Conan O’Brien exposes Satanic-Illuminati cult during 2014 MTV Movie Awards


Conan O’Brien hosted the 2014 MTV Movie Awards and started out by letting everyone know the Devil was present, but that is nothing new for those of you who follow this type of stuff in the pop culture/conspiracy world. Here’s Mediate quoting him:

Conan O’Brien kicked off the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night with an amazing, record-setting, celebrity-filled cold open before kicking off a monologue that mainly poked fun at the awards ceremony itself, starting out by crying, “Welcome to the Satanic Cult Awards, ladies and gentlemen! All hail the Dark Lord!”

Conan MTV

Sure, you could say he was joking but let’s take into account Conan’s presence at the 2013 Bohemian Grove get together where the elites of the political and entertainment trade ideas (e.g. agendas). They also perform a mock child sacrifice called the Cremation of Care that Alex Jones exposed on his Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove DVD:



They sacrifice to the owl god known sometimes as Moloch, or Ba’al (depending on who you ask) that relates to mystery schools that trace back to the Babylonians:

Bohemian Grove Owl

Here’s Dice Man on Chris Matthews and Conan O’Brien from the 2013 meeting:


To throw one more idea out there, an image surfaced online of the resemblance of Conan to Marshall Twitchell, who was a Union soldier and prominent Freemason ; alluding to Conan being a time traveler (remember the Jay-Z Vampire post?):

conan freemason

And here’s more of Dice exposing Conan from the 2012 Super Bowl performance of Madonna, where he is still talking about Satanic symbolism:


Don’t forget to pick up my book for more on Illuminati symbolism:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Love this website but am disappointed you would link to Mark Dice. mark dice is the biggest fucking twat on this planet.

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      • alex jones is a pretty big fucking twat too!

        i love this website too and believe there is a very sick agenda in the rotten core of hollywood & the music business, but it’s hard to take these theories seriously when jones and dice are ranting like lunatics. makes you wonder if they’re pawns themselves used to discredit any of these theories

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  2. No, not Conan! He’s the only late night talk show person I really like (okay, maybe aside from Jimmy Fallon). I hope he disconnects his ties, but with how good he’s doing, I doubt it. He was independent after that whole NBC controversy thing in 2010, but now he’s back into the system with his show on TBS, I guess.

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  3. Hey man when you have little you gotta do what you gotta do SIGN me Up dark one LOL

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