Connecticut school shooting

The Connecticut school shooting where 20 young children and six adults were killed leaves all of us wondering what would drive the shooter to do such a thing. I explored the subject of brainwashing and MK Ultra in the Colorado shooting, and this Connecticut shooting is sure to draw similar accusations from some of the conspiracy theorists. I personally don’t believe this was an MK Ultra instance, but some theorists like David Icke claim the supposed “Illuminati” are evil beings who would have no problem doing such a thing.


I research conspiracy theories and propose alternate views on many subjects, but I find this one slightly off limits; I find it hard to believe that anyone could be so evil that they would set something up like this. One of the leading theorists, Alex Jones is always controversial and proposes that this is all part of a scheme to ban guns, and even claims that Obama faked tears, (which is slightly offensive to me that Infowars would even propose something like that). But, in Alex Jones defense, he goes on to explain that other policies of Obama’s create more death and destruction and to keep things in perspective. Overall though, I think as a community of conspiracy theorists we should know at what point to stop the wild accusations.

I think this was just a case of a mentally disturbed person with access to weapons. May the victims and families somehow find peace in all of this madness.

UPDATE: Read my post about the coincidental location of Hunger Games’ author Suzanne Collins in this post:


UPDATE 2: Now there’s more coming out about Sandy Hook subliminal messaging in Batman: Dark Knight Rises


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Obviously you could be right, but I note that his father works for an energy company, though he is an accountant. Interesting, but probably unrelated.

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  2. I very much believe the illuminati was behind 911, this shooting today would be a piece of cake for the illuminati, they would and could do it with no problem. This would be just what they need to take away everyone’s guns.

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    • There have been a lot of shootings this past year, so who knows what is going on. America has a high number of murders by gun violence every year but it seems there are higher profile cases as of late. If the Illuminati want to push for gun control I suppose now would be the ideal time.

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    • I completely agree. I’m glad I searched for articles like this one. I knew immediately that this is what was up. I’m already finding holes in this story, for example they’re saying Adam Lanza’s mom worked at Sandy Hook elementary school. However I saw news from today (the 16th) that the school nurse said Nancy Lanza was a caring and loving kindergarden teacher. While the school librarian said she’s never heard of anyone named Nancy Lanza, and the Superintendent of the schools said that there’s nobody named Nancy Lanza that worked there and that she’s not even in their database. I’m sure we’ll continue to find more holes in this story.

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  3. Hello …what we have before us is terrible and tragic……I mourned the death of the children and sympathized with parents for their loss….It touched the whole nation I’m sure… could this be something that was orchestrated by the “puppet masters”(shadow government)? That idea is not far fetched..I’m a God fearing man and I do have a view on this matter and how it may be a setting of the stage to usher in their “great pur pose”. Many people with question their faith and some may lose faith in the Lord. This is what the rulers of this world want…this could be a stepping stone for them to get that much closer to fulfilling their evil purpose(abandon the faith in God and embrace the “great” ability of the one who is to come …the dictator of the world). The powerful secret rulers have been killing those who have opposed their ways or anyone who may be a potential stumbling stone to their will and pupose.. I have more to say but I need to get to a computer first.. its very difficult on a phone… till the may the Lords spirit be with those families.. god bless

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  4. Shadow goverment all the way. Too coincidental ,all the mass shootings is to put people in fear. Then its not so hard to take away guns. People are crazy, but this is just too much I think. Lord be with those inocents that lost there lives.

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  5. I agree that most of these things were probably planned by powerful evil people with a lot of money.They do things like this to make us blame God and lose faith in him,and because they want to take people’s gunsprotection away.They want us to think that they(the government and police men) should be the only one’s with guns,or at least the only one’s with the most powerful guns. Adam’s Lonza’s mom had 3 guns including the assult rifle,and they were not hunting guns,so I believe that she did have the intent to kill someone at some point.Oh and I believe that Obama didn’t even cry for those kids,but he sure did cry when he was elected for a second term.You can’t solely blame president Obama though because he is a puppet,but at least he does a better job than Bush.

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  6. ALL mass shootings since Colombine have been elaboratley staged managed “Mediatainment” events
    Port Arthur in Austalia, the same deal. Go over the last fifteen years since Colombine and how many have been in Rural or small(Iluminated)towns. You Americans like we Australians and many another of the “old” countries have entire towns and sometimes smaller cities (i.e. Phlidelphia) where the infestation (Illuminism) is entire (minus the “mental patients”)and virtually ANYTHING can be pulled off i.e. FAKED MASSACRES FAKED DEATHS the latest for instance was in conneticut an Illuminiised hot spot since the 18th century! I think the same deal when that guy that looked like Terry nichols shot up those Amish folk. These are classic Gladio Op’s that the Holland “Stay behind network” was experimenting with in the early eighties. They established an “Exile Base” in U.S.A. I think the Gladio network is tied to the Vatican. Adolphe Appia was the founder of modern day “Stage Craft” the utility of which for Psychological Terrorism purposes was discovered by his more intelligent friend Huston Stuart Chamberlain author of “Foundations of the nineteenth century” and it is my firm conviction that he penned the Infamous “Protocols of the elders of Zion”. . .In addition to being the Alchemist Fulcanelli.

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  7. You people really are foolish if you think Ordo Illuminatus or ANY Lodge of Free Thinkers, for that matter, are involved in things like this. The Church fears, hates, and sets out to defame and destroy everything that opposes it. A 300 year smear campaign make you people blind…. I suppose you think Wiccans worship the Devil and kill children too? Why would an organization that stands for Enlightenment and Disestablishmentarianism murder children? Gun control? It’s not happening. That benefits them in NO WAY. The only people those laws affect is the good people. Makes it harder for law abiding citizens to honor their right to bear arms. This affects them how?

    You are Conspiracy THEORISTS for a reason. No adequate facts to be ACTIVE about. You people are just like the cavemen, scared of the rain and thunder so you make up something greater in power in your mind to explain NORMAL situations. Funny you people talk about God. Makes sense. You are sheep. You haven’t grasped the concept of pulling your heads from you anal cavities and thinking for yourselves. And why are you Christians on the internet anyway?!?! That’s a Slight against God itself. Don’t you remember the Tower Of Babel? Typical Christians…. Don’t know what the hell you’re talking about and always try to blame someone else….
    It also makes me laugh that you people from all over the world think you know what’s going on HERE. Yes, see, I actually LIVE in Connecticut. And I have affiliations with esteemed Masons. And I can tell you, as the ONLY one here with FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE, the Illuminati is not the organization you think it is, nor is it they that you should fear. And they had nothing to do with Sandy Hook, nor did any other “secret society” you fools waste your time chasing and chastising. Being in CT for 24 years… I’ve seen many many school shootings…that’s normal here. No body cares unless it’s rich white kids. When I was going to Harford public schools I remember 3 school shootings in ONE DAY. No one cared. I’m not saying it’s not a horrible tragedy, and my heart goes out to the families, but just like the banhappy government, you people need to focus your thirst for knowledge in the RIGHT direction. Because the Left-Hand Path is not the ones at fault…..

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