suppose it’s because their practices are occult; not their organization. The fake death concept is interesting because a lot of celebs complain about fame so I can see that theory coming true. However, in today’s viral world I feel that someone would upload an image or video and out them.

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      • Sorry. I didn’t mean to poke at you or us, speak about the occult. I was poking at those who throw secret signs… Gah, its like the gang wars of the 80s all over again. Yawn.
        Do I believe ever tattooed tear drop a life taken? Nope. It seems more a magnet for trouble than a badge of courage. The tattoo itself used to mean really serious stuff. Now, it’s body graffiti at best. Selected and placed with just as much thought and long term consideration… Tho, I suppose a sign a person is socially oriented. I guess..
        Anyway, the hand triangle is dumb to me and I don’t fear anybody who relies on our paying attention because we only do it for so long and then look away. Its gotta be a hard job holding our attention. I see where mysteries, and Where’s Waldo sort of stuff can help.
        I don’t deny the power or jackholes using it… I just don’t believe for a second its many of the goofs that claim to.
        You are not goofy. They are.

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        • Speaking of tattoos- I saw a guy at the gym the other day with the triangle and eye inside of it tattooed on his arm. Yikes. Do you think everyone is starting to actually LIKE this stuff? Or is the CIA/FBI/NSA/etc. after me now! LOL

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          • Mm, the goons are watching, yes…

            And the crowd, they are real and with us.

            Shall we create a sign to recognize each other in public by?
            Nah…that’s for dicks.
            We aren’t dicks.IMO

            Tats and why: personal fancy.
            I have pals that so loved Ozzy Osbourne they tatted their adolescent hands just like his.
            No. These were not honor students. LOL

        • “OCCULT” isn’t the verb here, it’s the noun, describing supernatural beliefs and practises etc, not something that is occult from others.

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    • I am always that person who believes either some1 is murdered, or has had their death faked From Whitney all the way to JFK & Princess Di

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  13. Them both being found in a bath tub is very ironic,then they said she was face down like she was put in the tub by someone,sounds staged or like you said ritualistic.My gut is telling me that there is something very eerie about that nick character,I don’t trust him,he removed some jewelry from the house the day bobbie christina drowned he flashed it when he was on the dr. phill show.If he was busy preforming c.p.r like he said,why would he take time to remove jewelry? If he was so concerned about her why would you be worried about stealing jewelry if you was so busy doing c.p.r?

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    • I smell a perfect patsy. Perfectly unstable, ignorant and egocentric(this is as close to a learning disorder as we get). These are chumps for attention and material gains…

      Yes, he does have things to be guilty of. What exactly, I’ll bet he’s not even sure of, but obviously knows his life is at risk… I think he believes that Dr Phil is going to protect him. That’s how ignorant he is. Phil is owned by the same Kabul that owns Whitney… They all are.
      I see this son of a hanger-on of Whitney’s just like character ‘Rosemary’ in ‘Rosemary’s baby’, an implement made of meat.

      See, in my theory, mother and possibly daughter are orchestrating their death and rebirth away from fame,( but not fortune).
      Nick has to be controlled completely because young people are known to insanely seek their parent figure or lover when separated. He’ll never shut up about them. They were and are the best of him. I really think he may die in the wake of all this, though expect him to wait BK out.
      The family won’t let him see BK. Is this actually because he’d know that person sleeping is not her? I mean really! Even if he did beat her unconscious, who doesn’t rub a dogs face in his crap when its that bad? I’d let him see and make him eat from her colostomy bag all day as I seethed at him constantly: “Look what YOU did!”.
      I agree… There is a funny odor coming from over there.

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      • Interesting idea. The patsy always surfaces, and I do like your idea that he’s trying to reach out to Dr. Phil, but he’s in bed with the satanic inversion of Oprah- HARPO studios…

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    • Yea- kind of like Michael Jackson’s doctor doing CPR on top of the mattress. Uhh… was he really a doctor? I’ve taken a few CPR classes and I know you can’t get the pressure needed to do compressions on a mattress. And now we’ve got a jewelry thief conspiracy brewing…

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      • Have you ever discovered a loved one unconscious and not breathing… Its a rush unlike any other. Strangers manage CPR better.

        I’m not poohpoohing conspiracy, just that mal-cpr technique as evidence of it.
        It really hard to do even when skilled. I imagine the responsiblity of caring for famous people can effect a persons cool that poop hits the fan… Like you’d wanna just not be there… Ever.
        Thanks for sharing. Do more!

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      • all he is now is a boule freemason

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  14. Thanks for you kind reply. I know it sounds far out… But from my POV
    the media is just so crowded with nonsense, ads and flat out lies that it’s something to be used with great caution, discretion and critical thinking.
    The Brown’s did say they were making a ‘reality’ show…*snickers* Following BKB’s mom’s reality production, Honey Boo-boo and Jersey shore, mind you, what is their world gonna show to make us watch more than an episode? (Freaky…)
    Given where this ‘programming formula’ has gone already, the next generation will have to be pretty, say, “clever”.
    I’d think murder to be a story for ratings, but in the real world not so easy to do. It’s messy and it upsets us. (Hence ISIS’s videos) And its not socially adaptive behavior… Lol, I know, as if misanthrope-satan following dummies should care.
    I just figure, in time, it’d kill itself off and fade away. Evolution at its best?

    Now, I don’t think all the weird deaths are this way. I’m only suggesting that the media may be so easily manipulate and high-profile lives so isolated that surrendering an image(alter-ego) to live a different life doesn’t seem far fetched.(to me)

    Many do this in an opposite fashion going into fame. Vanilla Ice…Marilyn Monroe…Madoff. They were ‘invented’ or ‘conjured’ not born… Why not the other way around?

    I do recognize that some of us are magnetic to the attention of others and fading into oblivion isn’t possible. I think of Gary Coleman… Living a simple life as a security guard, then suddenly thrust into the mic & camera. We can really be mean to those we’d once coveted. It’s definitely bullying…and buttly.

    A post here offers that we won’t ever know what actually happened. I believe this…
    I also believe there are secret factions seeking to manipulate the masses. “Grown ups” are the initial exposure and where we learn “do as I say, not as I do” tactic and story manipulation stratagies to control behavior.
    Why would we expect anything different from our “square-faced babysitter” of today?
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Its interesting how symbols are made and change over time, like the swastika. Adolf botched it…
    Given the power behind these things and the fallible people messing in it, I absolutely understand those who organize to avoid the use or exposure to them. This, i see is our ultimate power. To acknowledge.
    It’s funny the things we think to breathe life into, sometimes…other times, damned scary.

    Thanks again for replying…so patiently and thoughtfully. You shine nice rays!
    Sorry again for blathering forever…

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    • Nah- I don’t think it’s blathering! I like this kind of dialogue. People on here drop some pretty good bits of knowledge. Very smart group; that’s why I always thank the community! Lots of great ideas on how to turn this b.s. agenda around.

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  15. Whitney, MJ, Tupac, were all silenced for the same reason they were high profile people that had started speaking out. These events are used as a distraction to keep people seduced. The most powerful people on the planet are known as the 13 families they control every aspect of human life on this planet. All the high ranking people in their fields are used by them religion politics etc. As of right now we are in a sabbatical cycle which started last year in September 2014 and ends in SEPT. 2015. A cycle lasts for 7 years in which the land and the people of the land must be forgiven of their debt. In every cycle some type of event has happen, in 2008 WALL STEET, GM, AND FORD were given a clean slate but not the people of the land. In 2001 you had 911 in 2015 I believe you will have the start of tribulation with a series of false flags occurring around the globe which will lead to the beast government. I might be wrong about all of this but only time will tell there will be no peace until the return of YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH. 12UNITEDTIBES

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    • The ‘people of the land’ are so many more than those who have most of the wealth… Why do we allow it? Why do we buy their garbage?

      I see our communication technology as the one eyed Antichrist figure… And when it receives the head injury, revelation says, that will be when poop starts really flying.
      Imagine the “squared face baby sitter” all at once broken.
      No ATM.
      No Wall st.
      No tweet,fb or texting.
      No TV…*wah* I love the boob tube!

      Its laughable that the same folks that were smart enough to visit the moon would be stupid enough to put all the eggs in one basket. Hubrus, I guess…

      Its all cyclical, I’m sure. I’m not afraid. Just really annoyed sometimes… We should be more intellectually and spiritually evolved by now, all of us. But no. We choose otherwise, and suffer the consequences. Cause and effect.

      Re, Tupac,Whitney and others like them:
      Its hard for me to see any of these lives being worthy of sacrifice… The gods like clean foods, I’d think. Not druggy blood. The Peaches Geldoff stories give me more pause, really. They’re buying groupie babies over there… I always thought Bob Geldoff odd in the wrong way.

      Thanks for reminding me of jubilee, I think its called. I wish we’d do it all the way sometimes and forgive everyone…But no. That’s not how money, the lord of all lords, works…right now.*elbow, wink,elbow*

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  16. l have hard n read all these ongoing illumi acts and my question whr is 2pac coz some say in Cuba and othrs dead due illuminati sacrifice.need yo rply plz coz am a follower n biggner, so i want know thx

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      • Whitney hours before he died was reading the bible in a conversation said that “Jesus is a nice guy, I really want to see Jesus, I will see Jesus soon” will be that she knew she was about to die too?

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  17. Tupac and Michael have been seen around… We are said to have doppelgangers.

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  18. Regarding sacrificial things, not too long ago we proclaimed corperations to have the same rights as a person. Would this make them and all the people that make up the whole eligible for sacrifice or to become an agent of hell raising, just like us?

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    • Haha, I like how you think my friend! Yes, that’s something that never occurred to me; corporations are people now. So what happens when one gets consumed by another? When a building gets burned down? It’s the holocaust.

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      • See, this is were I get the idea that The Antichrist could be embodied in more than just a human vessel…
        The writings describe ‘it’ to be so attractive, we won’t easily break our view from it. Ever tried to keep, or get the eyes of a child when cartoons are on? Its scary how fixated we can be on a thing that doesn’t cover, enhance or even protect our top three most basic needs, air-water-food. No.

        Check out the by products of making a cell phone battery, then go see what phones in landfills do to the ground water…its idiocy at best.

        We recycle stuff and vote for candidates that give a pro-ecology shine, but hardly follow anyone with a stick to see them to it. That would take our time…

        The worst event will be an absolute shut down of the entire electronic world. Those who are, say, electronically ‘meek’ or deprived need only avoid the ‘possessed’ to survive.

        As for the possessed: My li’l sister’s first power outage had her staring at the tv, waiting for it to come back for days… I expect many will be just like her, paralyzed in waiting.

        The devil is said to be an amazing seducer and cheat. The damn thing swooping away all the souls with a simple plasma screen flashing boobs and brawn to music sounds like nature than prophecy… Lol, tho it is damn sad.

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        • I could see that. Kids get hooked on handhelds and I’ve seen people try to take them away from them with not so happy results. They do get addicted to the electronics, so perhaps the devil is in the electrons. It could all flow into the transhuman agenda like I’ve been believing for some time now. They want to force us into a digital avatar world. THAT might be the “mark” of the beast…

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          • “The Mark” of the beast…
            What does ‘mark’ mean?(dog with a hair lip?)

            In poetry ‘mark’ isn’t always something that lays on our skin… The serpent don’t talk straight, so, ya gotta listen carefully. It says shit like: “…it depends on what the meaning of ” it” is…”(B.Clinton during the Lewinski grossness)

            Its about gaining our will away from what should really matter. The consequences are beside the point. Even if its for just a nano-sec, its still us not looking in the “right” direction. That’s all it takes when texting while driving, taking a call while bathing baby or adjusting the HiFi to play “Run this town” mega loud for the 666th time.

            ‘The Screwtape letters’ T.S. Lewis is a good description of the dynamic…
            Its all about mucking up our sense of harmony and contentment.

            So…Remember what the doorman said: “Keep your head…keep your head!”
            And. please, “Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel…”

          • Interesting- I was actually reading a book on C.S. Lewis some time ago *(but didn’t finish). I’ll look that one up.

  19. Interesting thoughts…

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  20. Sorry to have derailed this thread…
    Back to the topic, BKB:

    Alright, Folks; if there was a time to make a move to manipulate the fates, the lunar eclipse during spring equinox would’ve be a good time.

    The family did say they moved her to a nondisclosed location… This did happen over the equinox.

    I don’t think a ‘recovery-story’ is in the cards anymore.
    Sorry,B…I wanted all the options for you too. But the money will be better if you take a new I.D., anyway. BKB brand wasn’t gonna fly as it was.

    As for Nick: bye-bye…
    And his birth-mom..

    In a flat, non-mumbo jumbo world, I see BKB’s dad holding on to BKB for a group of emotionally based reasons. Itd be even between love&regret for his baby and then sticking it to his ex-in-law. The cherry on top would be our awareness and attention. I think the guy may really miss the 80’s…
    Whitney could have looked at where she was headed and decided to “relax and have a bath….wash all the filth away” and so did. Her manager/promoter was likely so disappointed & mad, he partied in spite of her.
    Many see suicide as a selfish act. I think they say this from the ego and not the heart. Ego hates pain. The heart sympathizes with it.
    Suicide isn’t adaptive behavior, no; however, it is the last thing we choose to do. In Whitney’s world on, that day this might have been all the lady had left to say: “eff ya all”

    High as she was said to be and as hot as the water was said to be, I can see her having a head-rush, slumping to her knees forward and…blub,blub.
    If you’ve been on painkillers and smoke ciggs you may understand the sort of “rush” I speak of. This in a vat of hot water would be dangerous for anyone.

    Back to BKB:

    If this is all a spell by Clive (& likely Cissy too…maybe Whitney was a “sacrificial groupie baby” that rebelled.
    That said, Id like to figure someone didn’t carry a digit over or something when mapping the
    So, they move the body to a newly calculated sweet spot. If this is witchcraft it deviates from the first law of everything: ” Keep it simple.”(yes, I made this up just now, but do believe most things are bound to this)
    Its all a huge mess now that can’t end well.
    BKB wont be shared with us anymore. Remember Terry Schivo?
    BKB is said to have less function than that…this is no longer interesting television. Its a snuff segment.

    Whatever the truth on earth may be, I hope there is a dimension that would allow washed-out entertainers to retire in privacy.
    So, when we see a set of ladies, one older and the younger looking like Bobby Brown as a girl; would we be polite and pass them by with a smile or acknowledge their look alike, steal pictures, post theories and such? Yeah, you bet…

    Peace be with and within us.
    Thanks for hosting this site… I hope I didn’t wreck it.

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    • Haha, no wrecking here my friend! I like to see how others view these conspiracy theories. By all means, let loose!

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  21. The vernal point doesn’t leave the sign of Pisces for a couple hundred more years, if not more. I dont get the age of Aquarius stuff at all. It would seem the illusionists are being duped themselves or just a bunch of misdirection in general. Either way, its all bullshit. Dont fear the reaper;-)

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  22. Isaac While they were holding her body hostage as a vessel for the jubilee sacrifice It marked the 43rd day in the year leaving 322 left Also please do not forget to note how plump & healthy Whitney Houston was prior Please do not deny the mind control smear for self-destruction/suicide Brintey style They were tearing her down just how they did Michael’s rep before she died Then to declare in her toxicology that she was high on a cocktail of nerve numbing drugs & cocaine on the counter PLEASE IT’s an obvious smear to cover the tranquilizing smorgasbord they had already killed her w/

    Her daughter was an obvious promise Every1 who gets on the wrong side of their degrees ends up w/ death on their head There’s a hitlist right now of people due for smears/career chaos/rehabilitation then murder They portray however is seen fit to either get them more money then or money after but when some1 is talking & rebelling against the propaganda & programming we’ll I don’t think they have much time to consider I believe they off you & channel your temple in front of us then work on whatever cover up to shock us w/ trauma after a ceremony that we already subconsciously participated in Just too asleep to realize

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    • They held her body until Feb 12th for that specific numerical reason of 322 days left in the year

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    • I think Mariah Carey is next

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      • Just saw San Andreas & daughters almost drowning are no different & sort of Moch Whitney Houston

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  23. I almost married a Mormon many years ago. I’m glad the marriage did not happen as I got know him I saw there were so many things we didn’t agree and it is interesting about the water being brought up. As he would often tell me that his father who as a deacon of their LDS church often told him that the ‘devil controls the water’.

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  24. Join the Illuminati today? My Name is Claria Arnold, contact our agent via email: You have to pass through our Agent Mr. Allen Smith who will give you instructions on how to become a full member of the Illuminati.

    Join us today to rule your world.

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  25. I do not understand these Iluminatis issues. In my layman’s view of things happened like this Whitney was a beautiful gift. The music industry knew right of this gift, because his family was connected with the industry. She was still a girl, she was delivered. Although be dazzled by the glare of fame, fortune, drugs she had a connection with God. So even with a lifetime mad she did not take the name of Jesus the lips especially after the birth of Bobbi Kristina. The industry did not like it, it was like a rebellion from her. She began to tire of fame and drugs were intensifying more and more, until it was at rock bottom. She turned to God and God helped her stand. Once standing she had to generate profit for industry. Then she was forced to do the tour in 2010. As she was stubborn she was, but used the tour to talk about the Lord and the great men of industry did not like and decided to close with her career. So she was killed in 2012. They wanted blood and soul. They had her blood, but not the soul. Then they plotted Krissy’s death for your soul and complete the unfinished sacrifice Whitney before superbol. But Bobbi Kristina is not dead, not dead yet … Nick Gordon was the instrument used for the two sacrifices and was incompetent, I think he may be the next … This is my opinion !

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  26. Someone mentioned that the music business had changed in the last 20 to 30 years and they are right, it has gotten darker and more blatant. But some of the symbolism you see in today’s videos showed up on on many album covers in the 70s (example: triangles on Abba & Earth, Wind and Fire album covers) and promo pics of celebrities. I have seen one of Michael Jackson as a child doing the 666 hand sign over one eye. and I even noticed some things snuck into a lyric in a Carly Simon song that seems obvious now that I have the knowledge of some of the symbolism out there. The lyrics to one of her, if not her biggest hit “You’re So Vain” – You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht
    Your hat strategically dipped below one eye
    Your scarf it was apricot
    You had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself gavotte

    There’s that “one eye” thing brought up not once, but twice for emphasis I suppose.
    A video that I can’t believe no one has ever written anything about is one from the ’80s called “Self Control” by Laura Branigan. It reminds me a lot of those creepy scenes in “Eyes Wide Shut” but it came out 15 years before Eyes Wide Shut existed. It was directed by William Friedkin. The director of “The Exorcist” if that has any connection to illuminati I don’t know, but it seems suspect. and finally the lyrics seem to be about mind control and the new world order. – “You help me to, forget to play my role
    You take my self, you take my self control

    I, I live among the creatures of the night
    I haven’t got the will to try and fight
    Against a new tomorrow, so I guess I’ll just believe it
    That tomorrow never comes.

    So Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Madonna and RIhanna didn’t start this, not by a long shot.

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    • also forgot to mention that even though the days of Laura Branigan’s success had long been over by the time she died, the circumstances were shady at best. She died in her sleep from a brain aneurysm at the age of 47.

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    • I completely agree on “Self Control” I remember the video. She had mentioned in an interview once that it was about a prostitute. But could it be much deeper than that? The man who wore that mask and was stalking her throughout that video. A handler? What I think anyways and yes, I think there may be more to be known of her death. Back in those days, when we heard of a singer or celebrity dying, car wreck overdose, we just took it as was told. But oh the things we did not know of back then or at least I didn’t when it came to those matters

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  27. The Venis Retrograde began July 25th. That could have astrological significance.

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  28. its sad.. and did i hear that the grandmother is a christian, and was close to Tyler perry, and even cece winans? i may be wrong but i don’t see how these people impacted this girl’s life.. she was an adult yes, but she could have been mentored..

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  29. Laura Branigan was 52 years, not 47! She was born July 3, 1952.

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  30. The signature of the aquarius is actutally a male or boy, pouring water from a jug…it has nothing to do with a Goddess, The ancient Egyptians and Atlanteans should be left out of this due to the fact we have no real evidence to show that either cultures required human sacrifices…what we can point to is the oaths these people take when they enter the entertainment industry, and when they reach very high levels of fame. When an entertainer takes the oath and they do not fulfill their part of the oath…they could be killed. Maybe this is what happened to Whitney Houston. After years of drug abuse her voice was no longer the same. Clive Davis had her to record an album, the album didn’t sale at all, then he tried to put her on tour…she was booed in Europe…Whitney could not fulfill her part of their deal. Whitney was worth more dead than alive at that point. Killing Whitney meant that sales would go through the roof for her music. Why they would want Bobbi Kristina dead? I have no answer to that one at all. Unless of course they wanted to end Whitney’s lineage in this dimension. at any rate it is all speculation due to the fact that we have no real proof of anything at all and if both mother and daughter were murdered then the murderers have gottne off scott free….very, very sad indeed!

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  31. In Whitney’s last interview with Oprah before she died and Oprah went off the air, Whitney described an incident with Bobby in an attempt to make him look crazy. She told Oprah, “He went crazy, i didn’t feel safe……he wouldn’t leave the bedroom for days. i would come in and he would draw eyes all over the walls of the bedroom and closet”.
    Seems to me this man began to understand what he was locked into,and got away by the skin of his teeth. Cissy Houston was a charlatan. All of that egyptian garb and decor & dress for the funeral was a disgrace. What i found disturbing is black christians who mostly have roots down south do not participate in any type of past “traditional egyptian’ garments. My grandmother before she died when I was 22 (I am 36 now)never participated in those “african continent dress” styles. Her and her cohorts and people of her age group discouraged us in participating in PAN AF, and PAN AF ideals. She always warned us “the devil is trying to pull you all in with this “back to Africa” mess! Africans and egyptians are not one and the same, they were a corrupt, immoral people like the romans. Don’t try to take pride in this new found “heritage” you think it is a part of your personal history, it isn’t. Stop walking around with with Egyptian eye gods (she meant eye of horus) on your jewelry and clothes, that is not the God of your ancestors. The powers that be are leading you to moral destruction by exploiting black peoples need to feel relevant in a society where you are made to feel unimportant and not having added to societies civilization. “they” are using your insecurities as a way of infiltration…”see you are originally from africa, egyptians were african and “invented” all of these important objects, uses, sciences and math….see you ARE important”
    She was right. I see how it infiltrated rap, with 5 percenters, black muslims and other sects in rap, which made headway for some of the symbolism in rap today. My mother and my grandmother warned me about all of this symbolism in rap and top 40 in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

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    • Interesting… TLC’s Left Eye ALSO scrawled the All Seeing Eye on the wall before she died. That was captured on the VH1 doc.

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  32. suicide….. couldn’t live without her mother. I saw the autopsy of Whitney on TV. Something about her smoking crack and standing in warm water. It enhances the high but you can also pass out from the rush. Pass out , bang the head, it’s a done deal. Being unconscious in water is not a good combo.

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    • Well, all I know is I do distinctly remembering when they told of Bobbi being found in that bathtub, I was suspicious due to her mother passing in same way. I went online and found a tweet she had posted apparently at some point in that day. It was almost like a prayer. Some kind of prayer for God to make ‘them go away’??? Now, I have never been able to find that again on the internet. It was like they pretty much scraped it off the internet very soon after it happened and if I had not done that search I would have never seen it? So why do you think it would have been taken off Ralph? IDK, generally when it’s online, it’s online. Although, I will say there is a lot of things here lately I try to research and even older things I used to read are gone???

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      • I remember listening to something on the internet (almost ALL day). I had to leave home and go to the store to pick up something. I figured I would pull that report I’d been listening to most of the day and finish listening to it. Needless to say, I tried to find it and it seemed like they (something like TMZ), had taken it off the internet. It was gone like it was off the planet. I mentioned something about what I’d been listening to most of that day and that I couldn’t find it anywhere. I also mentioned that I was older than some of the people, but I was NOT stupid. That I knew what I’d been listening to and couldn’t find it anywhere. Well, someone answered me about my comment and said that they had also listened to what I had listened too, and that I was not alone. Thanks to the people who let me know that others had heard it too on the internet. I wish I could find that somewhere on the internet today. Maybe I’ll try to find it later on.

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  33. Back around 1995 I held a seminar in North Alabama. I revealed the nature of the statue of Liberty ( liberty from God’s Law) as being the female counterpart to the Statue of Poseidon in Greece. She overlooks the EAST river in N.Y. which is officially named “Hell’s Gate.” ( East being Masonic…traveling east)
    She ( IT) plays a prominent role in the coming dawning “age of Aquairius” the 11th sign of the Zöodiac to be staged in NYC, the 11th state to join the union in the Bronx area where the zip code is 10001.
    On 9-11, at 9:11 A.M. local time Building one 110 feet tall was aflame. Some thing hidious but invisible entity was ushered in from the great darkness and pounded the streets as it proceeded forth. I know because I was there when IT happened.

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  34. First time caller, long time listener, love the show. Isaac my Brother, take solace in the fact that all will be as God wills. But please, keep up the good work and be not discouraged but emboldened. Your Brother in Christ, Dave Rose.

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