Connecticut school shootings and the Hunger Games

I mentioned the CT Sandy Hook school shootings when it happened and kind of just said it seemed inappropriate to mention any sort of conspiracy theory link. I’m not quite ready to point a finger anywhere, but I did in fact read something on David Icke’s website (that linked to about an utterly amazing coincidence:


Hunger Games book author Suzanne Collins (you know, the book and film about children murdering each other) lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.


What are the odds of this? And further more, why isn’t the media mentioning that at all? I didn’t believe it when I first read it on the link, but sure as hell if you look it up in Collins’ biography she lives with her kids in Sandy Hook. Geographically speaking, the coincidences are astounding because not only does she live in Newtown, CT, but she lives in the same exact village of Sandy Hook, where the shootings took place.

For those of you new to this weird world of conspiracy theories, Hunger Games was theorized as a piece of predictive programming to plant the subconscious seed of a disturbing future of murderous kids. See my Hunger Games post for more.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Hunger Games Nazi symbolism

UPDATE: There’s “Sandy Hook” subliminal messaging in Batman: Dark Knight Rises


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Do you think this has to do with the bill that was related to the batman shooting? That Nato one?

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  2. Omg. I remember back when that movie Hunger Games first came out, and I said I think that movie seems terrible being a movie about kids fighting each other to the death. It was in a status I did on facebook. What was even worse is that everybody that commented on my post thought it was just a harmless movie. It’s like WOW are you kidding me? They found nothing wrong with a movie aimed towards kids and teens that is ABOUT kids fighting to the death. I knew right away something wasn’t right and there was some sort of brainwashing going on there with that movie.

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    • The theories of predictive programming in films seems to rear its ugly head at times like this. The Hunger Games film is extremely disturbing material for smaller children, I’m surprised more people haven’t thrown a fit about this kind of stuff already. I’m an adult and it’s tame as far as the stuff I like to watch, but it seems awfully rough for impressionable kids to take.

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  3. I was horrified when I first heard the plot of the Hunger Game books. I went to the first night it was shown to the public. the audience was full of teenagers.

    I was somewhat pacified when I realized that the central government was demonized.When I saw the movie they were presented as comical figures.

    I go to Hollywood for the Academy Award festivities (on the street of course)
    with signs reading “Hollywood 20whatever//Propaganda Disguised as Entertainment”

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  4. My brain just exploded.

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  5. Another odd connection is in Fritz Springmerie book 13 bloodlines of the illuminati he lists the last name COLLINS and one of the bloodliness. Google 13 bloodlines of the illuminati. You can read his book for free.

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